Why do women settle to be a fwb?

Let's face it nobody likes the cold feeling of being used especially when it comes to sex so why is it that women lower their standards into becoming a fwb. Why not wait for the guy who would love for you to be his girlfriend? Do women settle to become fwbs because they are just desperate? In my opinion when a women settles to be a friends with benefits it's because she has no self pride in herself & is just desperate what's your opinion?


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  • Low self esteem... Desperate, feel they can't get anyone else... or as you get older you will find that sometimes it is easier to be single and just get laid every now and then.


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  • It can be said the same for a guy who settles into a relationship. They are p**** whipped. Sometimes, the guys win and get what they want. Other times, girls win and get what they want.

  • i know some girls who are outgoing and like to party - don't have to worrie about acting a certain way, we all get horny and just want to get laid, 2 friends with benefits of mine like to take control and use me for their pleasure, sometimes strip and whip me in front of thier friends or ride me while makin out or want me to tie em up and F**k em . WE ALL Enjoy it and do what ever we want :)


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  • I can't help but feel a little insulted by the notion that women can only settle for being friends-with-benefits.

    If I want to have some fun, I'll be damned if someone's going to mistake it for me not thinking I'm good enough to be the guy's girlfriend and that I'm settling for what he wants because I'm desperate and lonely.

    I don't feel cold or used, because I'm using him just as much as he's using me. And why should I wait for prince charming when I want to get some for the night? If I want something, and I know what I want more often than not when it comes to men, I'll go out and get it because I can be that confident about myself. And, when I get a call back from the guy because he wants to go again, I'd call that a boost to my pride.

    • Quick question: What if the guy didn't call back?

    • That's completely fine, but realize that you're among that small percentage of women who can have sex and not get emotionally attached. Most women can't do that, so when the guy doesn't get attached like the girl does, she ends up feeling used. That's what the QA is talking about.

    • @Jaybabe77:If he doesn't call back, he doesn't call back. I'm not going to call him back, why should I expect to hear from him again, you know?

      @MrOracle: Fair enough. The question just seemed very finite in nature. I could have done a more graceful job of indicating my position on the matter, I admit.

  • I think in most cases they hope that their friends with benefits will fall in love with them eventually.

  • Firstly: Because is a whole lot of fun;

    Secondly: Because it's not degrading to want to have some fun without having to worry about fixing him dinner or whatever other crap like that;

    Thirdly: Because you don't need to worry about whatever aspect of your body you're not 100% confident of;

    Fourthly: Because it's easy and why the hell not;





    Some of us don't have the time for an emotional relationship, or nerves at the moment, or have plans which make a serious relationship even stupid to think of. As for waiting for the right guy ... I'm gonna quote a favorite line of mine: "Why wait for Mr. Right, when Mr. Right-Now is right around the corner."

    I'm sorry you think like that, 'cause you're the one missing out.

  • Girls have intimate needs that need to be satisfied, too, whether some would want to admit that or not. In a way, society stops us from admitting it 'cause if we do, we are perceived as "b***hes". However, most women cannot handle the emotional attachment that may develop with the physical engagements.

  • i often think women hope the guy will come around and decide he wants to date her, because she often falls for him after sex so she hopes or thinks he does too.

    or, they might be lonely and desperate. I have been single for a long time and sometimes I just wish I could have someone to fool around with because it makes you feel less lonely...but then I think how much lonelier I would feel if I fall hard for the guy and he only wants sex. it would hurt. so I refrain and just masturbate.

    i think girls are lonely and they figure it's better than having no one.

  • Serious self esteem issues or they are just so horny that they don't care about the fact that they are being used for their vagina, mouth, and anus and what they're willing to do with it. It's sad. I've seen so many girls get crushed and have their reputations tainted and sometimes even ruined thanks to FWB, but it's like they don't care as long as they get screwed. It's sad what so many women have become.

  • Well, I have to say that I completely disagree with you. I have been in more than one friends with benefits situations that ended because he wanted a serious relationship and I wasn't interested. Some girls, like myself, just don't want the commitment that comes with a relationship. They want the freedom to be able to do what they want without having to explain where they are and who they're with every time they go out. I personally have no interest in being in a relationship anytime soon, but let's face it, hooking up is fun, so why should I have to give up on that? I've never once chased after a guy or "settled" for something I didn't want. In fact, for me if anything would be settling, it would be to get in a relationship with a guy. Because then I would be compromising on what I want to be able to hook up with him

  • not all women settle to become friends with benefits because their desperate and lonely or can't get a boyfriend or even because they have no self pride some do it because they just don't like to be tied down by a committment. Not all women were made to be wives or girlfriends some are just too independent and just refuse to depend on another I know I am and frankly I have a friends with benefits and he knows that I'm just not cut out for a relationship and its not that I don't have self pride if you ask me I have way to much self pride more that I should I think though I'm sure that there are some women that do it for the reasons you listed but many don't and its not cool to generalize and look down upon those that refuse to have a normal monogamous relationship