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Girls: How did you feel getting naked with a guy for the first time?

Girls: How did you feel getting naked with a guy for the first time? How do you feel about getting naked (nudity)! Is it easy for you?

  • Vote A Yes. Its easy everywhere
  • Vote B No. But with my BF only

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  • It was scary...I remember the first time I let my boyfriend see and touch my lady parts, I was SO self conscious and SO nervous. My legs started shaking with nerves. When I let him see my breasts for the first time though, that was different. I liked doing that :) that was exciting.

What Girls Said 23

  • Nudity has never been a problem for me. I have always felt that with few differences we are all the same in our birthday suits. The response from the anonymous (long answer) also pretty much sums up my feelings about nudity and such. It isn't always sexual

  • only with my boyfriend in private

  • The first time it was a big deal and I got nervous...Now, no, because we're making out and things escalate and I want to fuck so I'm not thinking about being self-conscious.

  • I was sooooo nervous and i still get nervous

  • No problems for me, I'm very proud of my body, I work hard at keeping it firm and tight and I love showing it off.

  • With a guy I am highly infatuated with, i would get topless, but I wouldn't say that it's easy.

  • Well for me getting naked is easy, but only when I'm alone. When there's other people around it feels kinda awkward and I get really self-conscious.

  • First time, i felt insecure

  • The Very first time? It was kind of easy. I realized he really wouldn't have been with me that long/want to have sex with me had he not found me sexy (we were dating for eight months before we had sex). Now...I'm with the guy I had my first time with, but we broke up for two years (college) in which time I had sex with one guy and one girl, I felt a bit awkward with the girl, though.

  • Same as a guy. Just more self conscious about it.

  • I feel weird getting dressed with my cat in the room!

  • It's a little awkward. I guess it's just the idea of being completely exposed. I'm ok with being naked alone or changing in front of friends that are girls though.

  • ehh i'm confident lol.. i was nervous on the act of performing sexual intercourse but definitely not on me being naked. :)

  • The first time I have ever got naked in front of my boyfriend I felt very weird. Like maybe my body isn't how it's suppose to be kinda of awkward. But after awhile you get use to it.

  • I love being naked and i love swimming naked. I wish there wasn't such a stigma on nudity. We are the only animals in the whole world that feel a need to cover our bodies. I, just dont get it.

    • I'm 100% with you. I enjoy nudity, both seeing nude women and being nude for them, I don't mind showing them my body at all, in fact I love it. All they have to do is ask. I really love skinny dipping in hot springs. What an incredible feeling that is!

  • Surprisingly, I didn't feel as self-conscious as I thought I'd be when I was a virgin. Probably it's because the guy is also naked.

    Now dropping your pants or taking off your bra in your gynocologist's office, THAT's a different matter lol Even though she's a she, and a doctor, I really felt uncomfortable.

  • I didn't answer the poll because I'm not A and not B.

    The first time I got naked, it felt incredibly good. Though it was not just boyfriends but more of hook up. Also, I like being naked in genera, I would do it in a place where the point is to be naked but I would not do it it a public places.

    • O wao..whats about Spencer Tunick’? Are you comfortable to be part of it?

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    • Yes! So with your BF its easy for you always

    • always :)

  • I like being naked. But only when I'm by myself. I feel good naked except when other people are around. Then I'm horribly self conscious. I would only get naked in front of my boyfriend but even then I get nervous and feel awkward.

  • The first time was really nerve wracking. I was so irritated and uncomfortable, and he was being very mean to me at the time. He said I was fat. I'm talking about my ex. He said I was fat, but wanted me to have sex with him. I didn't. Left him cuz he's an idiot.

    • lolz :P

    • He sounds like a real ass hole. Glad you left him.

    • Yup. I'm very glad we're not together anynore

  • Lolololol, thinking about it makes me blush blush :p im innocent

    • But you're adult too :P Aren't you? :D

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    • Really :) thats cool, :D

    • Yep ;) :D Roots with language "Urdu" :)

  • I get nervous the first time. Its always your first time with someone new so I get the butterflies.

  • Well it all depends I love being topless in the house if I could do so in public, I would without getting raped or cat called. Nudity doesn't have to be sexual but people like to, especially men like to link the two closely. I have changed at the beach managing not to flash people but still I get those looks of oh wow she's getting naked hehe and it's really ridiculous. I once had a problem at work for not wearing a bra I'm a 32AA I don't need it, but luckily it didn't go to management but my coworkers, the women were upset that I didn't like to wear a bra... let me mind you, I worked at a warehouse. I do understand their point of view but at the same time I think they're ignorant. I'm not going to censor myself to comfort their ignorance, genitals or our nipples is not a big deal, everyone has one, I do blame the p*rn industry for creating absurd twisted fantasies, I'm a pervert but you won't catch me going crazy trying to hump some guy, I feel that certain people can handle it and other simply can't. I remember that when I've gotten ready to have sex I don't care or pay attention to the nudity but then again I'm a woman I'm not a man. Another time when I practice posing for suicide girls with one of my male friends, he's tattoo artist/painter so he's use to seeing people nude I was a little bashful but whatever I got over it.

    • Ok..tell me one thing. is it easy to get naked in front of children! and what if they are yours.

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    • Because I like to have my privacy I may be BOLD but I do enjoy being private and mainly to avoid unwanted followers =]

    • Ok ok..Fine. I understand

What Guys Said 1

  • Well as a guy it is usually nerve wracking the first time. usually you are just worried she will think your cock is too small and maybe laugh. I am not talking about a roll on the floor but that little chuckle that would be like a first reaction you cannot stop. that would just be so devastating. I have only been with 2 women. just coming out of a 20 yr marriage (25 together). I met someone this past Monday. we were supposed to have sex last night so I was really nervous all day. but things fell through. so it is now scheduled for a week from tomorrow as it will be the first chance we have a place to ourselves. I cannot wait because she is so gorgeous. but I am really freakin nervous. she has already felt it over the pants so she has an idea of size but still...

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