Why are so many girls such whores these days going around and spreading their legs for tons of guys?

I don't understand why it's so hard for so many girls to have some self respect. Most of the girls I know have multiple sexual partners at once which is so disgusting. They are willing to accent a friends with benefits title which is actually kinda insulting because it's like the guy is saying "I'll screw you because you're an easy piece of ass but take you home to meet my mother? Introduce you to people who are important to me? Take my time and money to get to know you then give you the title of being my girl? No." In my eyes, a guy who will have you as a friend with benefits is basically saying you're a sex object; nothing more, nothing less. Yet because some girls have no self control, they don't mind that at all! what the hell! Then some of them are actually dumb enough to sincerely say "Welll I'm using him too so it's okay" No, it's not okay. Then it's like they're actually proud of their slutty behavior like it's some badge of honor that they have sexual experience. When in reality, it makes them look like used goods. It's nasty for a girl to have had so many penises in her mouth or to have had a lot of guy's come and penises in her. I'm sorry but that just seems like a vagina would be dirty and smelly after that. A key that can open many locks is a master key but a lock that can be opened by many keys is just a sh*tty lock.

I just don't understand how a female can have such lack of proper respect for her body. Sex is viewed as recreational activity these days! It's ridiculous. I just don't get it, someone please understand. It's also really frustrating when girls like this try to get girls like me who do not want to give my body to any guy unless he really cares about me and has given me the title, to whore around with them. Why do they do that? Girls, if you're like this please explain why. Guys, what do you honestly think of girls like this? It seems like you like them because hey, they'll give you all the orgasms you want but at the end of the day I've heard a lot of guys are not cool with that. I dated a really hot guy who was really bothered by the fact that his girlfriend had slept with five other guys.

*accept a friends with benefits title, sorry
it's important to me because I feel like sluts ruin good guys and turn them into players, shrinking the population of satisfying men out there and increasing the number of pigs. Then good girls like me have to deal with the scraps :( <------ the entire motivation for this question.
I feel that whores keep the cycle of selfish people who have passion misplacement growing. That cycle effects people who have more to offer than whores and players and us good people get cheated out of something. Whores and players do what I like to call 'a robbery'. They take away a person's passion, spark, and ungaurded self; things that some people never seem to get back. Not only do they suffer, but people who actually would have deserved them and ENHACNED them suffer as well.


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  • Your a rare breed, I only wish more girls had your vision and mentality, because your right, girls are being used, left right and centre, but they don't believe it, and they think its cool to only have a friend if she sleeps with him, otherwise the bloke wouldn't want to know her, so by a girl doing this, not only is she showing other men how easy she is, but the reputation she gets, is going to stick with her as she gets older, and guys will remember, that she had yoyo knickers and a buttery crotch and dirty oven. Not something a girl wants when she is 25 plus, because that's when she will be seriously thinking of settling down, but what will she have to offer? nothing, she would of shagged all her talents away, so any nice guy worthy, won't want to touch her with their mates penis, let alone his own, so I admire your vision, a lot of girls have a lot to do to come close to being close to your mental attitude, you have talent, and that won't go unnoticed, good luck,x

    • that's what I've been trying to say! I am around a sh*t load of guys ALL THE DAMN TIME! More guys than any girl should ever be around! As if I don't already have enough male cousins, but they seem to think they're my damn brothers and like to be in my house A LOT and bring their male friends then before you know it, there's a sh*t load of guys surrounding me D: including all of my male friends too. I know so many guys who express the things you just said. It's like girls wanna get so

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    • A guys view on a friends with benefits unless he is actually involved in it himself, won't think very highly of the female, because she is basically pimping herself out for free, and although she may think its a possibility to get a committed relationship out of him, this could not be further from the truth, because a guy would not have a relationship with a girl who has participated in a friends with benefits agreement, so as an all rounder, if the girl does not show she has self respect, she won't get respect, and your welcome,x

    • wow, that's insightful

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  • Basically, its grown out of a few trends

    1) shortage of men in certain environments which really destabilizes the dating 'world '. Specifically, inner city areas where a significant portion of young men are in jail, university campuses, especially liberal arts schools where there is a serious female-male ratio difference, and even in some urban areas. Big urban areas actually have more women then men, and those women tend to be pursuing a subset of men with 'good' jobs. Anytime more women are pursuing fewer men, monogamy starts fading. If you have 8 women and 6 men, the two least desirable women don't sit home being sad, they sleep with other girl's boyfriend. And that girl then figures if she's just sleeping with some guy, she might as well sleep with the 'best' guy. And the more that continues, the more the most sought after guys start being totally uninterested in relationships, which reinforces the whole thing.

