Why do guys like to spank?

I understand wanting to grab a girl's ass, but this always confuses me. Not that it's particularly a turn off, I just don't see the appeal.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well... I could get into the "absolute reasons", like the want for power and dominance that's so deeply engrained in our male psyche by now that we actually like doing that kind of stuff, in much the same way that a mother loves her child because her genes are in there, but that's been done to death, and it's so scientific and boring...

    I'd say the value of it is more important than why we do things... Mothers love their children because they share the same genes. That doesn't make the love any less valuable.

    And in the same way, guys like to spank because it is deeply associated with power and dominance that we are genetically predispositioned to. Who cares? It's fun...

    So there... We just like it because we like it. Done and done...

    Have a nice day ^^