My boyfriend cums too quick. Help?

So there's been times me and my boyfriend have had sex and as soon as he starts to do it fast, he cums like almost immediately. He says that he can't hold it, but I figured guys could hold it as long as they liked. So usually if we do it nice and slow, he can last a lot longer, but I've found that sometimes it's not as enjoyable if he does it slow; it really depends, though. There were times where I wasn't able to orgasm because he came so quick. Is this a common occurance with guys? Also, we do use a condom, so I don't know if that affects how soon he cums, as well. Is there anything I can do before having sex to enable him to last longer?


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  • Hi, premature ejaculation is not caused by over sensitivity in the penis, therefore desensitizing creams/sprays or even circumcision is not the answer. (who would want to have sex and feel nothing anyway :S)

    The problem is actually in the brain. The neurotransmitters are firing all wrong because of poisons in the food/water that affect men. They affect women too but in a different way. Ever notice the high percentage of women these days who have breast cancer, cervical cancer or cysts ?

    To correct this problem is simple. Firstly, there is a supplement (CHEAP) called Melatonin... buy it, take it at night. It helps with a multitude of problems by helping the body to heal itself at night and also it regulates serotonin which plays a role in ejaculation.

    Secondly, there is a herb called Vitex, it decreases prolactin so that increases dopamine (great for eliminating all PMS symptoms in women and also it decreases refractory period in men) so in other words he can go again and again without having to wait very long.

    Lastly there is green tea. you can actually drink the tea (I don't recommend this because it's HOT lol I live in the Caribbean so you know I'm not friends with hot drinks) or just take the herbal tablet.

    All good advice and all CHEAP supplements available without a prescription.

    Also, AVOID artificial ANYTHING (aspartame, etc) they work on a mutated form of amino acids eg. phenylalanine is used to make aspartame and phenylalanine is also a precursor to Dopamine so mess with artificial stuff and your body is gonna take a beating, starting with the smallest appendage :P)

    One side note is make sure he doesn't cheat... I had a friend with this problem so I told him what to do. The problem went away, his wife THOROUGHLY thanked me with cookies and baked goods for a month, THEN he started humping up the neighborhood (wife's words)

    He literally thought he was God's gift to women and went at it like he could win an award in the Olympics.

    Hope this helps... I love herbs and cheap alternatives to solving problems :)