Are Glory Holes real or urban legend?

Are there any with girls on the "giving" side, or are they all about "guy on guy"?

How can you find them?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Um, sorry for sounding stupid...What's a glory hole? =/

    • It is a hole in a partition seperating the stalls of a bathroom typicaly. I believe they are also existent in so called bathhouses in "Sex" rooms.

    • Scary movie 3 I think it is haha lol someone sucks your dick behind hole ahahaa! no chance, What happens when its a knife the other side :|

    • Lol that's why you don't do it.. above LOADS of other reasons.

What Girls Said 2

  • they do exist but you can't really go out looking to find them. I'd say your best bet would be some really sketchy bars or clubs? and yeah normally its a man behind the hole so if that doesn't seem appealing to you then I wouldn't go looking.

  • Yeah they are real. lots in sex shops. and then in bars. although who knows what that person has so you might not want to do that.


What Guys Said 2

  • They advertise for them on Craigslist, but yeah, all guy-on-guy stuff.