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I have a friends with benefits that I met via CL who I really like. It's been a month, Christmas gift?

We have some great discussions, hang out a bit (before/after) and always make our get togethers over nighters (no stop and go drive-bys). We've told... Show More

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  • Is gifts and money part of the benefits, is there a friendship or just a mutual like of sex together...

    What is the age difference, is he younger or older? By how many years?

    I am 5 older then my wife. Do I think age is a problem, either up or down his or yours? No. It is just a number. I know plenty of people in their 30's and 40's that act teens or 20's (maturity wise) and I also know some that are the exact opposite.

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  • Has he established that this is indeed a friends with benefits? Do you go on dates or is it only hanging out and sex?

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