Can you tell what kind of underwear a guy is wearing?

i heard women eye guys crouches can you women tell what kind of underwear a guy is wearing without seeing them?


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  • Not really. Not unless they're sticking out, there's a hole in his pants, or they bunch up under his pants [in the case of boxers]. I do agree with Audreymarie though, because what she said seems logical now that I think about it.


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  • if the guy is wearing baggy jeans/pants they are probably wearing boxers.

    if a guy is wearing skinny jeans/pants then he is probably wearing boxer briefs.

    and if the guy is over a certain age or has that "tighty whitey look" to him, well...

  • Women sometimes check out a guy's crotch, but just to check out his "bulge" (or lack there of...) not to see what kind of undies he's got So no, we can't tell that way, but sometimes women can tell what kind, by seeing if there's boxer lines showing through the guys pants on his thighs.

  • never heard of this...i wouldn't ever know! I wish I was an underwear expert.

    but I like when they bend to pick something up and you can see the edges of it on their lower waist...sexyyyyyyyyyy! I also like their style like if they were bright colors or stripes lmao! kind of like us girls with hearts, polka dots lace and even spongebob panties! ahhhaah


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  • Highly doubtful.