If a guy wants more will he always tell you?

This may be a no brainer question but I have been friends with benefits with this guy for about 7 months and for the past month he has been asking me to hang out during the week as well and we have been doing things that don't involve hooking up. Last weekend he came to my house and met my parents and then after he took me to his friends house for a party. We have had some conversations in the past about wanting more but both of us or one of us have been drunk and we have never been on the same page. He has been opening up more and started to tell me personal things about himself. My biggest fear is that he is 28 and says that he has never been in love and it doesn't seem that he has ever been in a seriouis realtionship. His longest realtionship was 6-7 months but I don't know how serious it was. I want to say something to him but I don't want him to think that I am pressuring him into anything or have him think that I am forcing him into a realtionship. So I guess my question is... if he wanted more then he would tell me right? Also should I tell him how I feel?