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How many times can a girl in 1 night?

How many times a girl can have orgasm in 1 night? Or to be more specific, until the guy has orgasm..

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  • It depends I've had 8 in one wild crazy night, but a lot of woman don't even get off once. As long as the man is trying it's all good. Pay attention to the way she responds. If any woman blames you for not having given her the BIG O tell her you only get out of sex what you put in.

What Girls Said 13

  • Most I've had in one session is 7 =]

  • The most I've had is three. But it all depends on how long the guys lasts and how good he is, really.

  • It all depends on the female. some women can only have 1 or 2, some women however are multi- orgasmic and can have multiple orgasm in a night. It also depends on the amount of trust and skills of the guy she is with.

  • I've had five in one night but that was some crazy shit. Usually I have two to three. There's really no limit. I guess it depends on the time you're willing to commit to the cause.

  • I was with my bf 1 night an I actually had 11 in only 2hrs that night. an it was just me n him. but that's normal for me lol.

  • It doesn't matter if it's oral sex or vaginal or anal she can get any number of orgasms in one night.

  • depends, I can have a lot

  • I had 112 in about 1 - 2 hr span. I love my boi, he's so amazing.

    • More than most guys in a month

  • I had 50 over the course of 10 hours, having sex for about 3-4 of those hours. Keep hydrated, that's the only advice I have to give you on that one.

    • Oh yeah, and the guy only got off once.. Yes, I indeed am sleeping with superman.

  • Oh 15-20 is not out of the question depending on how close together and how hard she orgasms.

  • 1 or 2, in general...probably up to 3 or 4 if it takes the guy an hour or more. Depends on how good the guy is :)

  • I once had 9 orgasms in one night. I was having a foursome and it lasted a couple of hours. So I was having like 3 an hour.

    • What was the foursome like? Could you message me and maybe tell me?

What Guys Said 1

  • Scientifically a common girl can only have up to 11 orgasms before she is in a high risk of cardiac arrest or a coma. I've personally given a girl 9

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