Girls, what objects have you ever inserted into your vagina or anus? Trying to compile a Top 100 list :-)

OK, need you to be totally honest and thorough, as I'd like to get a Top 100 list of Insertable Objects compiled for the benefit of the community.

I'll start with the five most obvious items:

1) Tampon

2) Finger

3) Penis

4) Tongue

5) Speculum

95 More Girls, I Know You Can Do It!

I'll add Tongue, Nose, Big Toe, Screwdriver Handle, Panties, Douche, Beer Bottle, Ice, Medicine Dropper, Candle, Vibrator, Cell Phone. Keep them coming folks, need to get 100 validated items that you've placed in your, or have placed INS vagina.
Ooops INS > inside


Most Helpful Girl

  • Man I may have topped all of them, that's probably bad, but my hubby don't mind. He does the inserting usually. Lets see : carrot, cucucmber, two zuccinis, his fist, my fist, gatorade bottle, lotion bottle, drinking cup, curling iron, blow dryer, bottle of vodka, toy ball()soft, toy ball hard, end of vacuum, broom handle, candycane, bed post, my new heels()the toe end. His toes, a toy car, the end of a stick horse, Vo5 shampoo bottle, bar of soap, chocolate cake, handleof hammer, end of a spatula, pan handle, several small beads, one of those prayer candles, winterfresh gum, vicks chest rub()this really makes you feel good), barbie doll, ken doll, both, chair leg, another womans hand while he was pounding the back door, oh yeah, toilet paper roll, you know the card board part. Two remotes, or one in each hole, mcds icecream cone, the entire pick up sticks game, chess peices()i think seven, a lemon, a pickle()I ate it later), the mouse to my computer, and I'm sure we will try something new. Sex is great, and lots funner when you experiment. Plus, ladies, your vagina streches, why do you think we can pop out babies? DO your kegals, and you'll never be loose.

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      IT IS lovely to find someone of my ilk - I wish more woman would confess and admit to this.