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Girls, what objects have you ever inserted into your vagina or anus? Trying to compile a Top 100 list :-)

OK, need you to be totally honest and thorough, as I'd like to get a Top 100 list of Insertable Objects compiled for the benefit of the... Show More

I'll add Tongue, Nose, Big Toe, Screwdriver Handle, Panties, Douche, Beer Bottle, Ice, Medicine Dropper, Candle, Vibrator, Cell Phone. Keep them coming folks, need to get 100 validated items that you've placed in your, or have placed INS vagina.
Ooops INS > inside

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  • Man I may have topped all of them, that's probably bad, but my hubby don't mind. He does the inserting usually. Lets see : carrot, cucucmber, two zuccinis, his fist, my fist, gatorade bottle, lotion bottle, drinking cup, curling iron, blow dryer, bottle of vodka, toy ball()soft, toy ball hard, end of vacuum, broom handle, candycane, bed post, my new heels()the toe end. His toes, a toy car, the end of a stick horse, Vo5 shampoo bottle, bar of soap, chocolate cake, handleof hammer, end of a spatula, pan handle, several small beads, one of those prayer candles, winterfresh gum, vicks chest rub()this really makes you feel good), barbie doll, ken doll, both, chair leg, another womans hand while he was pounding the back door, oh yeah, toilet paper roll, you know the card board part. Two remotes, or one in each hole, mcds icecream cone, the entire pick up sticks game, chess peices()i think seven, a lemon, a pickle()I ate it later), the mouse to my computer, and I'm sure we will try something new. Sex is great, and lots funner when you experiment. Plus, ladies, your vagina streches, why do you think we can pop out babies? DO your kegals, and you'll never be loose.

    • IT IS lovely to find someone of my ilk - I wish more woman would confess and admit to this.

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  • Handle of a hair brush, beads, latex glove fingers, golf balls, baby bottle cleaning brush, and have seen photos of girls with a snake in her hole, and a gerbel

  • a dildoa fingera penisthose are the things your ment to put inlolnot things likepencilsremotesbottles...hmmm

    • I'll kind of echo your comment. When I read this question, I thought it was forthe purpose of sexual pleasure / sensation. Not just for the sale of inserting. This is like walking across the isles of Staples or Target etc and liat down anything that seems to be of the manageable size.

    • You're absolutely right. I wonder about women these days.

  • a popsicle

    • Oh, and I know someone who has inserted a spoon in there.i also know someone who inserted a knife in there......its the most messed up thing I have ever heard, but it counts, I guess...

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    • Haha, I think it was a grape one and and I don't honestly know because I wasn't using it for masturbation I was using it with a guy and then right after the sex we took a shower, so I never got to find out...but that's an interesting question, I should try it again haha (:

    • Yes, absolutely, and find a few more fun objects to use. I really want to get the list up to 100, and could really use your help :-)Purple Labia. I love the sound of that. We should form a rock band :-)

  • lol. Hmm, let's see...Hot DogCarrotHairbrush handleThe weirdest thing is a homemade sex toy. O_o I took a dead highlighter, wrapped it in a sock, and put both in a clean latex balloon. Voila! It's probably dangerous though. I should just invest in a real dildo. >_>

    • Necessity is the Mother of Invention :-) Very creative!! Keep them coming folks...share the question with your friends. Need to get to 100 Objects :-)

  • Dildo. I can't think of any others. Fine, I'm not being honest. I had things near, not inside. Like whipped cream.My partners and I like to experiment. ;)

    • Then get experimenting!!!! You and your partners have the long weekend to try inserting new objects and get us to our goal of 100 Objects that you've placed in your, or someone else's, vagina :-)

  • Dildos...bullet toyss...plastic ornamental pears...love balls...jade eggs...toy eggs or ornamental eggs..lip gloss wands...mascara bottles...nail varnish bottles...cricket bat handles...c o c k...hairbrush handle...candle...salt shaker thing...street chalk holder...badminton racket handle...bottle...microphone...jade eggs (sex toy)...dog's bone toy...dog toys other...more dog toys (kong)...spice bottles..golf ball... small paper weight...plmber's plunger...screwdriver handle...paint brush handle...stencil brush...rolling pin (small)...fist (I like to be fisted occasionall)...ornamental lemon (plastic)<mmmm...cucumber..courgette...banana (did not work)...china hand ornament (fist clenched)...pestle and mortal thing...policeman's old fashioned truncheon (perfect to kneel and f***)...policeman's current night stick (went out with a police man)...gear stick shifter (mm lovely at a deserted beach esplanade:kirkcaldy), silver christening rattle ornament...I think that is it. I almost always go out with something inside me and sleep with my box filled with something (usually a dildo). I get anxious if I am empty.

