Guys, do you get 'blue balls' every time you get hard?

like when your making out with a girl and you both are horny, and feeling each other. but nothing goes down.. does that mean your gonna have blue balls later? like every time you get hard from kissing a girl? or just getting hard in general from whatever..


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  • That's really rare.

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  • Definitely not unless all the fun has been over extended. lol! It takes a little more than that to give the normal guy blue balls to where it really feels uncomfortable. It's used more as an excuse to get a girl to hopefully take care of it.

  • Just happens when its hard for a looong time with no release

  • It is definitely painful and frustrating, especially with a girl next to you. If you are on your own then it is not so hard.

  • no, it takes a LOT of making out and hardon-having over an extended period of time to get blue-balls. and I don't think it's really anything you need to worry about . . . guys know the home remedy to take care of the pain. :)

  • Rarely happens.

    • Oh; I had sex with this guy and he texted me saying I have blue balls now :( I didn't know what that was then and he told me and I was like ohhhh; sorry. . .sooo like is it a bad thing or a good thing?

    • It means he didn't get off. So not a good thing.

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