    2) female empowerment. Women used to look to men as providers, etc. A lot of guys with weak social skills who may not have been good looking could still have a decent job and be a decent husband by old definitions. As women are more able to take care of themselves, they view men as an enjoyable add on. Fewer men are that much fun, and its likely that many women now would rather have sex and fun with a super fun exciting guy (who is also sleeping with three other women) then have a stable relationship with a boring guy. She doesn't need the stability, so she doesn't _really_ need monogamy. Most guys can only financially support one woman, but if all a woman wants is sex and fun, she can 'share' a guy.

    The long term impact if girls do this during their peak years of attractiveness, then decide they want to flip to monogamy is unclear. The most sought for guys are loathe to embrace monogamy, and when they do, many seem to prefer to pick a girl who has not slept around - and they can do so. Meanwhile, there's a pool of guys who were ignored who are not that excited about settling down with a girl who's had her fun when he's just ready to START having fun - and quite often now has a better income, and in fact can more easily get women then when she was ignoring him.

  • My whole opinion on the sexual reliance of todays teens well im disgusted to the point of where I hate current society hell if I could nuke this shit I would, start the NWO for all I care and the ladies who think its okay omg... I pity you I truly do you're practically a symbol of sexual indoctrination you think your making your own decisions while realistically your getting played harder than a noobie at a blackjack table... You think the guy cares about you... Oh hell I have a bunch of stupid player friends who rip on you whores right after they fuck yah close your legs so you can have meaningful sex for years instead of pointless pleasure until you're viewed as a whore by every decent living man.

  • Well I can see your point , ofc it goes that way for guys too .

    But its people that decide what they want and what not .

    And I don't really think that we actually can change this world , after all it was a rotten piece of sh*t before we were even born .

    And after all we still are the animals we was from the beginning or worst , so the more adaptive will survive .. That's how it goes and probably how it always was on the background .

    So hating among each other does not really change a thing .

    Btw I don't focus on relationships , its like that in everything I see around .. Anyway that's my point of view .

  • I will only date a virgin... Experienced girls aren't for me

    • why not? I've seen you post on another question that you are a virgin as well...are you intimidated by their experience?

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    • Awww, I definitely think the idea of two virgins together growing on their sexual path is sweet. Yet at the same time, there are a lot of people out there who don't have that gift to share with someone anymore and there's nothing they can do to get it back. But they are still good people who could be correct for me so I don't overlook them. To each is her own I guess

    • Yeah. Keep your head up there's still good guys around :)

  • You only live once right? I heard that motto from a few girls.

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  • I have self-respect, I simply have a different point of view about sex than you do.

    I see sex as a natural thing. It's enjoyable, not dirty or shameful, and I don't see it as necessary to limit sexual activity only to long-term, committed relationships.

    I don't "accept" a friends with benefits title---if I'm in a friends with benefits relationship, it's because that's the type of relationship I *want*. Is it insulting to him if I don't introduce him to my mother? No, it's the type of relationship that both him and I are CHOOSING for ourselves. How is that insulting?

    And for the record, I've never had a friend with benefits who treated me as nothing more than a sex object. They treat me as a friend---and also we have sex with each other.

    I don't see having sex with a person as that person "using" me. To me, sex is a SHARED experience that I've decided to engage in.

    I have self-control as well, but since I view sex differently than you, I don't feel the need to prevent myself from having sex with a person that I want to have sex with.

    "I'm sorry but that just seems like a vagina would be dirty and smelly after that."

    This may come as a surprise to you, but the vast majority of people shower.

    "A key that can open many locks is a master key but a lock that can be opened by many keys is just a sh*tty lock."

    This is a stupid metaphor, but it's especially disgusting coming from a woman. This metaphor condemns women for being sexually promiscuous while simultaneously praising men for the same thing. Why do you so readily accept that double standard?

    Obviously there are a lot of differences between you and I, but I think the most important difference to point out is that you judge other women harshly because they have a different point of view than you, whereas I completely respect a woman if she chooses to reserve sex only for someone she loves, or for marriage, or whatever else she chooses. I believe that a person has the right to their own body, and so long as they aren't hurting anyone, who am I to judge? What other people do in their sexual lives doesn't affect me.

    I'm not a slut, I'm a person---and a pretty nice one at that. And since you're so interested in other people's sex lives, I'll let you know that I engage in safe sex and treat all my partners with respect and dignity and won't settle for any less from them.

