Why are so many girls such whores these days going around and spreading their legs for tons of guys?

I don't understand why it's so hard for so many girls to have some self respect. Most of the girls I know have multiple sexual partners at once which is so disgusting. They are willing to accent a friends with benefits title which is actually kinda insulting because it's like the guy is saying... Show More

*accept a friends with benefits title, sorry
it's important to me because I feel like sluts ruin good guys and turn them into players, shrinking the population of satisfying men out there and increasing the number of pigs. Then good girls like me have to deal with the scraps :( <------ the entire motivation for this question.
I feel that whores keep the cycle of selfish people who have passion misplacement growing. That cycle effects people who have more to offer than whores and players and us good people get cheated out of something. Whores and players do what I like to call 'a robbery'. They take away a person's passion, spark, and ungaurded self; things that some people never seem to get back. Not only do they suffer, but people who actually would have deserved them and ENHACNED them suffer as well.

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  • Your a rare breed, I only wish more girls had your vision and mentality, because your right, girls are being used, left right and centre, but they don't believe it, and they think its cool to only have a friend if she sleeps with him, otherwise the bloke wouldn't want to know her, so by a girl doing this, not only is she showing other men how easy she is, but the reputation she gets, is going to stick with her as she gets older, and guys will remember, that she had yoyo knickers and a buttery crotch and dirty oven. Not something a girl wants when she is 25 plus, because that's when she will be seriously thinking of settling down, but what will she have to offer? nothing, she would of shagged all her talents away, so any nice guy worthy, won't want to touch her with their mates penis, let alone his own, so I admire your vision, a lot of girls have a lot to do to come close to being close to your mental attitude, you have talent, and that won't go unnoticed, good luck,x

    • that's what I've been trying to say! I am around a sh*t load of guys ALL THE DAMN TIME! More guys than any girl should ever be around! As if I don't already have enough male cousins, but they seem to think they're my damn brothers and like to be in my house A LOT and bring their male friends then before you know it, there's a sh*t load of guys surrounding me D: including all of my male friends too. I know so many guys who express the things you just said. It's like girls wanna get so

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    • A guys view on a friends with benefits unless he is actually involved in it himself, won't think very highly of the female, because she is basically pimping herself out for free, and although she may think its a possibility to get a committed relationship out of him, this could not be further from the truth, because a guy would not have a relationship with a girl who has participated in a friends with benefits agreement, so as an all rounder, if the girl does not show she has self respect, she won't get respect, and your welcome,x

    • wow, that's insightful