Approximately how many strokes do you do per minute during sex. A. When trying not to cum. B. When cumming.

I realize you most likely don't sit there with a stop watch. but most of you know what a second feels like. so imagine your f***ing & guess how many of those you do per minute. nd tell me. thank you.

For example, is it anywhere close to this?



how many 'strokes' per minute.


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  • If I'm trying not to come I do about 60 strokes per minute but I'll think of something that turns me off or is boring lol. If I'm trying to come I do 40-60 strokes per minute and then when I actually come it's probably only 4-8 strokes a minute because when I come I push it in as far as I can and just kind of move it around inside her a little bit.

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      hmmm, interesting. thanks a bunch:)

      btw what turns you off, or what's boring.

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      I'm glad I didn't ruin it for you lol

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      nope. no one can do a better job of that, towards myself, than I can ;)