Men with female ejaculating orgasms?

i was bored watching p0rn when I saw a clip of a Japanese shemale getting fingered up the ass then being jerked off...then after a couple of fast thrusts, and jerks, she started to come like a biological girl would as she was squirting. people commenting was arguing if it was p*ss or not, but she came like almost 9 or 10 times...and the liquid was more watery than jizz.

has anyone heard of anything like this before?

if anyone is curious to see what I mean, google: kimika kaede


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  • Its false. A shemale is still biologically a man and men have to wait some time before ejaculating again. Plus women don't usually come like that, I don't care what anyone tells you. Sure sometimes an orgasm my be more intense but please don't let p*rn be your guide to the female anatomy because you will be rather disappointed.


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  • yeah I'm not even going to touch this one.

  • ...

    i don't understand some people.

  • a shemale is still a man and has a penis so therefore it is going to squirt out seman since its biologically made to do that. as a real woman I have squirted before and it is clear in color without a smell so its not pee. some real women can squirt and some can't but all biological men will ejaculate including shemales since they are men


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  • wtf...well I never...I don't

    • see.. what had happen was..

    • Lol @dIO. Are you wondering why nonchalant? It is what it is... it do what it do

    • yeah, it is what it be