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Is two guys in one night okay?

I had a friend with benefits for a little while, and then recently I started being friends with benefits with another guy. One night the first one... Show More

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  • I will respectfully disagree with Lesae.

    Take careful note that you are above 18 years of age and already I can tell that you understand the importance of "washing up" after sex with one man before having sex with another. The only real problem here is: Are you having safe sex? If the answer is yes, then props! If no, then good luck.

    Most guys who engage in a FWB option understand that other guys will have the same option available. It is no concern to them when and where you have your fun as long as you're having fun for your own sake. Many people look down upon this, but the truth is loving multiple people who are open to the notion IS NOT A BAD THING. But loving multiple people who don't want to share you is a very heinous (had to look up spelling for that one) crime on morality.

    Have fun! This is a new age of enlightenment for sexuality. Live it up while you can.

    • YES I have been safe and I think as long as either of them don't find out about it, no one gets hurt, and I still get to have my fun! I know it's neither of their business on who else I'm having sex with, but just to keep things on an even keel...

What Guys Said 5

  • It's perfectly okay, because it's about having no strings attached. That's the whole point, isn't it?

    You're the only one who needs to know, because it's no strings. ;-)

  • It's all about what you think of yourself not what other people think about you! I had the same scenario with a couple of girls I was FWB with both of them one was wild and the other was just get it on and go. There were several times I had both of them in one night and they both new what the situation was and there was never any issue.

  • I think it's fine... be safe and enjoy!

  • I would love to be the 2nd FWB. I think it is extremely hot and I had it done to me before only to have her tell me later. I just wished she hadn't used protection or showered after the first guy. Honestly, I would love to be surprised and taste a creampie. The FWB just has to be safe.

What Girls Said 3

  • No. Its not right, with guys or girls. Its all about respecting yourself and others. If you weren't satisfied, buy a dildo. Dont call up another guy who did not know you had just had sex with another guy. God, I hope you are using condoms.

  • That's like so admirable

    I mean come on, as long as they don't know each other, hell yeah!

    the more the merrier! :)

  • If I were you, I would just ask myself how would you feel if either of them did that to you? and I pray you are using protection.

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