Guys do you prefer real or fake breasts?

I just wondered which guys like better real or fake? Because I'm considering getting implants, but I'm afraid my boyfriend won't actually like them once I have the implants.

  • Vote A Prefer fake breasts
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  • I'm a guy, and I've always looked at getting implants as a way of self-improvement for a woman. Even though it can involve some uncomfortable recovery time, most women that I've known who've gotten them were quite happy with their decision.

    When we have crooked teeth, we get braces to straighten them. When we have acne, we use a cream to make it go away. When we don't like our hair, we change the color and/or style of it. . Getting implants is something that's done for improvement and confidence.

    If you had to make a choice between the following 2 choices, which would you choose? Having real breasts and being as flat as a pancake? Or having them altered and looking spectacular?

    If you have the money and the ambition, I say go for it. It's about doing something for your improvement. . But be sure to select a good surgeon. Some of them are way better for this than others. Always do your research on surgeons.

    And if anyone talks badly about you behind your back after you get them done, it's only because they are jealous. ;-). Good luck to you in whatever decision you make!