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Why doesn't my boyfriend invite me out to events with his friends?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 months, and I was seeing him exclusively for 6 months previous to us becoming established. When I first met him... Show More

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  • You have over attachment issues, nuff said.

    There is nothing wrong with your relationship since you said "Everything else in our relationship is amazing and progressively deepening all the time."

    He has his own life too you know so let him have it. I mean he could be batman for all I care and your clingy nature is preventing him from saving lives. Anyway, when you are married then you have the right to be clingy.

    Let him have his own life because this is the only way you can build trust. And you can't build trust unless you take a chance.

    • It's not that I don't trust him, I do. He has his own life away from me, he hangs out with his friends many times throughout the week while I'm with my girlfriends. But he never invites me to major events like parties, birthdays or weddings. What's the deal? I wouldn't mind if I didn't think our relationship was going anywhere permanent, but we bought a car together recently and have been looking into apartments; so I'm just wondering what's going on?

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, my boyfriend is a drummer in a band, and he has many shows, and never invites me to any of them. It makes me sad. He has planned to do 3 festivals, and never even tells me about them. I found out about the Knot fest, he said he was going. But never told me or invited me. He is getting ready to tour, never invited me to his shows. I understand bros before hos, but seriously, I'm last on his list.

    I'm not expecting to be first, I just want to be part of his life, not his "secret"

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