Shooting your load???

Where are the best places to shoot it after sex/ bj/ hj/ etc?

Girls you can comment as well. I am curious like can we come on you, or on your clothes? I hate cumming just in my own hand or on the floor, its like a waste of cum!


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  • Anywhere is fine with me.If I'm giving oral,then he can come in my mouth,or shoot it all over my face,hair,neck or chest.If He's in my puss,then I love having come there,or pull out and shoot on it,or on my stomach,and if he's in my butt,he can certainly come in there or shoot all over it,it's up to him.I don't like it on my clothes,though.I love wearing nice hosiery and lingerie when having sex,and it can get ruined with all the come stains,it doesn't always wash out.My current boyfriend does love footjobs,whenever he sees me wearing pantyhose or stockings.Once we're alone,he'll slide off my heels,and start rubbing his penis all over my feet,and I'll massage him,until he shoots all over my nylon covered feet.He's so sexy when he does that.

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      Finally a woman, who doesn't think feet are disgusting.