What do men really think about friends with benefits?

"Friends with benefits" or "Fling" situations...

from a man view perspective...

is it possible to move from that stage to a serious relationship or is that the highest point of a relationship that starts that way?


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  • Its like asking if a guy can move from 'friends' to dating with a woman. Yeah, it can happen, it usually won't, and if it does, the odds are she was somewhat attracted to him right from the start (though timing may have prevented more).

    A guy has to be MORE interested in a girl to want to date her then to do FWB. So some girls you might do FWB with but be open to more, especially if you start wanting a relationship. But other girls you'd never go further with because you aren't interested in them enough. The threshold for a young woman to pass for a guy to be willing to have sex with her is not very high. So most girls you'd have sex with (if you do casual sex) you would not actually date. But some you might.


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  • yes, it is possible if I start having feelings for you. but it's kind of hard to control whether you feel for a person or not. it just comes naturally.

    • so the fact that what you are having with her started just as something physical- does not affect the possibilities of something becoming serious?

    • yes, I think it might affect my feelings for her in a positive manner, but I would not say definitely. it could be possible that I never wanted her as my girlfriend and just saw each other as friends that help each other climax.

    • gotcha! :)

  • it depends on the people involved. If they are a good personality match and are attracted to each other, then yeah.

  • i think, they are for women who I will never consider for anything serious or women who I will cheat on

    • if you already know your going to cheat on her, you shoudn't even start anything with her

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    • well it depends on how long they were active with those one or two, but I'm going to say yes if it was like they had sex once then I can get over that people are allowed to make mistakes but if not then its all about me and that's how I'm going to play it

    • that's horrible

  • It can go to relationship but it might raise a lot of questions like, who else are you friends with benefit with? are you this friendly with all the guys that you know loool? and its just goes mad when you have feeling for the person but they are still on a friends with benefit mode and etc.

    But its all your choice by the end of the day :)

  • In my experience it can't develop from there, like there's a block in that place in your heart, maybe for other people it's different


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  • It's possible to go from FWB to a relationship. However, if you have your eyes set on a guy, and you HAVE YET to sleep with him, I would wait. Your chances of getting into a relationship with him are better if you hold off on the physical stuff. He'll respect you more, you will be more likely girlfriend material than if you sleep with him.

    • only if she's done that with every guy, preferably been with zero guys, if not this is just a good way to piss a guy off, making him wait and giving it up fast to others

    • Why do you need to know exactly what she's done with every other guy? She had a life before you and you can't hold that against her. If you aren't going to like the answer, don't ask the question. I'm in a relationship and we both have a sexual past, he hasn't asked me a lot about mine and vice versa, why would he want to know exactly what I've done sexually in past relationships? He doesn't want to think about other guys touching me, so he doesn't ask. It works for us.

  • It is REALLY hard to move from FWB to relationship, but if you are willing to stay with him and continue to be FWB for a long time, then yes it can happen. I am proof that it can happen =) However, it was not my decision to be FWB, it was his. I did not want to be FWB I am more of a relationship type and he was not. I also agree with what a guy said on here, they have to be more interested in you and you also have to be different than other women (stand out).