    I find it very sad that people feel the need to shame, insult, and stigmatize others like you have in this post.

    • And as others have said, I don't feel proud, nor ashamed. I don't have sex because I don't respect myself nor for attention, I have sex simply because I enjoy it and I want to.

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    • @Faulty

      "No offense walk up to any guy and ask for sex he'll probably say yes if I tried to do that i'de probably get charged for sexual harassment. "

      Asking someone for sex isn't considered sexual harassment under the law, so no, you wouldn't get charged for sexual harassment (unless it was like, at your job, in which case, it's pretty inappropriate to randomly approach your coworkers for sex).

      I don't know anything about you and you don't know anything about me, but even if we assume what you're saying is true, what's your point? It's okay to have sex if it's hard for you to have sex, but it's not okay to have sex if it's easy for you to have sex? If sex comes easily to a person, they're a shit person if they partake in it?

      " girls who think like you... I dont know how to not be rude I can't you're a slut."

      It's actually quite easy---I mean, it's not like anyone was forcing you to call me a slut.

    • @Faulty

      "you think those guys are your friends while they pound your pussy and blow a load all over your teeth huh?"

      Are things like respecting a person, caring about them, enjoying spending time with them, etc. mutually exclusive with having sex with that person?

      "and you can shower but those stretch marks ain't going away."

      What stretch marks are you referring to?

  • You're just asking for trouble.

    But yeah, I've had some casual sex in my time. It has nothing to do with not having self respect. I don't use my sexuality to try and gain respect, or judge a person's quality by what sex they've had.

    When I have sex it's because I enjoy it and because I want it. And the person I'm having sex with feels the same way.

    I don't wear my sexual history as a badge of honour, nor do I feel ashamed of it.

    Yes, I've heard plenty of guys on here saying they wouldn't look twice at someone with a sexual past like mine (which to be honest isn't bad at all) but I've never met a guy like that in real life. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but guys here seem to be okay with the fact that girls have a life before them, just like they did.

    • My completely distant and vague impression is that there's more sort of 'even' level of hooking up going on in the UK. The U.S. is a little more '80% of the women sleeping with 20% of the guys'. That's an exaggeration, but there's some truth in that. Its one thing to say 'he's okay with the fact you had a life before them, just like he did', another for some 'nice guy' near virgin to happily settle down to a quiet life with a girl with a wild past - assuming she even wants too.

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    • won't get respect" - a guys' perspective on FWB

    • Not all girls enter a friends with benefit deal with the hopes of getting something more out of it.

      And again - having sex with someone you don't love doesn't mean you don't have self respect; it doesn't to me anyway.

  • 2. Fighting for social equality cont

    Okay, so I'm sure you've noticed all the dudes complaining about " gender roles -" as in the guys always having to


    Pay for dates

    Be chivalrous etc -

    Well, guys feel it is unequal and unfair that only men are expected to do those things - so that societal norm is in flux.

    What that means is now women are being actively encouraged to approach men, pay half way or totally pay for a date or two, be as sweetly gestured as men etc -

    Likewise, women are complaining about gender roles such as:

    Women have to be innocent / pure - are not allowed to be as aggressive sexually as men, or demonstrate a need for sex.

    Women have to be submissive to men.

    Women have to be the primary care givers for family etc - not able to pursue a career as guys do.

    These ideas are in flux as well. Which means, women are being more sexually free, more dominant / head strong in fields of life, and pursuing careers and goals to the fullest - taking advantage of the rights that we use to not have a little while ago ultimately.

    What I don't understand is why dudes are screaming for equality for the genders, but then turn around and complain about the idea when women try to get our equality as well?

    It's like, men can throw away their societal created gender roles and be fine - but once women try to support and follow through the SAME idea - it's suddenly a huge problem for society.

    But that's to be expected - the world is still pretty much male dominated (for now,) so naturally that power and authority would create a favor of rights / advantages for the males :\


    So yea, what your describing has a lot more to do with the rapid changing going on in society - our generation just happens to be the one born right in the middle of such a flux, and supporting them.

    Women and sex have always been something society has desperately wanted to control - because face it, no one wants to recognize that a woman who knows her sex and how to use it, is beautiful, has a lot of damn power, and is pretty threatening for the dominative male complex.

    We we're beaten for just looking at other guys, beaten by our husbands, spat on, stoned to death, raped, forced into submission, sexually imprisoned -

    That's really the life people want for us women? Slaves to our sexuality because men don't agree?

    But I thought guys wanted equality? Is not having women be as liberated as guys not equality?

