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My boyfriend laughs when he orgasms?

Whenever I go down on my boyfriend and swallow, he looks at me and kind of chuckles after he comes. Whenever I ask him why he just chuckles again and says "Nothing, you're cute. You did a good job."Do boys normally laugh as a part of orgasm or do you think I'm doing something weird that he's laughing at me about?

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  • it's probably the sensation he gets! after a guy cums they are sensitive so it's probably just the feeling the he gets which is of pleasure!

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  • Some are laughers, some aren't. It happens, safe to ignore.

  • I sometimes laugh when I sh*t, mix of pleasure and relief

  • A sudden climactic end of sexual tension, and the pleasure and relief that follows it, can be a reason for a small involuntary chuckle.I think DonMichelle's example loosely fits into this scenario.

  • Just nervous laughter, for me personally... certainly not out of anything wrong.

  • LMFAO!*Wipes down keyboard*Sorry about that.

  • You are doing fine. He likes it. Don't worry

  • hes laughing because your stupid!

    • Why's she stupid?

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    • This is the 3rd time I see an answer that says "you are stupid" to a girl.He just says it to everyone. Ignore him.

    • what I don't say that to everyone- this is the only question I answered after I logged on 15 minutes ago

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