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Do guys like Large Labia?

I've read a lot of negative comments about large labia. Is this some thing that turns guys off?

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  • the negative comments you been hearing or reading are about men that hate going downtown and really don't like it to begin with! just like th guys here. large labia is my number one fetish.and I'm always hoping to find that woman that has them, I dated older women, excepting for them to have it , but to my surprise, it has nothing to do with age or being active. you either have it or dont, and if have it. be happy and blessed! and of course. be clean, and a lot of women, don't wash themselves right down there!

    well everyone has their own perferences, but I thinks is a bad thing, that women that do have it large do labiaplasty, which I don't get. for breast, you enhance it, for vaginal lips, you reduce. why is it that it has to be like that, because maybe when they look at magazines or the media or even nude magazine they don't see it, well I know playboy will not feature a woman with big ones, and of course,that discrimination but anywhoo, let me tell you what I think! because I'm a lover of the cooch! not because the small size, because of the larger labia minora. I just think, they are beautiful, it enhances penetration for me, now they have a lot of misconception for women and men, I'm not sure why women don't know, but from my experience most women don't know their own body, especially downstairs. having a large, or spongy.or thin longs ones versus the small ones or non existent ones, I thought before I did my research, that it had to do, with more sexual activity and as you get older, it gets longer or bigger. wrong! When a woman goes thru her puberty stage starting as early as 11 or 12, their body changes. and the changes occur with the pubic hair and the increase in the breast area and vaginal lips inner and outer! now, most women are undeveloped, but most women don't know and men, so they misconcept the idea of how a woman should be, its either developed meaning, large lips,thin , long or spongy or not, and that's what a woman will have until she dies, it doesn't shrink or get better unless you play with it, and for most women, the ones that are active sexually and explore found ways to enlargen it, but first you got to have a certain size to enlargen it, if you have tiny to non existent, your chance to increase the size is slim! so, here is the catch. for men, that love to go down, they love the bigger ones, the ones that dont, like the small ones, because, they don't like giving anyways, and there are the small tiny percentage, that really don't care. soo the critics will be if they love to go down and orally please! its that simple, if a man likes it big or not, I talked to many men, from both sides! I hope this can help!

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  • Those negative comments must have come from other girls. I personally think they're beautiful.

  • Those negative comments must have come from other girls. I personally think their beautiful.

  • It's not a turn off to me at all! I like the way in moves in and out during intercourse. I don't know why it would be a turn off.

  • Do you really believe men go out there thinking----oh, I wonder that type of labia she has? Is a non-issue for many men. I really would like to find out where is it that you're getting these negative comments from, cause I don't know of a single guy that cares about such triviality. Hell, do guys even know what that is? :) First of all, they are happy they got a vagina to worship, and second, they are too worried that they are going to last a minute. There is no time to ponder on labias!

  • the crowd have spoken I guess, big labia it is. lol.

  • Nope. the opposite. It adds some uniqueness and personality.

    Small ones are boring.

  • I'm a huge fan of large labia, they are sensual & sexy...

    I'f you're still not convinced, check out this site I found two weeks ago.


    It might help you to see that there are a lot of lovers out there. :)


  • I love large p**** lips!

  • it a bonus when eating pussy, case closed

  • i love big hairy p**** with large labia. no shave twats looking like little girls

  • hell no! I'm a fan! it adds character!

  • Yes I love every part of a female body and enjoy playing around with kissing, licking, sucking and just using my hands to make my girl feel nice as she does with me and as I have large, long foreskin which she enjoys playing with and others have too. I feel all the talk of do a guy likes this or that with a body is just a waste of time as this normal for all bodies to be different and we all have different items and ways to turn us on sexually. I love girl to enjoy her p**** the way it has grown and I hope that you girls feel the same with guys shape, size of cock.

    I love to play with my girls long and thick lips with licking, sucking and just using my hands and fingers and will often just have my arm around her as we look at the TV and I will put a hand down there and play with her lips, which she loves and knows it does not mean that I what sex it's just that it feels nice both of us to feel each other and we know we both have parts that are different to others and so what it make us normal.

  • Large labias are sexy as hell. Their succulent! I've affectionately knicknamed them "The Bologna Winged Ham Sandwich" They are good to suck on!

  • To be truthful, THAT IS MY #1 FETISH!. I love women with a Bologna Winged Ham sandwich! Huge labias are a big turn on. They are very suculent! I find this very common in European women. Out of 10 European women I've been with, 8 of them had the Bologna Winged Ham Sandwich. If I could find a women with a black girls ass and huge Euopean Bologna Winged Ham Sandwich coochie lips, I'd settle down and stop the search for huge labias and make her my wife!

    • Loool interesting name

  • If the girl is clean and d/d free, I find a large labia to be quite sexy and a turn on. I wouldn't worry about what guys are thinking about when it comes to whether he will still like you. Most of us are more concerned with cleanliness, having a large labia is only extra icing on the cake.

  • large labias are more beautifull, more feminin, more sexy.
    But what is counting is the person, the woman.

  • I've always been turned on by large labia. Unfortunately have one had one girlfriend blessed with the genes for it. I wish women wouldn't be self conscious about any part of their body, especially such a beautiful part.

