How to get revenge from a guy?

I used to have a "friends" with benefits with a guy "friend" of mine. He led me on so many times to think we would be more than sex. And it was a constant road of hooking and stopping on and off. Each time I stupidly believed he loved me back. The last and final time I actually cried in his face when he told me that he met another girl and told me that we should stop hooking up. I cried because I was in love with him. He apologized to me and told me that he never had any feelings for me. Despite all that he did to make me believe otherwise. He promised that he won't lead me on anymore and use me. However, things got messy and we stopped talking for a month. I reached out to him and said we should still be friends and he agreed. He told me things didn't work out with that other girl and he can only focus on work right now. I also have a lot going on myself so I said I wasn't going to stress on relationships anymore. I thought he would text me from then on once in a while, but instead he texted me everyday. I didn't put too much thought into this so I continued to talk with him. After talking for a month everyday, he randomly asks if I can have sex with him. I didn't give him an answer and I told him that if we did, its not going to be what it was last time. He replied, this is just a booty call to me. I was so angry that he even referred to me as a booty call. I figured he wanted to rekindle what we had in hopes for something more because they last time he actually saw me cry and promised he wouldn't lead me on again and he wanted to do it again. Now I don't even regard him as a friend anymore. I don't want to just ignore him. I want him to get a taste of his own medicine. I want to get even. Of course, I don't want to do anything crazy to physically hurt him. But I want to mess with his mind and emotions. How do I do so? He disregarded my feelings so why should I care about him. How do I get revenge?


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  • Grow up. It's kind of your own fault for not wising up. Lol, I mean c' know pretty damn well if you're involved in a comitted monogamous relationship with someone or not. You agreed to that type of relationship, and then you're mad because somehow magically it didn't turn into something else? Your pride is hurt because basically the guy has told you that you're just good for sex...but the thing is HE never lied. YOU reached out to HIM. Lol. Basically you played yourself and now you're mad at him? The fact that you're talking about getting revenge makes you look even more ridiculous. That's way childish. YOu want to hurt him emotionally? Yo, he obviously doesn't have really deep feelings for you so what's your plan for that? "Make him" fall in love with you and then leave? Tie him up in your basement? I've known chicks like you before, you're basically crazy and you have that mentality of a girl who blames everyone else for her own failures to take control of her actions. Basically you did this to yourself. The guys seems like he was straight up with you from the jump, which would make him blameless.


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  • What did he do to lead you on?

    It seems you take any kindness from him as a sign he wants more. When you asked, he tells you no, its a booty call.

    • Indeed. That plus he says he doesn't have feelings for you. That to me says you CAN'T play with his emotions. Just give it up, and walk away. You can't win this. Take the high road, and cut him out of your life, and live your life.

    • I could write a whole page on how he lead me on. But you don't think this was him trying to lead me on again? He PROMISED me when I was crying to his face that he wouldn't use me again. I thought that would be the end of it. Now him wanting a booty call from me isn't wrong on his part after he promised he would never do this to me again? And if I did actually say yes, it would be another road of him leading me on but in actuality it was just sex.

    • No. If he's telling you before hand its a booty call, its a booty call, and you imagining it shows something is just fantasy you're projecting on him, then being disappointed when he doesn't fulfill it. I'm not sure how he could be more clear that its NOT ANYTHING BUT SEX. You're like the guys who complain about female friends who lead them on by ... still being friends.

      It would be -nice- of him to just stay away from you, but YOU are the one getting hurt. He's being honest.

  • revenge won't do you any good, and probably he will let it slide and don't care much for what you do, besides, giving him a taste of his own medicine? what did he do, sure, he was cold and jerk-ish, but you accepted that again and again, he never forced you, and how is "you are my booty call]" in any way leading you on? sorry but sounds to me he was honest since the begining, sure it was an ugly truth but TRUTH anyway, and you accepted, if he had been like "will you be my girlfriend?" and trying you like a princess only to sleep with you then yes, we as readers would be pissed at him and probably trying to think of a way to teach him a leason (not the same as revenge), if he had fool you twice or 3 times we would be trying to tell you "its not your fault, everyone can be confussed", but if keep putting yourself in that situations, and he is not really decieving about it, then sorry but it is hard to think of him as the bad guy, sure he is not the most amazing man but, he did what you allowed and even if your words rejected something your actions said other thing, and he acted on the mindset that you were permissive, is your right to be angry, but you should be with yourself.

  • Quite frankly, your just as at fault if not more at fault that he is.

    It was clear from day one what he wanted, you were just too blind to see it. Actions speak louder than words.

