Approximately how many strokes do you do per minute during sex. A. When trying not to cum. B. When cumming.

I realize you most likely don't sit there with a stop watch. but most of you know what a second feels like. so imagine your f***ing & guess how many of those you do per minute. nd tell me. thank you.

For example, is it anywhere close to this?



how many 'strokes' per minute.


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  • If I'm trying not to come I do about 60 strokes per minute but I'll think of something that turns me off or is boring lol. If I'm trying to come I do 40-60 strokes per minute and then when I actually come it's probably only 4-8 strokes a minute because when I come I push it in as far as I can and just kind of move it around inside her a little bit.

    • hmmm, interesting. thanks a bunch:)

      btw what turns you off, or what's boring.

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    • I'm glad I didn't ruin it for you lol

    • nope. no one can do a better job of that, towards myself, than I can ;)


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  • As they say different stokes for different folks is so true but your link is a good one lol A guy will go slower a times to keep from cumming he wants to stay inside you for as long as possible and if he keeps going the way your link shows for any length of time if will be over quicker then if he slows down but counting strokes per minute is impossible also if depend what you like try to answer your own question how many per min. do you like ? Also you can ask him to slow down or speed up he wants to know what your body wants but to venture a guess a quicky is 50 per minute but doinng this is exhausting that's why its a quicky slow him down and last 20 min say 20 per minute. but when your reaching the big o you do don't you? you want him to go faster

    • thank you, that was a helpful mix of numbers& explanations:)

  • If I am holding it off I can do a couple different things. I can go slow and steady. I can go slow and then a few pumps fast.

    All this is done until she cums first.

    When I come I go as hard and as deep as I can after she has cum. This makes her very tight and makes me f*** her HARD. Normally she will come once before I do then I let it all go.

    Hope this answered your question.

    • except for the fact you didn't give any numbers, it was helpful. thanks:)

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    • ;-)

  • A.- Not too many and slowly so she can get her climax.

    B - Fast and deep when it's "my turn".

    • I think 'this' is true for all of us. But it would be interesting to know what 'slowly' and 'fast' mean to us. I mean fast probably means 'as fast as I can move', probably in the '180-200' stroke/minute range. But what does 'slow' mean? I probably go as slow as 40/minute when worried about cumming, up to the animation shown (around 140ish?) if I'm good and relaxed.

    • right. most people say faster or slower depending on who what when why how. I'm trying to get an actual concrete idea of what that means.

  • it depends on if its rough an fast or slow an steady I no I can go bout 30 or 45 min on my first but I can go hours on my second so I don't know really prob alot

  • I don't know but if you want to watch me and se for yourself i'm ok with that ;)

  • Trying to cum: 140

    Keeping hard but prolonging: 40

    During ejaculation: 60

    Your link: 80


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