  • Simply put they are beautiful and an extreme turn on for me

  • girls vulvas are so amazing and beautiful I love all the different types but not the diseased ones lol

  • Hell yeah most guys do prefer something to suck on. However I love extra large ones, the larger the better.

  • I think its the sexiest thing in the world, if you have big lips come round I d love to suck on them

  • Depends on the girl. If she is a nice girl, it would not matter. But if she is kinda slutty, the guy will think she got "stretched" by many guys.

    • But that's just a stereotype, and its not true, I had kinda large lips when I was still a virgin (not anymore) so I don't know why guys would think that.

  • If the labia minora extends past the labia majora then no. Large labia majora is very attractive. Plump, huge p**** lips is a big turn-on!

    • i like big labia minora extending past labia majora.
      Is just your feeling.

  • Every girl I've seen is a little different. There is no 'normal'. Lots have large labia, lots seem to have none at all. Personally I'd favor large over none. It's really irrelevant though. Much more important are cleanliness, smell, and not having to fight through too much hairy undergrowth!

  • In this country men are taught to like smaller labia, but in other countries just the opposite is true. Women are taught as girls to make their labia as big or as long as they can and work at it even into adulthood and even after marriage. But in this country men are taught to like smaller one because of the porn industry. They see the porn stars and want their woman to look the same. I have read that bigger labia holds the guy's dick better making sex better. In this country there are, however, lots of men that like bigger labia and are very glad when they find a woman with bigger ones. Bigger labia are also nicer when it comes to oral sex, they give the guy more to suck on and play with.

  • I would lick the nectar from them

  • I have dated several women but only one had long labia. I left the country and can't see her anymore. I really miss nibbling on them and the way the labia caressed my dick as fucked her! I don't find other pussies as enjoyable as this particular one.

  • I love large labia

  • Trust me on this one, girls: the kind of guys who insult large labias are insecure and don't get any. ;) They're judging it based on what they see in porn, not real life experience!

    I've been with women of all races and dispositions. Seen vaginas of all sizes, shapes, and colors. American, European, Russian, Asian, African, you name it. I'd say well over half had large labias. Only the American women were actually self-conscious over it, but I quickly made them feel comfortable with themselves. ;)

    Believe me, any guy who's experienced the feel of those big, succulent lips gliding across his d*** during sex, is going to be PRAYING the girl has them when she takes her panties off. Also they make going down on the girl way more fun, so what's not to like?

    • I don't have large labia,but I really like this answer very much,especially the first part

  • No!

    Large Labia the best, is nice to get a good mouthful of pussy.

    It also looks fantastic on the beach. My wife and I are naturists and she looks absolutely fantastic when sunbathing. Her lips hang just right and we play a game of counting how many men and women walk past doing the sun gasses pass-by. Is a bit of a turn to know some else is eyeing up my beautiful wife.

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  • It seems to be a fetish with the old dudes aged forty and over.

  • I'm a 17 year old girl and not to sound cocky or anything but I'm told all the time I'm very beautiful. I think I have a rockin bod and a bigg ass ha ha but I'm so self concious about my large labia that I haven't let a guy go down my pants. I've seriously considered the surgery and even asked my mom but after reading these comments I feel like instead of being self conscience of having large labia I now feel like they complete my looks! thanks guys:)

    • 3mo

      You and I are in the same position, being 17 and liking our bodies expect for our labia. I've never let a guy go all the way cause I'm so self conscious of myself, especially since p*rn stars don't look like what I have, and I feel like if they watch p*rn then it won't be what they're expecting and they'll be turned off by it

  • Lately I've come to accept my large labia and feel damn sexy about it, after reading all the comments I'm further convince.

  • ahh that makes me feel good. I'm incredibly sensitive about my large labia as I think it looks really un attractive but if guys seem to love it I shall too :) x

    • Yhh same here .. I always worry guys will think its disgustingor abnormal. Thanks :D xx

    • girls, big labias are something very sexy for a man.
      it's something very special down there, feminin and beautiful.

    • 1mo

      Hairy pussies are unattractive. Shaved pussies with large hanging labia, are gorgeous.

  • This just made me feel so much better. I'm 25 and have always been self conscious of the way my pussy looks. I've never had any complaints, I've actually got many compliments but I just never felt completely comfortable. p*rn conditions us to think thats what a man wants. I just started dating my man and we have yet to have sex and I've literally been panicking but I realize now if I act confident about it, it'll be sexier... plus I know he'll love me no matter what!

  • nice comments guys on my large inner labia lips. Hopefully I will gain more sexual confidence as I get older, which means more orgasms :)

  • I've read a lot of negative comments as well about large labias. In being an impressionable seventeen year old girl.. I thought there was something wrong with me. For the past three or four years of my life.. I thought there was something wrong with me until I stumbled upon forums about this exact topic.

    The fact of the matter is.. most guys don't give a shit what it looks like. It all depends on the person. Most guys would rather be with a virgin with a large labia than with a slutty girl with a smaller labia. I've actually asked several of my guy friends about it and most of them don't have a preference. The only ones that have said something negative are the guys I wouldn't even want to sleep with anyway because the majority of them are too insecure and immature to be having sex.

    With that said.. I'm still a virgin so I have no personal experience. But I'm sure if you are with a guy and it gets to the that point.. he's not going to just stop and back away because your labia are slightly larger than average.

  • No, they do not turns guys off.

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