Is it true that nerdy girls are the horniest ones?

Is it true that nerdy girls are the horniest ones?


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  • I doubt it. I'd guess they'd be more likely to be uncomfortable with their sexuality and less willing to experiment.

    • That's so not true I'm a nerdy kind of girl and I am just as willing as other girls and I am very comfortable with my sexuality.

    • Gravgirl, you don't get it. do you even know what the definition of horny is? even if they were less willing to experiment they still could be more horny than other girls.

    • You're right, I was kind of conflating horny with wild in bed or something. Given that distinction, I'm not sure what the answer would be.

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  • No, everyone gets horny whether they talk about it or not. Sure nerdy girls are horny just like everyone else but I doubt they are the horniest.

    • Nerdy, slutty, conservative, whatever you call em...d truth is that I've seen a lot of slutty girls hot girls that are nerds. A nerdy girl can be slutty and still remain a smart ass.Slutty means they like to f*** a lot with different guys, and that doesn't affect them academically...but generally most Nerdy girls are conservative- they are very secretive with their sexuality- most of them are great freaks behind closed doors! they don't wanna come off as slutty,so vibrators and all kinds of toys gets d job done.

  • I don't know; what's the theory behind that?

    • Nerdy girls act in a good and innocent way. it seems to me they try to suppress their sexual feelings, but instead of getting less horny they get even more horny. furthermore they tend to get rejected more often. it's obvious that they desire what they can't have (and therefore they get even hornier). the nerdy girl might look like a lame and not so interesting girl, but she's not only a bookworm, she's also obsessed with sex.... deep down she's very naughty. hmm... could that theory be true?

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    • "we all pretend to be something we are not to an extent for whatever reason(s)." we do that to protect ourselves.

      "Possibly...but I don't think "nerdy" is the right term. Anyone can be nerdy, hot girls too. "

      oh, now I remember... I once called you nerdy. of course hot girls can be nerdy. *coughs slightly* don't worry, you'll find your dream man.

    • What? No, I meant to say I think the correct term is probably conservative girls. I don't mean to say I'm hot but that I know hot girls who are also nerds, geez. A nerd implies someone who is a bit on the academic side and I don't think that has any correlation to one's sexual activities; a conservative/"good" girl on the other hand has more reserves about her sexual choices so I think that is the more fitting phrase for your question.

  • LOL! OMG.

    No, it's really not. Trust me on this one. I'm in the advanced program at my school and NONE of the girls I hang out with even dream about having sex yet. In fact, most of them want to either wait until they are married or not until they are long into their 20s.

    So yeah.. they are most definitely not.

    • "and NONE of the girls I hang out with even dream about having sex yet" ha! how do you know what they dream about?

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    • Umm... yeah, ok.

      they ARE telling the truth, because I've known them for like 5 years.

      don't act like you know it all about people you don't know.

    • Oh my god!!!!!!!! STOP IT! just because they've known you for 5 years it doesn't mean they tell you everything about them. grow up! thanks....

  • maybe, but I'm not nerdy, and I get horny when a guy gets horny around

  • No.

    • How do you know? are you a nerd?

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    • They don't have to be. And so what if we don't sell ourselves for guys. Sorry I'm not a slut.

    • Like I said in my other comment, slutty girls are the hornier ones.

      Smart girls are just good in bed (because they're more aware of your reactions to their movements), not necessarily hornier.

      And nerdy girls don't necessarily not get guys anymore than the average girl. Just cause you're book smart, doesn't make your ugly (e.g. this girl). Your personality is an independent factor from physical appearance (except for maintenance/hygiene).

      So again, your arguments are truly flawed.

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  • It's what I've found, bless 'em. My experience, they're more immune to stereotypes about what sex is "supposed" to be, and open to discussing new things.

  • yea the closet freaks

  • Now I wish I would have dated a nerdy girl...I dunno

    • Maybe they are so horny because they can't get hot guys like you. haha.....

  • They might have certain fetishes, but they are not the horniest.