What do men really think about friends with benefits?

"Friends with benefits" or "Fling" situations...

from a man view perspective...

is it possible to move from that stage to a serious relationship or is that the highest point of a relationship that starts that way?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its like asking if a guy can move from 'friends' to dating with a woman. Yeah, it can happen, it usually won't, and if it does, the odds are she was somewhat attracted to him right from the start (though timing may have prevented more).

    A guy has to be MORE interested in a girl to want to date her then to do FWB. So some girls you might do FWB with but be open to more, especially if you start wanting a relationship. But other girls you'd never go further with because you aren't interested in them enough. The threshold for a young woman to pass for a guy to be willing to have sex with her is not very high. So most girls you'd have sex with (if you do casual sex) you would not actually date. But some you might.