I want to sleep with my girlfriend's friends, what do I do?

I want to have sex with my girlfriends friends so bad I can't take it anymore. She has this group of friends that always hang around at home and they are all hot as hell. I can't help but to fantasize about them. I always try to get crotch shots when they are in their swimsuits or have on short shorts. What am I supposed to do about this its killing me. I know that they find me attractive but if I ever try anything with them they would probably tell my girlfriend instead of doing anything with me. Can anyone help?

just to add I noticed that there is a similar question below me but I did not do the first question and that guy is gross I would never have sex with my sister if I had one. sorry to anybody who thinks it is a repeat. I don't do that. thanks
and also when I said crotch shots I meant like visual not taking pictures. and any guy married, in a relationship, or not is going to look if there is a good chance of a glimpse at a hot girls crotch. if not then they are gay.
ok I lied I had sex with my sister yesterday. That is kinda random I know but we both got drunk and had sex ha. It was weird but it felt really good.
I never thought in a million years I would be in that situation with my sister, I guess the alcohol just made me realize she is hot and I wanted to have sex with her.


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  • You are a sick disgusting piece of sh*t. OMG! If you wanna f*** your girl's friends so bad then you need to break up with her. Its called an emotional affair and on top of that you ant a physical one too. That poor girl deserves so much better than you. The fact that that's all you can think about? And crotch shots? And you are damn right that her friends would tell her. If my friend's boyfriend hit on me I'd kick him in his penis and call her right then. And as far as your update that says if a guy has a chance to look at another woman's crotch he would, is ridiculous and not true. Some men really love the person they are with and don't want anything else. Just because you're an ass hole who can't control himself doesn't mean every other man out there is one too. Please grow up and get it together. I'm going to say a special prayer tonight that God keeps these poor chicks away from your perverted self.

    • Dollface... *sigh* its in the mans nature to lust.. no matter what's he gonna "lust' but its ok unless he reacts to it...

    • How would you feel if you were in a long relationship and you found convos on your computer with your girlfriend talking about how bad she wants to f*ck your friends and doesn't really care about your feelings. And then found more statements that she wants to have an affair and make sure you don't find out. You wouldn't feel very good. If you want everyone but who you are with, then be single and play. Don't get into a relationship. That's juvenile and stupid and karma will get you.

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  • It doesn't sound like you are saying you want to go out with any of these girls, you are saying you want to have sex with them. Sexual fantasies are normal and at your age not surprising, but do not make the mistake of trying to make them become a reality. Yes, these girls would tell your girlfriend and then you would lose all the way around. Whether you need to be single or whether you just need to find a way to funnel this energy into sex with your girlfriend, you will need to consider that.

  • Wow, you should probably break up with your girlfriend before you keep giving women reasons to hate the males. Honestly, grow up and either get over this wanting to sleep with others or just break up with your girlfriend. Have some respect for yourself and others.

  • Yeah this is a joke. And if it isn't then you are so going to hell for banging your sibling...and liking it. Hahaha!

  • you're just gross. stop being such a ********. go to have "some" respect for yourself. did you assault your sister?

    • No she came on to me, she grabbed me and said she wanted to have sex I didn't assualt her.

  • Is there anything you don't want to totally have sex with? I have a 90 year old grandpa and a chocolate lab that you may be interested in.

  • Honestly, and this is sad, being one of their friend's boyfriend puts you in a pretty good spot to do what you want. It'd be a terrible thing to do, but I know quite a few girls that have slept with the boyfriend of a friend.

  • If you can't respect your girlfriend enough to not drool over her friends and have sex with them then you really shouldn't be in a relationship. If the thing that's stopping you from trying anything with them is that they'd tell your girlfriend then just be single. That's what's best for you. If I knew my boyfriend was thinking like this, I'd leave him. You should really end it soon. She doesn't deserve that.

    • Exactly what I think have some respect for your girlfriend and break up with her...even if her hot friends won't sleep with you if you ever get a chance to be with another hot girl that is not her friend you clearly will just go ahead and do it with no regard to the fact that you have this girl who I presume loves you and is faithful to u....stop wasting her time if you can't be faithful just be single because ur too immature...oh ya and you just want them even more because you can't have them.

  • Honestly, if you're thinking that much about cheating on your girlfriend then you shouldn't be with her to begin with. Why should she have to be in a relationship with someone who wants to screw her friends? You should spend less of your time thinking about getting into her friends pants and more thinking about ending your relationship.

  • break up with your girlfriend you dumb asshole, then f*** anyone you want. I hope she is f***ing your best friend.

  • You dump your girlfriend and go have fun with people who AREN'T her friends.

  • Something is wrong with you. If you seriously had sex with your sister, you need to lay the f*ck off the booze. If you just made that up, you're just seriously messed up.

