Why are more men becoming gay?

is the girls fault?

I honestly don't believe gay people are born gay.


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  • First of all, there are no more gay people today then there ever were (about 5%), it's just that people are less afraid to come out these days, whereas before, in most circles, being gay was completely unacceptable. If you weren't an artist of some type, then it was forbidden. Remember into the 70s, it was still considered a mental disease in many states!

    And, yes, most gay people are born gay. They couldn't choose to be straight anymore than I could "choose" to be gay. I'm attracted to women, and I didn't "choose" that, it just IS. It's the same for them.

    Now, some people ARE "made" gay. Children who are very young (6 and under, for the most part), who are sexually abused, can have their "wiring" scrambled and essentially become gay (or asexual, or hypersexual, or other things). Again, they didn't "choose" anything, but they definitely responded to a trauma and their lives changed course. Once a child hits 6 or 7, though, whatever they are is already "locked in" to the neural connections in their brain, and won't be undone.

    • you didn't "choose" to be straight because that's the natural order. gay people go against that natural order when they choose to be gay

    • If a gay person can CHOOSE to be that way against his instincts (which you claim have to be telling him to be straight), then that means that YOU could choose to be gay too. So, you think you could decide to be attracted to and lust after other men if you wanted to? That's the argument that you are making...

    • Its less then 5% for being gay I think you are including bisexual as well then it would raise it to around 5%.

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  • The same question could be asked about girls becoming lesbian.

    I don't think more people are 'becoming' homosexual (I honestly don't know if people are born with a certain sexual orientation or get one under various influences)

    More gays, lesbians & bis come out of the closet because it's socially better accepted. More heteros might also try out same sex relations because they're curious about it and are less afraid to be banned from society (or worse) if it became known.

  • More people aren't becoming 'gay'. More people are coming OUT as gay, and less people are just marrying women because that's what you're 'supposed' to do regardless of how you feel.

    I don't know if people are born gay. But there's strong scientific evidence that there's basic brain differences between gay and straight people - so it is very possibly something that does develop early on, perhaps influenced by hormones when growing in the womb. Nature versus nurture is never a very clear answer - it's always a little of both. All I know from what I've seen people say is that if they feel attracted to men OR women, it's always fairly clear to them from a young age.

    • It's really best if you think of it as similar to being left handed - just something that happens to people, and it's not a plus or minus. And like being gay, people used to try to 'correct' left-handedness in a variety of cruel, unusual ways.

  • I know I'm not in the slightest, what makes you think most men are gay?

  • No its more people are coming out as gay. Sexual orientation is a random thing in my opinion.

  • some people say it's a choice, some people think you're born that way. I'm more of the opinion that you're not BORN gay, you're raised gay, some parents make TERRIBLE parenting choices(ex the parents of that little boy that wears dresses all the time). I also think it's because there are more single mothers raising children, and since they don't have a strong male influence in their lives, they end up being very feminine, and in many places that is NOT acceptable.. so they seek a culture where it is... and it's acceptable to be like that if you're gay.

    • Because so many parents dress their sons in dresses. Greeeeat insight into homosexuality's roots.

    • lol... it was an example of bad parenting... it was on dr phil actually.

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  • People are born gay whether you happen to believe it or not I don't choose to be attracted to men. And to somehow put the "Blame" on women is as ridiculous as your thought process in this issue. Being gay isn't a problem that needs to be fixed or has any fault associated with it. I cannot believe that there are still people around that are that intolerant of others. It is believed that up to one in ten is gay maybe more who knows who cares let people live their lives. People don't wake up one day with a sudden craving for gay sex it doesn't work that way. Why would anyone choose to be gay and be harassed by ignorant people like you for the rest of their lives not exactly a pleasurable experience it's like choosing to be a minority no one would choose to be treated like a second class citizen for sh*ts and giggles.

  • They like penis and I don't blame them because d*** is awesome

  • in science, about 10% of the population is

    • Percentages obtained will depend on the definitions used (and the way the study was conceived) , not only on this subject but on about any subject.

    • lol 10% more like 1-2%

  • Do you believe you were born straight?

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