Turned down a hot guy for one night stand now he is very cold?

So I texted this guy who is like an acquaintance and owns a pub that I'll come over with a group of friends, he put me on the guest list.
He is real hot looking and when we reached there he kept hitting on me and complimenting me. I think I did flirt back too!
When I left I texted him a photo taken of the two of us thanking him. He started asking me to meet him for a one night and was very flirty. I told him was married and was partying as hubby was out of town. He said does not matter! Actual hubby n I are on verge of separating!
But I turned him down, and now I send him texts and he is very cold. He responds to all texts but is not flirty and never texts me first.
can't stop thinking of him
Pl advice?
Is he not interested or just being hard to get?

He is married too guys! I don't care I just want him to be interested and have that one night stand maybe
Is it too late?
Well was obviously scared the first time he asked, wasn't leading him on like him a lot. Honestly have never done this before. Please do not judge me ladies and men, hubby and I have not had sex for over two years, he is abusive we lead parallel live


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  • He is annoyed because he wanted to sleep with you, and you said no, despite stating that you were flirting with him back.
    However you should wait till your single anyway, just dont lead guys on/flirt if you are not actually interested. Not cool

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      "I just want him to be interested and have that one night stand maybe" So is that a yes? or maybe? or not sure? why did you say no the first time lol