  • Take a really cold shower? you're dumb. if all her friends are hot, she's probably hot too. so know what you have when you have it. Get this idea out of your head if you ever want to keep your girlfriend. And as for you trying to get "crotch shots", yea, one word for you--C R E E P E R !

  • Go single.

  • your a freak

  • Aren't you the same guy who just posted about having sex with his sister and wanting to sleep with his fiances hot friends that hang out at the house...Don't be so obvious next time.

  • just remember that karma will always goes on! the cause and effect in human life what you take is what you get, I just heard a guy in his 40s was making a prostarts surgery due to his multiple of sex during his young time, and another have HIV positive, that is call karma. carefull on what you deeds

  • Be single.

    you aren't ready for a commitment to this girl lol

  • WTF?! Slapping yourself across the face would do some justice!

    - B

  • You don't really seem like a good boyfriend.

    If you're not physically attracted to your girlfriend...then why are you with her?

    If you do like her...then I would stop hanging around her friends so much and start hanging out with your girlfriend more often. At your age...guys are usually horny so that might also be the problem. If you and your girlfriend have gone further than making out...then I would suggest spending more time with her or watching porn with her and it might help you.

    Good Luck :)

  • dude, break up with this girlfriend of yours.

    how'd you feel if she was drooling over your guy friends the same way you are over hers?

    also, I got the sense off your post that if you knew 100% that her friends wouldn't tell her you'd already be all up on it... so.. that's not really painting you in the nicest picture.

    do both yourself and your girlfriend a big favor and break it off

  • EWWW! That is sick! you had sex with your sister? Dude you have serious problems! If you girlfriend found out about that one... dang you'd be in big trouble!

  • As far as your updates go, you're not helping yourself-you're disgusting, I'm sorry to say it, but I'm going to be honest.

  • You're a pervert, and there is something wrong with your brain.

    "Crotch-shots"? Really?


    If you don't care enough about your girlfriend to NOT want to have sex and take disgusting pictures of her friends, then you should be with her.

    • Should Not be with her**

  • your a horny guy! most guys your age are lol. would you rather have sex with your girlfriend, of her friends? if you pick her friends, dump her. its just not right.

  • You need to talk to your girlfriend!

  • wow you sound like an asshole of a boyfriend.

    ever seen why is she even dating him? on mtv

    you just broke the douche bag o meter

  • that's kind of sad. I mean, it's okay to find your girlfriends friends attractive, but if you'd rather be with them than her, you should stop going out. She's obviously not for you. And sorry, but because you will have to leave her alone, that also requires you leave her friends alone.

  • Sounds like you are not ready for a real relationship, but if you try anything with her friends, you will really hurt her. If you are that tormented by this, break up with her and go find other girls to look at.

  • you need to not be with your Girlfriend your looking at other girls in the wrong ways especially her friends no! That not ok... I wonder if she's thinking the same thing how would you feel about that?

  • simple...Do you love your girlfriend..if so..Then be true to her..stop fantasizing of her friends...that's not cool..trust me if your girl ever found out what you where thinking it would break her heart..

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  • You know exactly what to do; fantasize all you want, but hands off.

    What you really want to know is whether there is a way you could get with her friends without destroying your relationship. There isn't; if there was, she would have raised the possibility, or you would have, and you wouldn't need to ask us.

    Keep dreaming. It's what a fantasy life is for.

  • Face it:

    the way you're thinking and writing about it, you will NOT qualify as (boy)friend material for your future exes friends.

  • Look dude.. you don't have to freak out or lie that your had sex with your sister.. that was probably your sarcasm but the thing is.. if your girlfriend's friends are hotter than your girlfriend and you can't stand the temptation, then what choice do you really have? If you cannot stand it and its bothering you that much, than break up with your girlfriend and try to have sex with the other girls..

    Isn't that the ONLY option that makes sense? The question is.. how badly do you love your girlfriends.. I'm not advocating break-ups here but your situation is unique .. just like everyone else's.. So, if you want sex that bad, then do it.. if you regret it later, then you'll have learned a lesson.. if you don't end up regretting it, then its a win-win situation for you. You are not relationship material like others said but the ultimate choice is yours.

    The longer you keep going with your girlfriends while you want to have sex with the other girl, the worse it'll be.

  • That last update was an excuse for your thoughts, a justification. stop making those. Also, what is it you want help with? Lot's of guys continue to find other girls attractive when a relationship. They fantasize sometimes as well. But it sounds like the only thing keeping you from ravishing her friends is the fact that you think you'll fail and your girlfriend will find out. What will you do if another hot chick who doesn't know your girlfriend enters the picture. loyalty and love is what should stop you. if you don't have enough of either let your girlfriend find a real man, instead of a horny boy. It's people like you who make us look bad.

