Why are more men becoming gay?

is the girls fault?

I honestly don't believe gay people are born gay.


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  • First of all, there are no more gay people today then there ever were (about 5%), it's just that people are less afraid to come out these days, whereas before, in most circles, being gay was completely unacceptable. If you weren't an artist of some type, then it was forbidden. Remember into the 70s, it was still considered a mental disease in many states!

    And, yes, most gay people are born gay. They couldn't choose to be straight anymore than I could "choose" to be gay. I'm attracted to women, and I didn't "choose" that, it just IS. It's the same for them.

    Now, some people ARE "made" gay. Children who are very young (6 and under, for the most part), who are sexually abused, can have their "wiring" scrambled and essentially become gay (or asexual, or hypersexual, or other things). Again, they didn't "choose" anything, but they definitely responded to a trauma and their lives changed course. Once a child hits 6 or 7, though, whatever they are is already "locked in" to the neural connections in their brain, and won't be undone.

    • you didn't "choose" to be straight because that's the natural order. gay people go against that natural order when they choose to be gay

    • If a gay person can CHOOSE to be that way against his instincts (which you claim have to be telling him to be straight), then that means that YOU could choose to be gay too. So, you think you could decide to be attracted to and lust after other men if you wanted to? That's the argument that you are making...

    • Its less then 5% for being gay I think you are including bisexual as well then it would raise it to around 5%.

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  • The same question could be asked about girls becoming lesbian.

    I don't think more people are 'becoming' homosexual (I honestly don't know if people are born with a certain sexual orientation or get one under various influences)

    More gays, lesbians & bis come out of the closet because it's socially better accepted. More heteros might also try out same sex relations because they're curious about it and are less afraid to be banned from society (or worse) if it became known.

  • More people aren't becoming 'gay'. More people are coming OUT as gay, and less people are just marrying women because that's what you're 'supposed' to do regardless of how you feel.

    I don't know if people are born gay. But there's strong scientific evidence that there's basic brain differences between gay and straight people - so it is very possibly something that does develop early on, perhaps influenced by hormones when growing in the womb. Nature versus nurture is never a very clear answer - it's always a little of both. All I know from what I've seen people say is that if they feel attracted to men OR women, it's always fairly clear to them from a young age.

    • It's really best if you think of it as similar to being left handed - just something that happens to people, and it's not a plus or minus. And like being gay, people used to try to 'correct' left-handedness in a variety of cruel, unusual ways.

  • I know I'm not in the slightest, what makes you think most men are gay?

  • No its more people are coming out as gay. Sexual orientation is a random thing in my opinion.

  • some people say it's a choice, some people think you're born that way. I'm more of the opinion that you're not BORN gay, you're raised gay, some parents make TERRIBLE parenting choices(ex the parents of that little boy that wears dresses all the time). I also think it's because there are more single mothers raising children, and since they don't have a strong male influence in their lives, they end up being very feminine, and in many places that is NOT acceptable.. so they seek a culture where it is... and it's acceptable to be like that if you're gay.

    • Because so many parents dress their sons in dresses. Greeeeat insight into homosexuality's roots.

    • lol... it was an example of bad parenting... it was on dr phil actually.

  • In my town most girls are bi

  • I think a lot of women are so assertive and domineering these days that guys don't get to develop normal sexuality, especially guys who are naturally shy to begin with.

    I'm not any sort of expert, but certainly social conditions explain quite a bit of the extent of gay sexuality compared to past eras of history imao.

  • Guys act like women to help them understand women. Then, they enjoy it so much that they just become gay and lose sight of their original goal. That is my take on it.

  • Yea...I don't think you can 'become' gay and it's definitely NOT the fault of women. You either are or you're not. You're either attracted to the opposite gender or the same sex. There's bi-sexuality but I'm not going into that.

    What's more appropriate to say is that more men are coming out as gay because it's more socially accepted. Especially with public personalties like Ellen, Anderson Cooper, Jim Parsons, and Zachary Quinto (to name a few). I don't have a problem with them coming out, more power to them! At least it gives gay kids role models to look up to especially with the whole gay bullying/suicides in US schools. No kid/teenager should ever have to endure that kind of intolerance, bullying, and abuse based on their orientation.

  • There are certain genes that seem more prevalent among homosexual men however it's likely due to a combo between that and how your brought up.

    Homosexuality was the norm in many ancient historical cultures where most guys simply went both ways and no one thought anything of it. It only became an issue once the major religions began condemning it.

