A stripper gave me her number while at the strip club! What does this mean?

A stripper gave me her number while at the club! What does this mean? She was nice as hell and not pushy whatsoever for lap dances, drinks and tips, which is a major plus! She was real attractive and only 22, I'm 21. I ended up getting a wonderful private dance with her. She kept telling me how... Show More

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  • man me and you are in the same boat. Was down on bourbon when the saints won the super bowl (hint hint where I'm from). lol. But went to the club with some friends and we were drunk. go figure. and I left and they disappeared. well the club was cool and was relaxing and meet some cool people up there (dancers, bartenders, customers like me, waitresses, owner) all nice people.

    Same situation man she came over and we got to talking told some jokes made her laugh which made me feel pretty confident. Very attractive women and we talked for about 5 minutes. and same thing I had a great private dance too. And she told me a lot about her life (where she was from, went to college, showed me pictures of her mom, etc.) well I am a college kid myself not rolling with the benji's. And at the end of the night she gave me $50 for a cab ride and to meet somewhere so we could hangout. Well my buddy from earlier that night had my keys so I couldn't get a ride down there so I called another taxi to come get me and by the time I got back to the club she left.

    Was pretty disappointed in myself. I don't want her to feel like I "stood her up" or anything like that. She was a cool girl 24 years old, not to mention I'm 20, and very funny and entergetic. I am going back down there this weekend for mardi gras, I want to see her again and see if she would like to hangout outside of the club, but don't want to come on to her and make her think I'm a stalker because I am back in their place two weekends back to back.

    Overall a cool, sweet, attractive girl had a blast and it just seemed like she liked me and I wasn't thought of as some "normal customer" type of guy. I don't know of many girls that give guys 50 bucks for a cab ride and everything.

    So man don't get to upset you aren't the only one out there that this has happened to. Keep your head up. And keep me posted and tell me what happens if you don't mind.