  • You have a cheating heart and aren't good relationship material at this point in your life. It is total BS that "you can't help but fantasize about them." Fantasies have to be nursed along. Noticing they are pretty is one thing, fantasizing about them is a totally separate, purposeful action. The problem with you now is that the only reason you aren't going for those girls is because you think it would ruin things for you. You are selfish and not really committed. At this point it is mostly about you. You won't be good relationship material until you exercise some personal restraint to stop your intentionally wandering eye and wandering heart.

  • Successful troll is successful.

  • First ask yourself - Do you love your girlfriend? If the answer is yes, then tell her you want to be elsewhere when her freinds are around. Either that or expect one of two things are gong to happen. She starts bringing her girlfriends into the bedroom or you'll end up having an affair on her with one of her freinds. That might put an end to the situation so that you can go on with your lives and relationship without temptation

  • Look, it's only normal to have an attraction for attractive females and obviously some sort of thoughts are going to go through your head.

    If you intend on being faithful to your girlfriend then I suggest you don't put yourself in a situation where you will be most likely to do something wrong. So just let your girl hang out with her friends on her own. You don't need to be mixing your friends like that because situations like yours tend to happen a lot. Don't involve your girl with your friends and don't involve yourself with your girls' friends.

    So all I say, is stay away from the things that make you get the feelings of doing something you know is wrong.

    • The fact that all he can think about is f***ing her friends is so wrong there's a difference between thinking your sig. others friends are cute and then dying to have an affair with them. And its even worse that he would so do it if he knew her friends wouldn't tell on him. He needs to break up with her and let her find someone better.

    • The problem is not with his gf..so he doesn't have to break up with her.. just have self-control.

      all men are attracted to women at all times whether in a relationship or not. I do think that the only time he should break up is if he really doesn't feel, that he'll be faithful to her, just to avoid hurting her and messing things up...

      it's not wrong to be attracted to others...it is wrong to intend on doing unfaithful things or doing them..

  • Wait till your next birthday. Invite her and her friends to your house on the night of your birthday. Jokingly bring up how you've always wanted a gang bang and that you think they should all do it now as it's your birthday. Gague their reaction- if they giggle flirtatiously, proceed to get them drunk and GO FOR IT! If they seem awkward and embarrassed by your "joke", then your best bet is to take out your penis in front of them and hope for the best.

    Good luck, my friend.

  • Just Man-up and do one already. Fortune favors the bold.

    • Since when?

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    • If a bitch cut my **** off, I'd buy a chainsaw and f*** her with it.

    • Hahahaah I would diff do that if my boyfriend or husband sleep with someone else!! dollface you re my new fave person on this website hehe

  • Your an asshole, Would do you some good if your girl cheated on you.

  • Women are absolutely clueless about this stuff. They do things like show her friend a picture of you c**k and invite you to pillow parties in bathing suits and expect you to leave your b***s in the glove compartment box. I guarantee one of her friends wants to sleep with you and its the very same one who despises your girlfriend. Start there.

  • Leave your girlfriend and become single. She deserves better.

  • Dude go with your nut instincts that's what I always do...

  • I have a similar problem myself. I'm really into my girlfriends friend and I know she likes me too because she is always flirting with me. My solution is to get them to do a threesome. That way you can still hit it and it won't really be like cheating. I don't know if this is even an option for you but its worth a try. And pay no attention to these chicks on here calling you a scumbag. Men have it hard wired in their head to try to sleep with as many girls as possible. Good luck dude

    • If your argument is that men are wired that way, they why waste our time and get into a relationship with us? Why not just do your thing, sleep around and be honest about it. The part that makes you both scumbags is that you wanna sleep with their friends but are not honest about it. If you wanna sleep with her friends just break up with her. She'll thank you for not stinging her along and making her believe that you actually love her when you dont. That's the thing you both don't seem to get

    • But you don't understand, if he stays with his girlfriend, he can get sex on tap. Whenever he wants it. AS WELL AS f***ing her hot friends.

  • Don't let these people flame you dude, all guys fantasize about their girl's hot friends. These girls on here are most likely jealous or have had this happen to them. The guys that rag on you are just trying to win brownie points with the girls.

    I would never cheat on my girl but I do have fantasies. I always try to catch a glimpse of her friends' butt and boobs when they bend over and occasionally try to sneak a crotch shot. Ever hear of the phrase "Ain't no crime in lookin'"?

    • Ur a loser too. how would you feel if you had a mega hot girlfriend and you overheard her on the phone talking about how she can't stop thinking about your hot friends and how bad she wants to f*** them. And she went on to say she wanted to see his dick and gets turned on thinkin about it. I would think it would be a blow to your ego. There is a crime in looking when it becomes disrespectful

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    • Lol

    • Hah hah You guys are probably the reason that girls are emotional terrorrists. Ever thought there was a reason girls are bitches? Yea... that would be caused because of guys like you.. you wanna live like a pig? Be single and live it up, and don't assume because your "attractive" that EVERYONE in the world thinks so to... beauty is in the eye of the beholder... just because some you think the "hot girl" likes you doesn't mean she does. losers.