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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Get opinions on what's going on with your sexual health. Not sure if what you're feeling is normal? Worried about something? Learn how to handle it!


Why I Don't Trust Popular Sexologists

Fathoms77 wrote a myTake about a famous sexologist. As a response to that myTake, I reject taking sexual advice from popular sexologists. Popular Sexology Is A Dumbed-Down Version Of Real Sexology Real sexology is the...


Sexologist Dr. Emily Morse: Women Don't Obsess About Size, Multiple Orgasms Require Patience

For many, sex is the ultimate double-edged sword in life. On the one hand, it can be one of the most satisfying things on the planet; on the other, it can be rife with pitfalls, the worst of which toy with your mind and...


10 Amazingly Helpful Benefits of Semen

#SwallowIt 1. Semen is a natural anti-depressant Sperm naturally elevates your mood and can even reduce suicidal thoughts. Source:...


The Penis Shaming Needs to Stop!

Hey!! Here's a dandy idea! Stop dick shaming!!! Stop acting like the size of ones genitalia makes them any more of less attractive. Quit letting erotic novels and videos cloud your minds of reality. The average penis is...


The Unvarnished Truth About Monthly Periods

Ugggghhhh a woman's time of the month; her period has many nicknames for it...namely: shark week/aunt flo/mother nature's monthly gift/monthly bonus(my fav ;) )/leak week, etc....... (lol I like these euphemisms to...


The Sexiest Aliens Ever Seen in Movies, TV and Video Games

Alice - Transformers Slim blonde and sexy also scary as hell. Princess Neytiri - Avatar Exotic and stranger sexy. Gamorah - Guardians of the Galaxy I and other guys never knew they'd want to bang a green girl till her....


How to Not Get Raped: 5 Tips for Women

Rape is a big problem in today's society. It's not unusual to hear about friends or relatives who have been sexually abused in the past because they were too underdressed. And I blame the girls because they "are asking...


How Fear and Low Self-Esteem Can Destroy Your Sex Life

When I was in college, I noted two distinct types of guys: The first type were the legit boasters. They were bold and brash and cocky and they had good reason to be. They really did sleep with a lot of girls and though I...


Sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff: Own the Awkwardness, Ask the Tough Questions

"How do I know if I'm doing it right?" "I don't want to just ASK...that'd be weird and uncomfortable." "How do I know if he/she wants it? And how will I know if he/she likes it?" The minefield that is the sex lives of...


Why There's Nothing Wrong With a Man Hitting a Woman

Let me just start off by saying, it's not okay for anyone to lay hands on anyone! Point blank period. But hey ladies, you deserve to get hit when you hit a guy. When you put your hands on a man, you open the door for him...


7 Sex Questions Your Kid Should Have Answers To at Age 13

Dear Parents and Future Parents, You may wonder why I choose 13. I choose that, because 13 is the legal age for using websites that are not regulated by COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1999). For this...


The Science of Squirting... IS IT PEE?

Good afternoon G@Gers, If you all recall, a little while ago I put out a question to the community asking you guys about what kinds of awkward topics you personally would like to see me cover in the next few weeks as a...


Yes Ladies, I Promise Your Vaginas Are Completely Normal

I've seen many of "My vagina has X" or "My vagina looks like Y" and I have a few things to say. Ladies tend to get very self conscious of their vaginas. Many gyno's tend to get asked "Does my vagina look normal?" Along...


The Definitive Tinder Guide For the Sexually Inclined

**Official Fearlessbanana Tinder Guide** This is my guide on how to be successful with girls on tinder. By no means am I misogynist and I’m hoping I don’t offend any viewers because those are not my intentions. If you...


Transgenders: What Happens During Surgery?

I don't support transgenderism but I find it interesting the lengths people with a mental illness will go to and the people who feed the illness. To begin, male to female genital surgery is easier, less expensive and...


That Time Of The Month: 5 Things Your Period Wants You To Know

It's time to talk. Period. No, really, it's time to talk period. I mean, come on, what do you really KNOW about yours? Yes, we know the standard 21-30 day cycle and if you don't explode in red messy goo by that 30th day,...


And Then Two Dark Pink Lines Appeared...

I felt like I was on top of the world; I was attending college, trying to find a job, and being in what seemed to be a loving, stable relationship. Well, something was about to knock me off of cloud nine and give me a big...


Sick of Being Stuck with The Pill? All About The Pill and a Few Options

I feel like I hear way too many stories about girls "stuck" on the pill and not knowing about their other options, so I wanted to try to help and list the most common female contraceptives along with their effectiveness,...


No, Huffington Post, 1 in 5 Women are NOT raped in College

Hey do you want to watch something that will make you want to put a nail through your skull? Okay, then go ahead and watch this newest video from the Huffington Post: If you didn't watch it, a summary is that girls are...


