Do girls taste bad?

Ok- I've only had two lovers in my entire life and both said "I taste very good and that I'm very good in bed."

But my question relates to oral sex given to the female because I've overheard some guys when having their 'guy talk' and some actually say "she tasted like fish, chicken, etc."

Honestly guys- What does she taste like?

* Do all girls taste different?

* Like what, exactly?

Sorry but I'm just curious.


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  • If she takes care of herself. It is an indescribable taste.

    Honestly, the next time I hear somebody say that women taste like 'chicken,' I'll smack them upside the head. Seriously, who can even describe the taste of chicken!? Or even Tuna or a good steak?! Most people will describe foods based on texture rather than taste but I digress.

    Yes, every woman tastes differently due to body composition. Your diet, what you eat, what you drink and what vitamins you take will all affect the taste. I'll be damned if I could still describe it but it is definitely not chicken, fish, tuna, steak or tacos, or anything else that is grown or cultivated. If it could be you'd have guys lining up in the fresh produce isles at every supermarket in the nation. :)

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      This got a good laugh out of me. I appreciate that. :)

    • Report far we got : Panda Express... Peking Palace...KFC...Popeyes..The Ninja House of Kobe Steak....Chicken of the sea... Can we get a Chic-Fil-A up in here?