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Guys do you prefer real or fake breasts?

I just wondered which guys like better real or fake? Because I'm considering getting implants, but I'm afraid my boyfriend won't actually like them... Show More

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  • I'm a guy, and I've always looked at getting implants as a way of self-improvement for a woman. Even though it can involve some uncomfortable recovery time, most women that I've known who've gotten them were quite happy with their decision.

    When we have crooked teeth, we get braces to straighten them. When we have acne, we use a cream to make it go away. When we don't like our hair, we change the color and/or style of it. . Getting implants is something that's done for improvement and confidence.

    If you had to make a choice between the following 2 choices, which would you choose? Having real breasts and being as flat as a pancake? Or having them altered and looking spectacular?

    If you have the money and the ambition, I say go for it. It's about doing something for your improvement. . But be sure to select a good surgeon. Some of them are way better for this than others. Always do your research on surgeons.

    And if anyone talks badly about you behind your back after you get them done, it's only because they are jealous. ;-). Good luck to you in whatever decision you make!

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  • C-cup Vs Cup = the real ones

    Real A Vs Fake See = Fake See cups.

  • for me I prefer real breasts instead of fake ones I love her for who she is without implants why should I date someone with fake ones any ways if you don't mind please answer for me is this too high standards if a girl/a woman wants to date me then there will be mostly 2 conditions if she wants to date me and they are as follows #1: she have to be a virgin because I'm a virgin as well and #2: she have to have nature set of breasts not fake breasts aka breast implants and yeah like I said I don't want fake breasts to me women need not to think about that and of course to me it's a waste of money if you want to know why imaging yourself with breast implants at age 40-50 years old and how you feel then and how you feel when all the guys hitting on you or as they would say tap your ass is that what you want

  • I voted for "real". Definitely! They look better, and there is nothing worse than seeing fake. Don't do it; you'll regret it later in life.

  • REAL, I don't wanna b feeling a bunch of silicone

  • If I love you, I want real boobs. If I'm "alone", I'll think about fake ones. Which mindset do you want your relationship partner to have?

    No offense, but you sounded defensive telling that guy how charitable you are. Yes, he jumped to conclusions (never good), but if you are indeed sure of yourself, why talk about it? Do you find it attractive when a guy tells you how much money he makes? No. Why? Because it telegraphs low self-esteem.

    If I were your boyfriend, I'd think you're getting implants to find another guy. Or because my attention isn't enough and you want other guys to ogle you.

  • realy boobs that's not too big is my fav

    fake boobs are hard

  • To be honest, I've never been much of a breast man. When one has three older sisters, breasts really aren't appealing. Do not get me wrong, they are nice, but they are not what I focus on. ANYWAY, getting implants is a self-esteem booster, as any other plastic surgery; however, I do not believe that getting them will suffice for the insecurities a woman feels inside. I say a woman should appreciate what she has and embrace it, and I heard that implants feel weird. :P Besides, if a man is going to have the audacity to criticize a woman because of her breast size, then she equally has the right to criticize him on his penis.

  • Don't do it! Even the smallest breasts are way better than the fake ones. You just can't match the natural shape and feel of mother nature -- not even close. Unless you had a mastectomy or something, getting fake breasts will only make you look fake and silly. If you don't believe me, then post a censor-friendly picture of your funbag-area in your profile, and ask if anyone thinks you need implants.

  • If you're tiny or flat, you will get more visible attention with a well done boob job. Meaning AA naturals to See implants will turn on much more guys than it turns off.

    That said, See to FF is freakish and will turn off more guys than it turns on.

    Finally, healthy, normal sized real breasts look at least as good as the corresponding implant. Implants only improve the appearance of damaged or abnormal breasts, or really small breasts in general. Meaning the natural Cs tend to be even better than the artificial Cs.

    And natural breasts do feel better. They are softer.

    • Yea right now I have B. Which are nice, but I don't know my boyfriend and I both kind of agree we want them a little bigger. I'm just afraid that once I get them done he won't like the feel, but he says he will. So it's not to attract other men.

