Girls, when a guy cums in your mouth?

When giving a blow job, and the guy cums in your mouth, what do you think?

Do you spit or swallow? Why?

Do you like the taste of cum?

How many guys have come in your mouth?

How many guys have you swallowed?

When a guy cums in your mouth do you feel happy?

The first time a guy came in your mouth what did you think?


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  • I would be hell of a moment killer to spit it and I bet the guy wouldn't appreciate that.

    Cum taste...very sour, its like smoking a cigarette for the first time your first smoke is really strong and disgusting..after that you kinda get used to it. I've only done it with one and yeah I would say I felt happy cause it was my decision to let him come in my mouth cause I knew that would bring him pleasure so yeah knowing I was pleasing him, pleased me.

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      next time have him eat pineapple at least a day before you do oral. Pineapple makes it very sweet. Strawberries do the same thing :)

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      well isn't come supposed to be a little sour anyways?

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      not always, some guys are actually sweet. depends on your taste buds and their come. the way they eat has a lot to do with it.