Sexual openness in other countries?

I'm not trying to call out anyone, but I have noticed that Americans are more uptight about sexuality, or subjects dealing with sex. This doesn't come from the stupid rule(in my opinion) here, it comes from my experiences.

I have noticed that Canadians are more open about talking about sex. I mean yes girls talk about sex here, but most anonymously. But the ones I have seen without anonymity are usually Canadian.

Am I correct in my observation? Are Americans uptight about the whole subject of sex, and are Canadians more open? Furthermore, are other countries open about the subject as well?

And finally, why do you think America is so uptight about the subject? What's so wrong with it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know about Canadians but I totally agree on what I have experienced so far in the US with some Americans - I'm Swiss and don't understand why so many people are still so prude or uptight over here. Sometimes it feels like we are still in the 50ties... It is very paradox to me that in a country with the largest porno industry of the world is not allowed to talk about sex topics at TV or in public e.g. **** words are beeped out and even here on the website too many people replace some words with ****. Why not using a medical term and replace the rude version to not use ****. Don't people know about the medical terms? Is it a question of education? Why can TV show how someone gets shot, is bleeding and dying on TV and nothing is hidden? Why is saying f*** worse than see and hear someone scream when he/she dies...? The porn question might be answered by - it seems that there is a high demand of getting information about sex and since you cannot see it in TV or in public - think about sex education programs on discovery channel - people cannot talk about free - they buy porn and think that is real... Maybe I'm leaning myself too much out the window but totally wrong I think I'm not.