  • a banana

  • The Handle Of The Brush To Clean The Toilet

  • my hubby inserted 9 candles in my pussy to stretch my pussy he keeps trying to get his fist in but not managed it yet but we still trying that one I have had beer bottle, whisk, rollingpin and many other items but always good and exciting when he rubs minted toothpaste on my clit first its becomes a mega orgasim

  • many of the other things already listed, I'll avoid repeating them...Shampoo bottle (various sizes, there is such thing as too big)lotion bottlecarrototter popwhipped cream in a can, filling mewater bottletoeflashlighthose (inside kind, not a garden hose)Caution: careful with "bottles," they can have sharp edges (and probably other things). I've been cut before. And you may not notice until later if you're aroused enough.

  • Remote control

  • I knew a girl who said she had put a cucumber up there. I haven't spoken with her since.

    • Did that upset you...like, was it your cucumber? :-) Just kidding. How about you AmyHelen, what objects have found their way into your nether regions. Surely you must have a few to share :-)

    • No.

    • Take a look at the answers so far, and see if you can come up with a new one...report back after you try it and I'll add it to the list. Could sure use your help in getting to 100. Thanks!!!

  • Finger and ketchup bottle

  • I know a girl whos put a wine bottle up her. The wide end too. There was photographic evidence. Rather gross but yeahh.

  • highlighter, hot dog, corn cob (sadly I'm not kidding)

    • have you ever tried having
      with a baseball bat

  • Me too for a dogs

  • Currently using a combination of a lip gloss tube and a cuticle treatment tube at the same time. About to try to add a third item!

    • I now have the two things I listed above in my vagina and have added 3 Sharpie markers. So there are 5 things inside me now.

    • damn hot

  • handle of a hairbrush and handle of a rasor. that's all I can think of right now but ill go experiment and get back to you

    • That's the spirit! Let us know the results of your experimentation :-)

    • Wtf LOL the handle of a razor

    • Hahaha I thought I was gonna be all original and put handle of a razor...but you beat me to it sad day XD

  • I'm only 12 and have used a c o c k , dildo , brush handle , nail polish bottle and a vibrator

  • I've been requested to be imaginative when it comes to make shift toys. I started off easy, markers, about 8 at once vaginal, a few different hygiene products, two different vibrating face wash handles (like clarisonic vibrating ones), vibrating toothe brush used anal an vaginal, razor handles anal and vaginal, New plunger handle, screw driver handle, smart water bottle, small end of wine bottle, spatula handle, condom wrapped cucumber anal and vagina condom wrapped bananas vaginal and anal, the handle to my bath water, my shower head vaginal, gear shift for my old truck vaginal, fist vaginam (almost), tongue vaginal, and of course penis anal an vaginal, and I've been waiting over a week now for my first real pleasure toy it's the lelo brand hula beads.
    Forgot to mention, ice cubes and hair brush as well as travel size bottles

  • 2 litter soda bottle, football, razor, high heels, tennis shoe, fist, silverware, bowling pin, baseball bat, flashlight, giant shampoo bottle- all anal and in vagina

  • Handle of a hair brush, tooth brush, popsicle, ice, the shifter in my car, the e-brake in my car, kegel weights, marker, the handle of a screw driver, a cell phone (inside of a condom and it was on vibrate and my Boyfriend called it over and over), cucumber, strawberries, spoon, drum stick, beads, back massager... I am sure there are others. I can't think of any more off the top of my head though.

    • Awesome list, keep thinking.Come on folks, let's get to 100!

What Guys Said 2

  • I saw a movie of a 2 liter bottle of coke apparently all in there except the bottom 2 inches, but I am pretty skeptical that there was some trick involved with it.

    • I doubt that there was a trick involved...a baby is quite a bit bigger than a 2 liter bottle of Coke...though personally, I prefer Diet Pepsi :-)

  • My ex told me she used the end of a toothbrush for not front and back doors :|

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