Tips for ladies on their period or boyfriends looking to help their girlfriends

Accurate representation of what your period feels like 1. Invest in a heating blanket when you have cramps, it's the greatest thing ever. 2. Keep emergency chocolate around. 3. Invest in a good sports bra and...


How To Use A Condom Correctly

The condom is a mechanical barrier and has no side effects as the Pill. If a condom is used correctly, it is 99% safe as a pill. You do not need to use condoms which has expired, or condoms that have long stood in the...


Mythbusters- Vagina Edition

There are several myths to do with vaginas, from their tightness to things that could result in them getting ‘looser’ and such, which I’m sure many of us have heard of through the grapevine. From a virgin’s vagina...


Transgendered Bathrooms Because Segregation Worked So Well The First Time

I apologize in advance as this really irritates me. I was going through Facebook the other day and someone had a negative post about Target allowing transgendered identifying men (and women) into the bathroom that they...


Guys Disappointed With Non Virgin Girlfriends, Why Don't You Just Use Them Then Move On?

Just remember as you read this. All of this works at the point in time when you do it. It will make you happy in the point in time with no regrets. And, when your are 35 like me its all water under the bridge as all girls...


It’s Time To Stop Pretending Abortion Is Always A Guilt-Ridden, Difficult Decision

It’s time to stop pretending abortion is always a guilt-ridden, difficult decision. I was inspired to write this MyTake after reading this article that popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. It was written by a...


Why People Should Have a Standard Definition of Sex

When it comes to defining sex, many people, too many people, have varied definitions of sex. Sure, you may say that sex is personal and subjective, but if you want to pull meaningful information and analyze it, then you...


Three Cheers for Easier Periods!!!

I'm one of those folks that's gotten to live in both the pre-tech and post-tech boom world. My childhood was spent outside, doing homework with pencils, typewriters and physical books. Eventually we started using...


Overcoming Infertility from PCOS

It should be noted that this isn't a take on how to cure PCOS, because sadly PCOS cannot be cured, but it can be managed to some extent. If you don't know what PCOS stands for it stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (If...


PCOS and a Few Reasons on Why It's a Bitch

Can I start by saying how much I hate having PCOS? It's absolutely horrid. When I was younger I always dreamed of having a family, I never thought I would have an issue that affected that. And don't even get me started on...


The Ins & Outs of Using Hormonal Contraceptives

Perfect use versus 'Typical Use' We've all heard about how using hormonal contracpetive methods is the guaranteed way to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, especially in comparison to relying solely on barrier methods such...


Stop Asking About Penis Size!

You have to agree with me here. We've all seen these stupid, silly questions on here, posted by immature and insecure guys. I'm talking about the type of questions that have me sigh and shout at my computer. The type of...


A PSA About P*nis

After a long needed hiatus, I have returned to you G@G, and not without the take that I promised. If you all recall, I wrote a racy take titled A PSA About P*ssy that detailed some facts, myths, and general opinions on...


How Any Guy Can Get A Girlfriend

Yes, it's possible for any guy to get a girlfriend. You just have to follow these 2 simple steps - which can actually be quite a challenge. 1. Get your life on track. The golden rule is: You can only have a great...


8 Reasons NEVER To Watch Porn AGAIN

1) Wakefulness The fatigue you feel after a good fap can become problematic if you can't stop even when you've got something you need to be "up" for. The pros of being able to fall asleep pale in comparison to be in...


Pro-Choice is Pro-Murder: Why I Do Not Support Abortion

And the fifth demon is he who showed the children of men the smiting of an embryo in the womb, so that it might die. - Enoch 69:12. I woke up today with a desire to tear the American Left a new one. And what better...


The Truth About the Hymen Myth

It seems to be a very common misconception around GAG that a hymen is some physical representation of virginity and that it must be destroyed, popped, torn, ripped and so on. I find this really concerning especially when...


My Thoughts On Penis + Male Masturbation

Previously I wrote one about vaginas, well here's my view on penis. Penis's are... Nasty I mean it's just a protuding piece of skin that blood can make very hard. Plus the pubes are just....ugh *shivers in disgust*...


My Thoughts On Vaginas & Female Masturbation

I have a vagina and I have many opinoins on them. As some of you may know, I am NOT straight. I actually prefer women, but vaginas? They're just so...odd. Vaginas are.... Gross. They bleed once a month, sometimes it...


I got a tubal ligation at 18. Stop telling me I will regret it for the rest of my life!

As the title says, I got my "tubes tied" at 18. I know, most doctors won't give you the okay until at least your first child, but I have a special situation. I have a heart condition called FAA, or familial aortic...


Abortion... A Basic Human Right. But For Who?

This is a heavily debated topic that a lot of people are sensitive about, But i feel it should be purely circumstantial, and there needs to be harsher rules! As a child growing up in a catholic family (however an athiest...