Can I pop my own cherry?

Like if I masturbate hard enough, or fast enough? Or does an actual penis HAVE to pop my cherry, I don't want the embarrassment of bleeding my first time.


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  • If you mean "tearing your hymen", yes, you can. The hymen is just a rather fine/fragile rim of tissue (membrane) at the entrance of the vagina.

    If you mean "losing your virginity", for that you will absolutely need a mans' penis.

    Not all girls bleed the first time they have sex. If they bleed it's often only a stain, no hemorrhage like your period. Lots of virgin girls don't have much left of their hymen at their puberty, due to a "tom boy youth": jumping, horse riding, gym (or just by using tampons)

    My wife just spotted a bit. She was 20 then.

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      So how long have you been married for?