Why does he keep playing me?

this is for a friend question... OK so I don't judge people... here goes her question.. Hi ..so I have been single for 7 years on and off relationships of course..nothin solid really. I am in a bind right now. So I was suppose to invite a date to a company outing and I invited my guy friend. He is from central America. He is married and has 3 children. Well we hooked up and it was just going to be a friends with benefits. Nowhere near if his wife lived here would I have considered it. He started this whole emotion thing which wasn't suppose to happen... its been 3 years now and I am caught up. I told him that he needed to make a decision that it wasn't fair to me that we kept going like this. I feel bad. he jsut couldn't make a decision.. He keeps saying he needs more time. sometimes he has family that comes into town and he never introduces me. I feel bad that I am a nobody. He only has introduced me to his brother that's it. so his uncle came by my work for a part and keeps calling... Show More

His wife and kids live in central America and my boyfriend whatever he is hasn't been there since we hooked up ..he doesn't plan on going he says but it could all be part of his plan