    I WILL say this though. A lot of young girls today are becoming more and more attracted to feminine looking men... We all know who I'm talking about..

  • More people in the world = More Gay men. I don't think it's a Girl's fault, they'd have to be unbearable for me to want to switch :D Does it bother you alot?

    • Not really, its just a question

  • men become gay because of increased levels of estrogen in the womb during pregnancy. A regular male gets a high dose of testosterone, but if a male has older brothers he's more likely to be gay because the woman's body will see the male as an invader and will try to "femminize" it by releasing more estrogen, estrogen makes humans more attracted to testosterone, and if a male has high estrogen, he will become attracted to males.

    So it isn't supposed to happen, but it does, that's why people are born gay.

    But the increase is probably more linked to the rise of sibling births, parents want more kids, and the more older brothers a guy has, the more likely he will be gay.

    The real increase is probably caused by many gay people coming out of the closet. As a kid, we where all exposed to our strange fetishes in weird ways. We get attracted to something, and don't know what it is. If you like the bondage fetish, you might have thought a little girl playing robber and restrained in plastic handcuffs as attractive. However gay kids don't realize that what they are going through is normal until later, they see little boys with little girls holding hands, but they don't like girls as much, so they think something is wrong and "go into the closet". now that society "accepts" homosexuality (except for the boys high school locker-room) gays finally realize that its okay and they are "coming out" which is why it seems like the amount of gays is on the rise.

    • something tells me you made up that whole first part of that argument.

  • i think the real question I personally want to know is why are more men acting like p****s when they find out they are gay, it makes no sense at all.

  • i think people are just more open with it now

  • Once a man has tried another man then there is no going back.Gay is great

    • If you read the bible don't try it you ill not like the end result. And if you want to forever recieve these type of gay thoughts and behavior like these type of people in our cultural act out for the rest of your life try it. Do you want a man who dresses like a girl next to you?

  • I talked to man who was a ex gay and created a ministry for gays going back to strait. He said 98% are rapped. 2% tried it. They then have to relearn what it is to be man by being around a straight one who has never been gay and isn't tempted. It's a learned habit. Pleasure can be gotten from dog. Should we get married to dogs? Look at other countries. They OK it and everything and they most are very out of control. Even to the point where they sale children into brothels it's all perversions. Sin is sin because of the end result. Sex can be very scary and sick when it gets out of moral bounds the bible is a moral mirror. Obey it and you reap it's fruits. Don't and anythings goes according to your approval your morals. And women do are a huge reason why. They project it's okay I like it. I've always wondered if it's has anything to do with raising baby girls and knowing baby girls have been on them so it's not a big deal. But that's my thoughts. I could be wrong...

  • Gays allot of them are rapists and many men are raped. Look on the police website for sex offenders. Once you become raped there no going back. 80% of men are bisexaul perverts who look for victims to sodimize and rape. They watch f** rape p*rn. They are everywhere in cars. It's also because women treat men who aren't gay like perverts. It's also because are society is not moral it's a p*rno society. No sociaity is crazy. Their is no such thing as normal Google it its a cultural revolution hidden norm coing out. Rape is everywhere. Human trafficing rings are everywhere. Kidnapping is everywhere. Bisexual hardened weirdoes. The bible gives the clue. You just to look for it.

  • People are born gay, I don't care what anyone says. You can see it in the way they physically look, in their eyes and whatnot.

    Homosexuality has been found in numerous other species/animals. It's genetic. Now that we are able to understand that, coupled with the fact that the lifestyle is becoming more and more socially accepted, that's why more people are coming out.

    As for the people that claim, "women are at fault," or "women suck," they're just losers.

  • Yeah, nobody would choose to be gay, that would be insane.

    I knew kids in elementary school who were obviously gay then and did in fact grow up to be gay, and this was before being gay was generally accepted (I'm somewhat old). Are you suggesting that they chose to be gay as toddlers?

    Like a previous answerer said, it's not as necessary anymore for people to hide it, so you see it more, and people come out earlier. That said, it's still only about 4% of the population, so it's really not much, you just probably notice it more. For example, if you're in a room of 25 people and one of them is flamboyantly gay, you will probably notice that person more than the other 24, but the other 24 are still there.

    So don't look for someone to blame, just live and let live.

  • I'd say single-motherhood is to blame. When you only live in a house with just a woman around, you never learn how to act like a straight man. You become a half-man, or act gay.

    • And you're an idiot. If single mothers cause boys to be gay then you cause people to be dumb, gay men are just as much men as straight men.