    • 1. "C" is switching to "See" weird. 2. If YOU really want a change, okay. Boyfriend can have his ideals, but I think his position SHOULD be "what do you want, babe? " then be appreciative of whichever because real B's are nothing to complain about. IMHO.

  • fake boobs are waaaaayyyyyyyyy better. they look so much nicer. like why do you think women wear bras? to make them look how they do when you get implants. now that there is a better way to do it, why not get the implants? that way you don't even need the bra.

    and they are all nice and perfectly round and perky and keep their beautiful shape. I mean I would prfer real if they looked like that but they don't, so fake is much better.

    i generally find real boobs gross unless they are somehow really perky and firm, but in that case they are usually quite small. the only way to have a nice full womanly chest and still have nice boobs is to get implants. I recommend every girl get them.

    many guys say they don't like them so that they won't offend their girlfriends, but trust me, your boyfriends secretly really really wants you to get fakes. every guy does, they just have to say they don't so girls don't feel insecure with themselves. it is like how how you say someone's outfit is nice when it isn't, you don't want to hurt their feelings.

    • Wow, you made it clear that you like fake boobs and you think real boobs are icky, we are not interested in what boys, still confused about their sexuality are in to, we want to know what MEN like, thanks anyways...

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    • Wow...someone clearly spends too much of their time watching porn and isn't aquainted with the natural female body. A man who doesn't like real breasts is a little alarming! fake boobs = fake women, real boobs = real women. I never want my girlfriend to get implants!!! I like women the way they are supposed to look and I'm not a guy who thinks they should all spend tons of money on painful surgery to look like a Barbie! The porn industry has ruined men's views on how a woman should look!

    • To each his own I suppose. I like my girl's big perky and perfectly round 36DD rack on a cute little 110lbs frame. guys say they don't like it but every man stares at her and tells me how lucky I am. women are supposed to look beautiful to attract potential mates, and big fake t*ts are attractive.

  • Real ones are so much better. Fake ones make look great, but it is like holding volleyballs.

    • Http://news.makemeheal.com/images/maxi-mounds-breast-implants.jpg

  • Real. Real. Real. Real.

    Fake breasts feel. Well. Fake.

  • First if you are considering to have implants, you should know all the consequences that it can bring to your life, read about health and problems that this can cause to you. You cannot make your life choice just for one guy. That now is your boyfriend (but in the future maybe not), and you have to consider the fact that you will feel satisfied with the change, otherwise. Don`t get the implants.

    Talk to your boyfriend and if your are going to make a choice, is better that the choice of both like a couple, maybe your boyfriend can help you to make the right choice


  • I prefer natural breasts. Sometimes a boob job can come out wrong and ruin your chest

  • I like real ones, fake ones feel hard and stiff to the touch not sexy to me.

  • Real Boobs Hands Down! Think about it. would you rather have a real or fake Diamond Ring. Same thing. We like the REAL THING! Small or Big!

    Fake boobs are only to increase your Self Esteem. Find a different way to increase your Self-esteem! The Best way to do that is stop thinking of yourself all the time, and think about other people around you that you can help. Doing Service for others is the best way to increase your Self esteem, not a Boob Job.

    • My self esteem is fine, and I'm pretty good at the helping others thing, I volunteer at the big sisters, big brothers and I work at a hospital... so I think I'm all set on that, but thanks for assuming I'm lazy and selfish

  • Even the smallest uneven breasts are better than fakes. "Enhanced" breasts give me the creeps. Women with body image issues should get therapy, not fake breasts.

    Think about it this way. If you saw a guy who was insecure about his muscles and had fake plastic muscles implanted under his skin, would you find that attractive? Or would you recommend him for involuntary commitment for self-mutilation? It would be creepy as hell right? Even if they were expertly done, you would know the second you touched them that they were fake.

    I've been married for a few months shy of forever and if my wife decided to get implants, I would probably never touch them again.

  • Please always ask the man himself-- Ask your boyfriend.

    Personally I would strongly prefer you to leave your breasts alone. Big or small, perky or saggy—I would love you the way you are.

