Have you ever been accidentally caught naked by the opposite sex?

If you have, how did it happen. How did you feel?


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  • I sleep naked. I usually lock my door to prevent people from seeing. People end to just walk in and out of my house whenever. So the other day, my friend comes into my house and he's just watching TV I guess. I was still asleep. He decides to go wake me up. The one day I forget to lock it he walks right in. He turned so red and I was still half asleep. Hell I thought it was a dream at first. Haha. He said damn and walked away. He's been kinda distant. I'm pretty sure he's embarrassed but oh well. It was pretty funny.

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      I am glad you sleep naked,it is good for you to get the air to your body. I like your attitude and thanks for sharing your experience.:)

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      People just wander in and out of your house haha

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      I also like to sleep naked. so you are wonderful. I liked your attitude.