My cousin is a lesbian and is sleeping with her aunt, which one is worst?

I think it's disgusting that she is sleeping with her aunt. However, I also think it's disgusting that she is sleeping with a woman, even though I myself enjoy watching lesbian p*rn. I guess even lesbianism can be disgusting when it hits you close at home.

  • Vote A Lesbian
  • Vote B Sleeping with aunt
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  • As early as kindergarten, the disciples of revered child molester Harvey Milk are trying to bombard young girls with the "glories" of lesbian this and LGBT that until their minds are too flooded with it to have room for comprehending their ABC's. Therefore, pre-programmed, Pavlovian lesbians are to be expected as being everywhere in our modern world.

    As for incest...that's something else entirely. With bestiality, you can at least make adolescent and stupid jokes. But there's nothing funny about incest. Not sure if it's flat-out illegal; but it should be.