How to get revenge from a guy?

I used to have a "friends" with benefits with a guy "friend" of mine. He led me on so many times to think we would be more than sex. And it was a... Show More

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  • Grow up. It's kind of your own fault for not wising up. Lol, I mean c' know pretty damn well if you're involved in a comitted monogamous relationship with someone or not. You agreed to that type of relationship, and then you're mad because somehow magically it didn't turn into something else? Your pride is hurt because basically the guy has told you that you're just good for sex...but the thing is HE never lied. YOU reached out to HIM. Lol. Basically you played yourself and now you're mad at him? The fact that you're talking about getting revenge makes you look even more ridiculous. That's way childish. YOu want to hurt him emotionally? Yo, he obviously doesn't have really deep feelings for you so what's your plan for that? "Make him" fall in love with you and then leave? Tie him up in your basement? I've known chicks like you before, you're basically crazy and you have that mentality of a girl who blames everyone else for her own failures to take control of her actions. Basically you did this to yourself. The guys seems like he was straight up with you from the jump, which would make him blameless.