I want to sleep with my girlfriend's friends, what do I do?

I want to have sex with my girlfriends friends so bad I can't take it anymore. She has this group of friends that always hang around at home and they are all hot as hell. I can't help but to fantasize about them. I always try to get crotch shots when they are in their swimsuits or have on short shorts. What am I supposed to do about this its killing me. I know that they find me attractive but if I ever try anything with them they would probably tell my girlfriend instead of doing anything with me. Can anyone help?

just to add I noticed that there is a similar question below me but I did not do the first question and that guy is gross I would never have sex with my sister if I had one. sorry to anybody who thinks it is a repeat. I don't do that. thanks
and also when I said crotch shots I meant like visual not taking pictures. and any guy married, in a relationship, or not is going to look if there is a good chance of a glimpse at a hot girls crotch. if not then they are gay.
ok I lied I had sex with my sister yesterday. That is kinda random I know but we both got drunk and had sex ha. It was weird but it felt really good.
I never thought in a million years I would be in that situation with my sister, I guess the alcohol just made me realize she is hot and I wanted to have sex with her.


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  • You are a sick disgusting piece of sh*t. OMG! If you wanna f*** your girl's friends so bad then you need to break up with her. Its called an emotional affair and on top of that you ant a physical one too. That poor girl deserves so much better than you. The fact that that's all you can think about? And crotch shots? And you are damn right that her friends would tell her. If my friend's boyfriend hit on me I'd kick him in his penis and call her right then. And as far as your update that says if a guy has a chance to look at another woman's crotch he would, is ridiculous and not true. Some men really love the person they are with and don't want anything else. Just because you're an ass hole who can't control himself doesn't mean every other man out there is one too. Please grow up and get it together. I'm going to say a special prayer tonight that God keeps these poor chicks away from your perverted self.

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      Dollface... *sigh* its in the mans nature to lust.. no matter what's he gonna "lust' but its ok unless he reacts to it...

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      How would you feel if you were in a long relationship and you found convos on your computer with your girlfriend talking about how bad she wants to f*ck your friends and doesn't really care about your feelings. And then found more statements that she wants to have an affair and make sure you don't find out. You wouldn't feel very good. If you want everyone but who you are with, then be single and play. Don't get into a relationship. That's juvenile and stupid and karma will get you.