Have you ever been accidentally caught naked by the opposite sex?

If you have, how did it happen. How did you feel?


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  • I sleep naked. I usually lock my door to prevent people from seeing. People end to just walk in and out of my house whenever. So the other day, my friend comes into my house and he's just watching TV I guess. I was still asleep. He decides to go wake me up. The one day I forget to lock it he walks right in. He turned so red and I was still half asleep. Hell I thought it was a dream at first. Haha. He said damn and walked away. He's been kinda distant. I'm pretty sure he's embarrassed but oh well. It was pretty funny.

    • I am glad you sleep naked,it is good for you to get the air to your body. I like your attitude and thanks for sharing your experience.:)

    • People just wander in and out of your house haha

    • I also like to sleep naked. so you are wonderful. I liked your attitude.

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  • I was on a cruise alone and I couldn't sleep on the second day there so I decided to go for a swim, it was around 2am, there was no one there so I decided to remove my top of the bikini and swim naked, it felt so good. Then out of nowhere a guy came and jumped in the pool with me. I don't normally go naked in public so I froze and didn't move a musle, he casually swam past me and said hi, and started a casual conversation like nothing was wrong. We talked for a while that I forgot I was naked and began swiming with him. We swam for another hour and his reaction to me was so normal that I didn't got used to it and wasn't embarrassed anymore. He then commented on my body and was very well tanned and I said thanks. I went off to sleep that day and so did he and he gave me a small kiss on my cheeks while I was naked. It felt really awkward but it passed and I was much more confident getting naked infront of people afterwards.

    • Great experience. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Yea, when I was in the drama club at my HS we used to get changed in and out of costume backstage in these two separate rooms (one for guys and one for girls, they weren't really legit "rooms" they were more like huge room-sized square boxes made out of wood, but anyway...). A few times the younger less polite guys would make holes in the wood and look through at all of the girls changing and as we'd walk out of the dressing room they'd pretty much comment to each of us as we passed them and would give us their opinion on what they saw.lol Yea, it was pretty pervy...: /

    • Pervy is a compliment too you. They wouldn't look if what they saw wasn't pleasing. :)

  • yes. I was on a bus on a trip with the drama club and I had to change clothes and I just stripped right there and my best guy friend just happened to look back at me when I was full on naked... he didn't complain...

    • I wouldn't complain either. So how did it make you feel, embarrassed, turned on, neutral,...?

  • Ok once I was Tanning on my dock on the Cape( I went up with my boyfriend his bro mom and dad and my family mom and bro) and I was wearing a bathin suit that had a hip tie thingy but so I didn't wanna get a tan line there so I untied it because my boyfriend his family and my family went to the beach surffing and swimming but my bfs older bro( only one year older) came back and like came on the dock and like scared the h&#$ out of me and I jumped up forgetting about my bathing suit and he sort of saw. let me remind you me and my brofriend hadn't even had sex yet and his bro saw me naked first. It was really awkward!

    • Ouch, sorry to hear that. I hope he was discrete and kept it too himself.

    • He told my boyfriend and like it was all a mess but weird thing is now he has a LOT of feeling s for me and I might have some for him to

  • This happened today actually. I was laying on my bed naked b/c sometimes I don't immediately put on clothes when I get out the shower when I'm home alone. I was listening to music on my laptop w/ earphones looking at reviews for some face cream that I was thinking about buying and then I saw my cat in the doorway out the corner of my eye. I looked up in time to see something flash across the hall. I looked at the time and I was like "oh shit.." It was my mom's boyfriend... I didn't hear my dog bark and I lost track of time. He said he didn't see anything but I'm still going to tell my mom what happened when she gets home... :(

  • I was once getting changed out of my swimmers in the bathroom and as I dropped my bottoms a guy friend walked in and made eye contact with me, he just turned around and walked out. Needless to say it was awkward haha

  • yes...

    i was at a party and people were joking around...some how I got beer on my dress but I was staying in the house that night..so I went into a room to get into my other clothes...

    i accidentally left my underwear in my bag in the other room so peeked out the door and I didn't see anyone..so I made a mad dash for the door I ran inside the room and some guys were in there going through my stuff I screamed they shouted "Wooooooo" then I ran bk into the other room...

    it was embarrassing but they didn't tease me about it...which was odd..most guys would have..

