Random Sexual Questions? ;)

1. Am I the only girl that LOVES giving blow jobs? 2. Would you rather have a girl ask you if she can give you a bj or just surprise you with it?... Show More

Okay one more question.. He want's a picture of down there, but how can you make that picture attractive personally I think vaginas are ugly! lol Would you think it's hot if I sent him one with my finger in there? lol I know! To much Information! Just curious! ha ha Annoymous anyways so what the hell! :)
:D You guys mad me feel so much better about my situation! lol

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  • 1. God I hope not.

    2. Ask me...better yet, beg me. Because I will beg to go down as well.

    3. It's rare, but it can happen.

    4. I guess it's possible. I just relax afterward so I dunno.

    5. I would ask for private shows and pics. Me and my friends with benefits would send pics all the time.

    6. Hell no, I would consider her awesome.

    7. 15 or so. Most more than once.

    8. Psh! None is to much, life is a party.

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    • Love the last answer! :) I'm only at 4 although..

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    • Yeah, being on the same page now it makes it so much better!

    • Thank you for the best answer :) suuure wish I could send you a friend request lmao.