    And that lock analogy is a poor representation - sure a lock that can be opened by several is bad - but a key should only be reserved for a few locks to unlock.

    That analogy is pretty much saying women aren't as valuable - and men are the master keys that have a right to open every treasure they desire.

    • I appreciate the effort put into these answer. It's not too much for me to digest, it just kinda drones on a bit and I'm too tired to do all that reading right now. I feel like I'm reading a long ass article from Cosmopolitain

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    • Oh I definitely don't think you are one of those self righteous virgins - your just bothered by the f***ed up sexual reality of modern day society - I'm the same. I don't understand why society has changed in such a way either.

    • The amount of sex thats had today is ridiculous especially amongst teens which is where I'm truly bothered rewind 50 years that shit would get you beat girls possibly disowned

  • This situation usually has nothing to do with having no self respect - actually most the girls who do it are rather confident / arrogant.

    Like look at the women on reality shows like bad girls club or jersey shore if you watch them - if not I'll give you the low down.

    These women are very beautiful, sexy attractive etc - they can pull any guy they want really. Often they go out and have casual sex with men, just for the sake of sex. Is it slutty? Only because their girls.

    The guys of course can go out and have sex with as many girls as they want, and are praised for it.

    So for you stressing the point about girls who go out and have casual sex and calling them sluts, your feeding into that double standard and supporting the idea that women aren't allowed to have free sexual choice as men are. Why not?

    There's a fine line between being a slut, and having an active / healthy sex life.

    Often most people fail to see the difference.

    A slut obviously goes around and has sex with several different men, at different times or the same time - doesn't care who the guy is, just wants the sex.

    A sexually healthy / active female usually sticks with a boyfriend if she has one, may do a FWB with a very close guy friend (maybe, and only with 1 guy,) or maybe have casual sex with a fling she met on a night out. But that aspect is more rare.

    Sexually active / healthy women still have their emotions about them most the time, and would rather have some type of connection with the guy other than sexual. Sluts just want sex, or money / sex, whatever their trying to impulsively gain.

    The main thing your describing here however - actually has nothing to do with sluts or sexually healthy women - actually, women and how we express our sexuality is a smaller expression of how society is changing.

    We've hit an age where two things are happening; 1 - women are becoming more dominative, and 2 - both genders are fighting for this idea of social equality.

    1. Women becoming more dominative.

    Over the history of this country, I'd say modern day is the time in which women have the most rights and freedoms than ever. Women have become profoundly more independent, head strong, and ambitious, compared to our submissive ancestors. Naturally, with this new liberated, strong, independent mindset, women are going to do, what the f*** they want to do - regardless of who doesn't agree. Pussy rules the world, so men can complain and other women can complain, but your breath is honestly wasted, as men will continue to date these women regardless.

    2. Both genders fighting for they idea of social equality.

    Cont in next answer :P ran out of room

    • Woah, I'm loving the long answer! lol Well first off, girls like that are usually not confident. Girls can argue that sex is just purely enjoyable and that's why they want it all the time, but I've never met a promiscuous girl who didn't have issues. Be it daddy issues, self esteem issues, whatever...ISSUES! lol Even when it comes to girls I know, they are beautiful yet surprisingly insecure and I find that tends to be why they go out and have sex. They're either trying to prove to themselves

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    • So the standard is a result of men being unable to get women? That's make sense. It is harder so I guess that makes sense

    • Anothony8x, exactly!

  • I just think all girls are different and they have different beliefs and morals. A girl that has had over 70 partners like one girl on here that posted a question is pretty sick. I don't think that these girls don't have respect for themselves though but just want to have fun and enjoy their life. The truth is that most guys don't have respect for girls that do that but they do it themselves so f*** them. If a guy wants to mess around and have fun then he should be with someone like himself. There are guys that have their fun and then marry a virgin which is wrong. Promiscuous girls do make it very easy for guys to cheat and I don't respect home wrecker's. I'm not into fwb's and take sex very seriously but I don't judge girls that do it as long as they don't mess with guys that are taken. I also think that your question should be addressed to both guys and girls. Everybody should have a certain amount of respect for themselves regardless of their sex.

    • I completely agree with Amillia! Both guys and girls have that responsibility and its fair enough when its likeminded people fooling around with each other. I respect the act of sex and feel its something done between 2 that love each other. Not just when. A guy wants to use a girl, cos A LOT of guys think like that! All my friends sleep around even thought they have wives/ GF's. And in a lot of those instances, the girl helping the guy cheat, knows full well that he is taken!

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