Turned down a hot guy for one night stand now he is very cold?

So I texted this guy who is like an acquaintance and owns a pub that I'll come over with a group of friends, he put me on the guest list.
He is real hot looking and when we reached there he kept hitting on me and complimenting me. I think I did flirt back too!
When I left I texted him a photo taken of the two of us thanking him. He started asking me to meet him for a one night and was very flirty. I told him was married and was partying as hubby was out of town. He said does not matter! Actual hubby n I are on verge of separating!
But I turned him down, and now I send him texts and he is very cold. He responds to all texts but is not flirty and never texts me first.
can't stop thinking of him
Pl advice?
Is he not interested or just being hard to get?

He is married too guys! I don't care I just want him to be interested and have that one night stand maybe
Is it too late?
Well was obviously scared the first time he asked, wasn't leading him on like him a lot. Honestly have never done this before. Please do not judge me ladies and men, hubby and I have not had sex for over two years, he is abusive we lead parallel live


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  • He is annoyed because he wanted to sleep with you, and you said no, despite stating that you were flirting with him back.
    However you should wait till your single anyway, just dont lead guys on/flirt if you are not actually interested. Not cool

    • "I just want him to be interested and have that one night stand maybe" So is that a yes? or maybe? or not sure? why did you say no the first time lol

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  • he wanted sex, kind of sounds like that's all he wanted. when he didn't get it he went cold. I don't think he's playing hard to get. You know what he wants so unless you are up for that he's probably not interested.

  • While I believe you didn't intend to lead him on, that you have a genuine interest and just weren't ready (and perhaps still aren't, given that you told us " I just want him to be interested and have that one night stand MAYBE".

    You were enjoying being flirted with and feeling wanted and thinking about the ONS.

    He was enjoying being flirted with and feeling wanted and thinking about sex.

    Then when you turned him down, it seems to him that you didn't -actually- want him. Consequently all your flirting was partly fake. That you didn't want him, you were just enjoying the attention.

    So you want the attention again, but he's not interested in playing that game, because he no longer believes your attention was real.

    The flirting game with him is over.

    If you want to have sex with him, text him and say you want to get him on his own, when and where?

    He's still interested in sex and he'd still enjoy genuine flirting, but he won't just flirt because he doesn't believe it now.

    • Awesome reply!

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    • Thanks you seem like a very sensible guy
      Liked your advice.

    • Am personally so done with this marriage thing I don't think I ever want to go that path again!
      Thanks guys for all the help.

  • Don't have sex with married people. If you're looking for sex with others then that's a sign you may need to divorce. And then wait for him to divorce. Then you can go after the hot guy. I'm sure he'll accept you if you give yourself to him. But please, don't have sex with married men.

  • have the night, get pregnant, and live like the other 99.99%

    ... or... grow a conscience!

  • Crumbling marriage aside, ask yourself this.

    Your morals, or your vagina.

    Which is more important to you?

  • Wait til you're single. And don't have sex with married people.

  • The problem is you should have more morals then you currently have. I'm not judging you because look at how much things people do morally wrong, just turn on your TV and you'll find something. That being said, you are still married, you should officially end that before you do anything or start any kind of relationship. Think of it this way, what would really make you more happy to just have sex with someone you find really attractive but yet he is married so possibly have guilt about being the one that he cheated on with or the start of relationship with someone that is right for you? Yes the first is a much more easy path but has its consequences and only will give you a temporary good and happy feeling, however would that really be worth all the stress and guilt that comes after the fact. The opition of finding someone right for you is there and will be stressful and time consuming but I'll tell you this, it is well worth the wait.

  • Sounds to me like he was drunk looking to score... you turned him down so you've dug your grave... If you ever have to ask if its too late it already is. Go find another guy there are millions of them.


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  • He just wanted to have sex and he's not interested anymore.
    Also, I think you're a terrible person for wanting to cheat on your husband and for wanting him to cheat on his wife with you. Doesn't matter if the both of you are unhappy in your marriages. End your marriage before having sex with someone other than your husband. Period.

    • Well I never wanted him to cheat, he was the one who asked me! Have been a one man gal so far, hubby is abusive we have not had sex for two years
      With him as kid loves him

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    • He is an adult, whom if you remember pursued me and I refused! So yes 'he' wants to cheat no one has to 'make' him cheat. Think what you may!

    • There's a difference between wanting someone to cheat and making someone cheat, though. I just pointed out the former.

  • If sex is the only thing you're after, then throw your pussy in his face right now. I doubt he'll reject you.

    However, the moral implications of this whole situation are making my stomach turn. Don't be a piece of shit and leave your husband before getting involved with someone else. Same goes for this "hot" guy. If you go ahead and have sex with him knowing that he's married, you're still going to be a piece of shit, even if you leave your husband.

  • I think he lost interest girly because he pretty much wanted one thing, and you didn't give it to him.