  • "I honestly don't believe gay people are born gay."

    Well that's your ignorance talking.

    If they choose to be gay, why do so many choose to be gay in countries where being gay is punishable by death? They just like f***ing with authority? Have a death wish?

    • Why are you being so sensitive? are you gay?

      everyone has there own belief. That was just mine.

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    • One doesn't have to be gay, to call out ignorance when you see it.

    • I don't think he's being sensitive. But your question is very provocative.. and it's one that's phrased in a way that kinda implies you have anti-gay feelings. That can be offensive to anybody .. even straight people can get mad when they see somebody saying stuff like that.

  • Society's fault, not girls.


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  • People are born gay whether you happen to believe it or not I don't choose to be attracted to men. And to somehow put the "Blame" on women is as ridiculous as your thought process in this issue. Being gay isn't a problem that needs to be fixed or has any fault associated with it. I cannot believe that there are still people around that are that intolerant of others. It is believed that up to one in ten is gay maybe more who knows who cares let people live their lives. People don't wake up one day with a sudden craving for gay sex it doesn't work that way. Why would anyone choose to be gay and be harassed by ignorant people like you for the rest of their lives not exactly a pleasurable experience it's like choosing to be a minority no one would choose to be treated like a second class citizen for sh*ts and giggles.

  • They like penis and I don't blame them because d*** is awesome

  • in science, about 10% of the population is

    • Percentages obtained will depend on the definitions used (and the way the study was conceived) , not only on this subject but on about any subject.

    • lol 10% more like 1-2%

  • Do you believe you were born straight?

  • Not more men are "becoming" gay, more gay men are becoming confident enough to live openly gay.

  • I do believe people are born gay, you cannot tell me they aren't when I see a 4 year old that is gay. Hand on hip, switching, finger in your face gay so... And it is not that more people are "becoming" gay. It is now okay for them to be gay, that was not excepted and now people are becoming more and more open to it so more people have the guts to tell people who they really are. I was in fifth grade with a gay guy. I knew he was gay, then We switch school I met him about 4 or 5 years later and he had cam out sometime over that period. You can't tell me a boy in fifth grade just decided he wanted to be gay. Society is accepting the fact that people are gay so now they are more open because they know they will be accepted.

  • It's not that "more men are becoming gay". It's just that more men are finally coming out about it. Society as a whole is gradually becoming more accepting of homosexual people in general. Gay people are feeling more able to be themselves and not fit the stereotypical "man and woman" mold that society used to place on relationships and marriage.

    Especially now that several states have legalized gay marriage, it's just becoming more accepted. They can feel more comfortable opening up about their sexuality and dating who they really want to date.

  • my mom worked at a preschool and she always told me that she believed people were born gay, because form the time they were 3 or 4 you could already identify most of the gay children. I believe people are born gay because it is such a stigmatized and persecuted way to live your life, that if you werent born that way you would never choice it

    • Really, has your mother told you how do gay children act?

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    • The children who don't act in gender-stereotypical ways aren't always gay, though. I know a guy who liked playing Pretty Pretty Princess, playing house, and Barbies when he was a little kid, but he's straight. (He doesn't do those things anymore, by the way.)

    • yeah \sometimes it is just a phase, just like little girls have tom boy phases, but I don't think those were the kids she was talking about

  • i have a lot of gay friends, and some of them say they would never want to be gay.

    they learned to accept though and they love themselves!

    people don't become gay...they just realize they are...


  • A really nice fellow I worked with told me that most gay men have been molested at some point in their life. I think there are multiple reasons why people are gay.

  • I've known my best friend his whole life, and he's been gay for that whole time I've known him. My friend was the youngest of four brothers all of them "macho" and athletic and all that standard stuff. His father worked in the forestry industry and had a wonderful and healthy relationship with all of his boys. Took them fishing and hunting and camping. Since he could talk, my friend was more effeminate than the other boys (not that all gay people are effeminate, this was just the case for my buddy). I never thought anything of it because we grew up in a very small town without televisions or computers in our homes and didn't even understand what "gay" really meant until we went away for school and were exposed to people from different walks of life. We told (and tell) each other everything and when he was about 8 and I was telling him about a crush I had on a boy. About a week later he confided in me that he was having the same feelings towards a boy and didn't understand it. He was ashamed and hated himself for these uncontrollable feelings that he was experiencing. He was 100% born that way. Why would someone CHOOSE a life full of discrimination, hatred and hardship?

    This question does nothing but make me sad for your ignorance and the ignorance of so many others like you.