    • Well I'm glad you were not teased. No reason you should be really. Thanks for sharing your experience.:)

    • I don't know any guys who would tease you for that It would seem gay for guys here to do that

  • One time I went on vacation with my friend and her family. She has a brother who's a few months younger than me. We were going swimming and me and her were the only ones in the hotel room. She was in the bathroom so I went into the bedroom to change into my bathing suit. It's a dress thing and I just got it on as her brother walked into the room. He was just like hi and grabbed his stuff and left. I'm not sure if he actually saw anything or not. I never told my friend about it.


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  • I streaked a bunch in college, so I'm sure like half the campus saw my bare ass naked.

    One time after working out I was taking a shower at the gym, I was drying my bathing suit which was right next to the door where you enter and exit the locker room. As I was drying it, a girl in her late teens/early 20s I'd guess just walked right into the bathroom. I imagine she thought it was the ladies room. Anyway, she looked at me and just kind of froze and goes "oh my God" and got really red, put her hands over her mouth and left. I didn't really care, don't know how she felt, probably embarrassed. Or grossed out :P Who knows.

    • I think a lot of males have an attitude like yours. if they wanna look, go for it, enjoy yourselves. I wonder why the females feel so differently?

  • yes many times. it just have be them walking in on me ect

  • haha yea it was awesome the girl kept saying sorry and then we made out

    it happened because some buddies and I were "camping" and some girls met up with us and we went swimming and I went into the sagebrush to put on some dry underwear ( I brought no swimsuit so I was in boxers) and the went their to change to...now that I think of it she might have done it on purpose haha

    then there was the time at work (grocery store) and I went to the bathroom to put my work attire on and this old cashier lady walked in (It was the one day I decided to go commando that's why I was in bathroom to change) I thought she was gonna have a heart attack haha

  • Only one person has seen me naked by accident, I was getting ready to have sex with a girl at a party and her friend walked in to the room and saw me laying on the bed with a full hard on. Her first reaction was to look away and yell "OH MY GOD" when I saw her I said "Hey you can join in if you want" then she looked back at me smiled and looked to her friend then quickly turned around and walked away.

  • Believe it or not there are more invasive forms of exposure than just nudity; I'll explain. I was having a full body massage by my friends wife, professionally. When I rolled onto my stomach my penis caught just under my thigh. I ignored it. Unfortunately as she rubbed and squeezed the back of my thigh the moist skin of my penis kept peeling away from my leg causing a strong sexual pang, which would quickly subside. Added to this was the up and down and sideways motions against the back of my thigh all being transmitted to my organ. As far as being nude, I felt I was nude because I felt the edge of the sheet fall between by rear cheeks and could feel it moving subtly up and down in my crack. So I'm feeling nude beneath the gaze of an aquaintance of the opposite sex while my penis is receiving constant stimulation And her hand feels like it's reaching around my thigh further than anyone had done in the past (very close to my over stimulated organ). I wanted to rearrange myself but that meant halting the process as I lifted my body and reached down there. That just seemed too personal so I assumed all would be OK and tried not to obsess about iit since I've never heard of an accident happening. Well, I was wrong. I an unexpected moment I realized that all the accumulated stimulation had brought me to the brink of orgasm and I realized it was going to happen and nothing could stop it. She continued kneading my thigh and I began to cum right beneath her gaze and next to her finger tips. It was like a bad dream; I felt disconnected momentarily as I started spurting out huge ejaculations. The humiliation was unreal. When it finally stopped, well you can imagine how awkward it was for both of us. She left the room while I changed the bottom sheet, standing in the middle of the room naked with a wet dick, looking at a huge round stain. We continued the session. So as you can see, being caught naked isn't the most extreme form of humiliation possible, it's just the start.

    • PS. I'd really like to know what other women think the masseuse (aquaintance) might have thought about the experience, knowing that it was an accident.