Why does he want to please me more than himself?

i'm just kind of friends with benefits with this guy that I kind of dated two years ago (we just didn't really click but we're friends now). whenever we hook up he always tries so hard to please me but it just doesn't really work and I feel bad but I don't really understand why its so important if we're not like in a relationship or anything,we're just casual


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is always the possibility that he likes you more than you think, but it may also be the kind of person he is. I feel like that, if I don't really satisfy my partner, I'm not really "doing my job". There's a lot of pressure on guys to be good in bed and to think about their partners needs before their own. Especially if he fancies himself as even a little bit 'gentleman'. Is Chivalry at all a part of who he is? If so, it may just be part of his 'code of honor', or whatever you want to call it.