Do guys like Large Labia?

I've read a lot of negative comments about large labia. Is this some thing that turns guys off?


Most Helpful Guy

  • the negative comments you been hearing or reading are about men that hate going downtown and really don't like it to begin with! just like th guys here. large labia is my number one fetish.and I'm always hoping to find that woman that has them, I dated older women, excepting for them to have it , but to my surprise, it has nothing to do with age or being active. you either have it or dont, and if have it. be happy and blessed! and of course. be clean, and a lot of women, don't wash themselves right down there!

    well everyone has their own perferences, but I thinks is a bad thing, that women that do have it large do labiaplasty, which I don't get. for breast, you enhance it, for vaginal lips, you reduce. why is it that it has to be like that, because maybe when they look at magazines or the media or even nude magazine they don't see it, well I know playboy will not feature a woman with big ones, and of course,that discrimination but anywhoo, let me tell you what I think! because I'm a lover of the cooch! not because the small size, because of the larger labia minora. I just think, they are beautiful, it enhances penetration for me, now they have a lot of misconception for women and men, I'm not sure why women don't know, but from my experience most women don't know their own body, especially downstairs. having a large, or spongy.or thin longs ones versus the small ones or non existent ones, I thought before I did my research, that it had to do, with more sexual activity and as you get older, it gets longer or bigger. wrong! When a woman goes thru her puberty stage starting as early as 11 or 12, their body changes. and the changes occur with the pubic hair and the increase in the breast area and vaginal lips inner and outer! now, most women are undeveloped, but most women don't know and men, so they misconcept the idea of how a woman should be, its either developed meaning, large lips,thin , long or spongy or not, and that's what a woman will have until she dies, it doesn't shrink or get better unless you play with it, and for most women, the ones that are active sexually and explore found ways to enlargen it, but first you got to have a certain size to enlargen it, if you have tiny to non existent, your chance to increase the size is slim! so, here is the catch. for men, that love to go down, they love the bigger ones, the ones that dont, like the small ones, because, they don't like giving anyways, and there are the small tiny percentage, that really don't care. soo the critics will be if they love to go down and orally please! its that simple, if a man likes it big or not, I talked to many men, from both sides! I hope this can help!