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Why does he keep playing me?

this is for a friend question... OK so I don't judge people... here goes her question.. Hi ..so I have been single for 7 years on and off... Show More

His wife and kids live in central America and my boyfriend whatever he is hasn't been there since we hooked up ..he doesn't plan on going he says but it could all be part of his plan

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  • Sounds like the classic story of the "other woman". If this guy was that committed to your friend he would not still be married, he would've gotten a divorce and would be in a relationship only with your friend.

    Why does he need "more time"? Because he knows he can keep dragging this out indefinitely and keep his marriage along with this affair. He will likely never "choose one", your friend will always be the "other woman".

    I would suggest she end this relationship.

    • thats what I said to her...he just wants to have it both ways..

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    • exactly..but its also like a come on dude your hurting her just let her be or make up your mind you know

    • You really expect him to suddenly grow a conscious at this point in life? Not going to happen. Your friend needs to take charge of her own life.

      I doubt she's even considered if he's willing to act this way towards his wife and kids, how would he act if he was married to her?

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