How do you make yourself or a girl squirt?

I really want to squirt. How do you do it? I usually masturbate by rubbing my clit hard. I can get multiple orgasms but I usually stop while I orgasm. If I keep rubbing will that make me squirt? Or some other way?


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    Squirting orgasms are usually associated with G-spot stimulation (see the article). Some girls can squirt from only clitoral stimulation but it's supposedly rare. However, from what I understand, the ejaculate collects in the same area (the "female prostate") regardless of what type of stimulation is used. Usually it's a combination: clitoral to start out with and build arousal, followed by G-spot stimulation. G-spot stimulation probably won't feel very good until the girl is very aroused and well lubricated.

    I've often heard it feels to the girl like needing to pee which makes some girls feel uncomfortable. They may clamp down to avoid it or stop the stimulation altogether, both of which prevents them from squirting. Instead you actually have to actually push out and let it go. If she's inhibited in that regard, it may take some training. Focus on the sensations and don't worry whether it's ejaculate or urine that's coming out.