How can I pleasure a girl????

What is the best way to pleasure a girl? How can I make oral sex the best for her? And how can I make actual sex a perfect experience for her? How can I make her have the best experience in whatever way(s)?


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  • When you begin to give oral sex, it's important to start slowly. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. Use your tongue to lick her vagina from its entrance up to the clitoris. Remember to chill out and relax; enjoy yourself and don't get tense. Move your tongue freely from her inner lips to her outer labia on one side. Once you've done that, draw her lips into your mouth and massage them with your tongue. And move on to the other side afterward. Remember to continuously return to her clitoris since most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

    It would be a great pleasure if you would insert your tongue in instead of your penis.

    While you're French kissing her clitoris, use your finger to rub it at the same time.

    Be careful not to lose sight of what you're doing because the vagina is a very sensitive area.


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      Lick the womens vagina?

      That's stupid. Only Pornstars do that. Don't do what he says she will end up dumping you if you do it.

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      I love to use my tongue than my d***. I love to suck and chew those delicated lips