He cums in less than 2 minutes

I had sex with a guy for the first time in our relationship together the other day and both times he lasted no longer than 2 minutes. He did nt... Show More

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  • What makes a guy shoot so fast? Shall I begin a list that perhaps other will finish?

    - Your puSSy is SO tight & rippled - all guys will do this early in the night

    - His sexual experience is limited to jerking off as fast as possible so as not be caught

    - The prettier the gal, the faster the shoot

    - First time together can be faster than after years of doing it together

    - Not enough alcohol

    - Doesn't wear briefs - he's a jockeys guy, peNis head too sensitive

    - Needs to have a 2nd & 3rd try in you to last longer, same night

    - Not enough lube

    - Too thin a rubber (if any)

    - Needs to be sucked/jerked off first, then try vaginal