How do you make yourself or a girl squirt?

I really want to squirt. How do you do it? I usually masturbate by rubbing my clit hard. I can get multiple orgasms but I usually stop while I orgasm. If I keep rubbing will that make me squirt? Or some other way?


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  • hi sweetie, get to know your own body. don't start out with the aim to squirt. relax and have plenty of time available. (and towels). all bodies and responses are different. I didn't learn the pleasures of squirting until my early 30's. but that's me. by the way, most all of p*rn is bs. don't think that your reactions should emulate those that you see. in my case, I can let the flood loose in a minute or 2 or after a nice long masturbation session. (or a hard stiff rod). my trigger point is just above my g-spot. a few fingers or a curved sex toy just inside my entrance will do it every time. good luck.

  • Only certain people are lucky enough to squirt just finger fast and hard and keep rubbing your clit oh and push like you have to pee

  • try to relax when you orgasm and not tense up... that should help... not everyone can though sorry :(

    • LOL..don't worry about them...I will give you an Up Arrow...(:

    • why am I downvoted?!?! I don't get some people on this site

    • yea that's true not everyone can by the way your hot

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    This article may interest you: link

    Squirting orgasms are usually associated with G-spot stimulation (see the article). Some girls can squirt from only clitoral stimulation but it's supposedly rare. However, from what I understand, the ejaculate collects in the same area (the "female prostate") regardless of what type of stimulation is used. Usually it's a combination: clitoral to start out with and build arousal, followed by G-spot stimulation. G-spot stimulation probably won't feel very good until the girl is very aroused and well lubricated.

    I've often heard it feels to the girl like needing to pee which makes some girls feel uncomfortable. They may clamp down to avoid it or stop the stimulation altogether, both of which prevents them from squirting. Instead you actually have to actually push out and let it go. If she's inhibited in that regard, it may take some training. Focus on the sensations and don't worry whether it's ejaculate or urine that's coming out.

  • out of interest...what is it about squirting that you want to do it? (I love it, so just curious)

  • The best way to do it is just rub you're clit as you would normally till you're turned on enough and place as many fingers as you like inside you, try to bend your finger upwards so looking for a slightly rough area (your g spot) to rub, keep rubbing it and you should squirt

  • It's not scientifically proven whether or not all girls can squirt. Some men claim that they can make any girl squirt, other women claim that even the best sex gods can't make them squirt. It's unclear either way, but I'd certainly not give up on it!

    I've never made a girl squirt (I've only been with 2 and neither of them was bothered about relaxing and trying to squirt) but I remember watching a semi-porn video explaining how to make a girl squirt. There is basically a specific are INSIDE your vagina that you need to rub to make yourself squirt. Rubbing your clit/having someone give you oral helps to increase your arousal but from what this vid said, there's no way you're going to squirt by that alone. It's kinda hard to explain, but the area that need to be rubbed is basically 'behind' your clit... ish. It can easily be reached with your/someone's middle finger. It feels rough/bumpy, kinda like a scrotum but harder/more solid. You have to rub that in a specific way, and you have to relax completely. I think it would be easier for your first time if it was a guy doing it to you so you could literally just lay back and relax. You will get a feeling like you need to pee and the natural relfex is to hold it back, but this is actually you trying to squirt You have to completely relax all your muscles and allow yourself to pee. You won't actually pee because of where certain valves and tubes are, so you don't need to worry at all about actually peeing on someone lol, just relax and go with the flow (literally lol) and fingers crossed, you'll be squirting in no time!

    Hope this helps. Remember the key is to relax, so don't get frustrated if you can't squirt straight away, just have fun trying, and maybe use a few toys too if it doesn't work with your fingers or you don't want to finger yourself. And of course you could just google the video, I think it was called something like "sex 101: how to make a girl cum/squirt".

    Have fun ;)

  • yeah only a some girls can squirt