Am I still a virgin?

I told my boyfriend when we first started dating that I didn't want to have sex. He said that was fine and that he respected that. One time we were making out on his bed and he started fingering me like he had before, but this time he took his pants off. We were kissing and I tried to push him off because I didn't want that and he said he "wasn't going to put it in." He just started rubbing it between my legs.

Well that became the new thing to do and almost every time we were making out on a bew or something he started doing that. One time, he let it kinda rest on my vagina, but it didn't go in. Then that was the new thing to do.

However, I have started speculating that even if his head was only a little bit inside, maybe I had still lost my virginity. The thought scares me because I wouldn't even know which time to count as saying I had lost it.

Just the other day I think he went in a little farther than the other times. Probably not even an inch and definitely not all the way.

So all this begs the question, am I still a virgin? I have never bled but I have read that the hylem can be broken during other events, and sometimes not even bleed.

So what's ya'lls call on this?


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  • Virginity is just a word, nothing happens when it's gone, no one will truly know but you whether you did it so why care? I'm not a virgin but in some ways I am:

    Me and my girlfriend came up with something:

    ATM I am 1/5 virgin because I have done 4/5 of (handjob, blowjob, titjob, foreplay) but 1/5 not done (sex- done it but only coupla times and still hurts her :( ) and she is 1/5 same and 4/5 done (clitoral, g-spot, licking out, err I forget)

    anyway, it's your decision really

    my opinion is, no your not cos its not the hymen breaking that hurts, it's the streching out, believe me you'll feel that pain and then your not a virgin.

    my advice to you is to stop him doing that or go all the way because he is getting a bit more in every time by the sounds of it and one day without warning he'll go all the way in and basically its rape but you won't realise cos its complicated anyway

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      I don't know why it matters but I feel like its something I should know haha thanks for your advice and I will talk to him =)