Why do guys like or are attracted by girls' butts?

i think I can understand that guys like boobs. just not butts. what makes a guy grab, stair and ect about a girls butt. why do you guys think about them? why do you guys look at them?

im not asking how you like a girls butt and don't say that you like them big small or round. I'm asking why guys give a crap about butts!


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  • Well, a woman's bottom is very much like the hull of a fine sailing ship... it defines her shape, her moves, as well as her physical personna. Me, I absolutely a woman's butt. Call me crazy...

    Be she blonde woman & 115lbs after thanksgiving dinner, or a juicy, delicious brunette (like my wife), a woman with a shapely, wonderful butt is truly a sight to behold. It's one of my favorite features on a woman (besides the eyes).

    Why I like the way a woman's butt looks...is like asking a lion why he likes to eat bloody kills. I don't try to understand it - I am just very, very thankful to be married to my wife.

    She's a modest - but very sexy woman - who, despite our two girls, still has one of the best asses I have ever seen on any woman over 25.

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      Sounds like the way I feel about my girlfriend a lot of the time.