    You girls really need to stop sleeping with guy and thinking something else will come from it. News flash, a guy who is hooking up with you is not interested in a serious relationship. If he was, he wouldn't be hooking up with you right away. At least most good guys wouldn't. Your placing chemistry before compatibility when it should be the other way around.

    I'm really getting sick of all this FWB bullsh*t. It really needs to stop and be erased from our society. It leads to nothing but drama, hurt feelings, and f***ed up relationships.

  • Sweety, it was all about sex and nothing else in the beginning until you began having feelings for him.

    This is apparently a guy that considers sex as going to the bathroom, a physical need, a scratch to itch and is best when performed on/with him by another, considered a bit more important than a purchased sex toy.

    Yes, his crime is that he went beyond the original deal & encouraged your feelings to grow to keep his habit supplied - I assume this is what you want punished as well as your pain felt.

    I can suggest that there's something better than sticking to him face-face, this really doesn't "do it" and the memories & dreams thereafter are just more pain and dissatisfaction.

    What has been proven best is waiting for what goes around comes around to happen to him, as these are the seeds he's planting & the harvest he'll get soon enough. There's always someone better at a game than one thinks ... When he takes a tumble, consider how sweet it is that YOU have no fingerprints on that crime & he can't return vengeance on you. You get to see what you wanted and its The End of it.

  • My lady.. I am sorry you are hurt.. FWB is never a good idea.. specially if you have feelings for a guy.. cut off this man from your life totally and move on.. revenge is just messy and could hurt you more..

  • Revenge is never the answer. But should you want to avenge him, forgive him, be wonderful in life, focus on growing you character and personality. Be more assertive, confident, in short be the better person he isnt. You start attracting better guys towards you. Regarding you try not to be too easy or available, instead try focusing on being a prize to be kept nt thrown away.

  • "Live well. It is the greatest revenge"

  • just move nobody has time to take revenge and your life...u haven't lost nething be positive and just forget him...what goes around comes around so same will happen to him...if he is wrong as you said

  • honestly its no ones fault but yours for going back. you only got hurt because you had expectations of him when clearly he had none for you. move on with your life and stop being friends with this guy. he's clearly not even worth being friends with. trying to "get revenge" just shows that you're clearly not over him. again have respect for yourself and move on.

  • revenge is foolish, it sounds to me like it was just a matter of you not being very perceptive to his purpose (not meant to be offensive). while his purpose was not very respectful to you, I know tons of women who do the very opposite and lead men on for years knowing full well they won't ever give them a chance. I'm sorry for what happened, but things like this do happen

  • The best revenge is to live well. In other words, just move on with your life. Do not waste any extra energy on the jerk.

    If anyone ask you about him, the best response is no comment. Carry this off as a lady is the way to start living well.

  • Revenge is not what it's cracked and it not going to help with your own happiness. I would say just move on and chalk it up to experience.

  • Trick him into sliding into bed with an obese woman. That'll scare him good

  • by having sex with his ex-girlfriend.

    sweet revenge, hahaa!

  • Lol find some random gay crossdresser who's really horny. Then tell this d-bag guy friend you want to try it up the rear. Tell him come over, lights off, and find "you" and do his booty call in the dark. But it'll actually be a dude. Turn on the lights and enjoy the look on his face. REVENGE. COMPLETE. Just an idea lol


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  • Well this is creepy, this happened to my friend who is a guy like exactly o: just saying don't scoopto his level

  • Hi! Just saw your message and, well, had a kind of similar situation. I didn't fall for the guy actually, for me it was more that he said some stuff that were disrespectful, and because this was a "long term" f*** buddy thing, he really started to think I was his bitch. It's not because a lady likes to have sex that she needs to put up with bad attitude and well, sh*tty behavior .

    I saw that episode of sex and the city when Carrie has sex like a man. Don't know if you've seen in it.And well, I thought... maybe I should give it a go...

    I actually can't believe I did. In my defence, I just wanted him to understand that a sex buddy relationship means BOTH part need to have fun, and that Respect is key.

    So, one night, I pretended to be in for a wild night, when to his place, and said to him that if he could make me come twice just by licking me (yep, well), I would do anything he wanted.

    He was totally up for it, and so I got what I wanted. Twice. And I let him woooork for it.

    Then, I told him I had to go to the bathroom, pretended to receive a call, and said "I'm so sorry I have to run, we'll speak later".

    I left, and let him text me, call me... But never picked up. And never will.

    So revenge, IS chilish and stupid... But man it did feel good.