  • I like fake boobs cause they look firmer and always up! and they just look sexy!

    • Even these fake boobs>? : http://news.makemeheal.com/images/maxi-mounds-breast-implants.jpg

  • Most of them look so unnatural.


    Maybe because women often ask surgeons to make them too big.

    • Omg I checked the link out and in the "after" shots the women's boobs look like balloons or balls (like a sports or bouncy ball not guy balls)

  • I don't like implants unless the girl has an imbalance in size. There is nothing wrong with small boobs; they are still fun.

    I would be worried about nerve damage to the breasts. Ask your doctor about nerve damage. Ask the doctor about the pros and cons of going under the muscle or over the muscle. Also be certain you have a reputable doctor, because several surgeons go into the plastic surgery business and don't respect their patients health. Women actually die from infections because the doctor is careless. And doctors are known to butcher a women's breast muscles also, such that she has limited movement in her arms. And don't get me started with the problems a bad surgeon can cause by a lack of symmetry. Ask your doctor about the pros and cons of saline vs silicon. Ask about any problems with breast feeding. Ask if the implants must be replaced every few years.

    Getting implants is a big deal, and you need to take your health seriously. All the risks I mentioned are why I don't prefer fake breasts: unless a correction is needed.

    • I'm not worried about that, I take my health extremely seriously, and I would spend a lot of money to make sure I went to the right plastic surgeon, there are somethings that you need to spend a lot of money on to ensure quality

  • I prefer real ones. They've a nicer feel to them, and they look great if they're not too 'tired'. But then again, some fake boobies look great as well. But I do prefer real ones.

    Have a talk about it with your boyfriend :)

  • Go real. Fake is wrong to begin with. Have you ever taken a look at fake breasts? Watch a porno sometime. Watching the way the skin moves makes me kind of queasy. All natural is the way to go, even if they're itty bitty. If your boyfriend is whining that your boobs are too small, then tell him his penis is too small. See who gives in first. Remember, there is always someone out there that likes something different.

  • REAL!

What Girls Said 2

  • Well, while implants are nice, I would highly recommend tricks before undergoing the knife. I wanted breast implants at one point, I really did. But, then I looked up ways to get bigger breasts naturally. It worked for me, I went from having a 32 inch torso to having 37 inches of torso action, so I will pass on my knowledge to you. One thing you can try is to eat foods with high levels of estrogen. It'll stimulate your breast tissue and help them grow some. Fruits like Apples and cherries should be our friend for the next month or so. Understand, it won't just happen overnight so you need to intake estrogen foods daily to help keep that stimulus going. The good thing about most estrogen foods is they are fruits and sometimes veggies, so you can eat healthy (I'm assuming you already do) and still be getting bigger breasts. Also, avoid foods, or intake them less, like pineapple. Pineapple has testosterone in it, so that won't help the girls grow any. Also, sleeping face down is helpful too. Gravity is your friend, I promise you. I really don't know how late this post is, I just joined today. Good luck.

  • Im a girl and a natural "D"...And I'm proud of the fact that I didn't pay to get them this big...I just got lucky...I honestly have to say stay real hun...One of my friends got a boob job...And she looks ridiculous...Dont become a fake person to please your boyfriend...If he doesn't like your body they way it is...Then screw him...There's someone better out there who's going to appreciate your body the way it naturally is...When I see a woman with implants...I see a woman with VERY low self esteem...And that's the way it was with my friend...She had no self esteem...Cause I would always get the guys and not her...And she thought it was cause of my boobs...Well she got implants to grab attention...And guess what...She's still not getting the attention...People around town make fun of her for getting implants...If your trying to boost your confidence...Getting teased about it afterwards...Is not going to help you...Honestly if my boyfriend was trying to get me to change my body for him...I'd be shopping for a new boyfriend...Yeah people say its ok to change for someone...But they're talking about personality and whatnot...Not what God gave you...Be happy with who you are and what you got...And if your not...Then go see a therapist...They're cheaper than the boobs : )

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