Do guys like it when us girls get wet?

Is it a turn on yes or no why.


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  • Nah I like it when they are nice and dry, A girl being wet is such a turn off!... No serious now, its a little obvious isn't it lol

    • Your an odd guy then becuase its very natural for us to get wet down there and if you don't like it then you don't like girls too much. Its gonna get wet. That means we are excited and very ready for sex. And that you are doing your job right. if the girl is dry, you have not turned her on yet but more touchin and kissin and oral is gonna get her wet even a little.

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    • Lol oh well

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  • yes, well that's an indicator a girl is really into it.

  • Well, it's something they can't fake...It helps you know that your getting her turned on. =3

  • Well yeah, yeah we do, it's a sign that the girl is turned on and we're doing it right, haha.

  • Yes, its an indication that she has the hots for me. You can also smell the "wettness" when you have a bunch of females, especially in the morning.

    The real question is: does it feel comfortable when you're p**** is wet, especially with underwear on? An how long can you endure youself being wet?

    • It starts to feel slippery and annoyingly slick. If it goes on too long it starts to itch and burn, haha.

    • Are you serious? well that's good to know. Interesting

  • yes because it shows your turned on and thing get warmer down there when you do so its really hot

  • Are you impersonating Jayden Nicole? She's 23, not 19, and Canadian. You should stop lying.

  • yes o yes, there's nothin better than feelin down the front of a girls pants to feel those damp panties!

    the othr guys right, you just can't fake it, its d best indicator!

  • big turn on cause it means she's ready for intercourse...i also love the way it tastes down there...oh man its mouth watering!


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  • yes a turn on for the guys to know you are ready for having sex with them and interested as well