He cums in less than 2 minutes

I had sex with a guy for the first time in our relationship together the other day and both times he lasted no longer than 2 minutes. He did nt mention it and obviosly neither did I but I was wandering...

What are the chances it was his first time? he's not the type to talk about it but although he didn't seem nervous his hip action etc seemed to imply he disnt really know what he was doing. He's 19 and pretty popular.

How can I get him to tell me? Are some guys just like that?

And could he be doing it deliberately ie not trying at all to last longer?


Most Helpful Guy

  • What makes a guy shoot so fast? Shall I begin a list that perhaps other will finish?

    - Your puSSy is SO tight & rippled - all guys will do this early in the night

    - His sexual experience is limited to jerking off as fast as possible so as not be caught

    - The prettier the gal, the faster the shoot

    - First time together can be faster than after years of doing it together

    - Not enough alcohol

    - Doesn't wear briefs - he's a jockeys guy, peNis head too sensitive

    - Needs to have a 2nd & 3rd try in you to last longer, same night

    - Not enough lube

    - Too thin a rubber (if any)

    - Needs to be sucked/jerked off first, then try vaginal