Do girls taste bad?

Ok- I've only had two lovers in my entire life and both said "I taste very good and that I'm very good in bed."

But my question relates to oral sex given to the female because I've overheard some guys when having their 'guy talk' and some actually say "she tasted like fish, chicken, etc."

Honestly guys- What does she taste like?

* Do all girls taste different?

* Like what, exactly?

Sorry but I'm just curious.


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  • If she takes care of herself. It is an indescribable taste.

    Honestly, the next time I hear somebody say that women taste like 'chicken,' I'll smack them upside the head. Seriously, who can even describe the taste of chicken!? Or even Tuna or a good steak?! Most people will describe foods based on texture rather than taste but I digress.

    Yes, every woman tastes differently due to body composition. Your diet, what you eat, what you drink and what vitamins you take will all affect the taste. I'll be damned if I could still describe it but it is definitely not chicken, fish, tuna, steak or tacos, or anything else that is grown or cultivated. If it could be you'd have guys lining up in the fresh produce isles at every supermarket in the nation. :)

    • This got a good laugh out of me. I appreciate that. :)

    • far we got : Panda Express... Peking Palace...KFC...Popeyes..The Ninja House of Kobe Steak....Chicken of the sea... Can we get a Chic-Fil-A up in here?

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  • This sounds like a lot of guys talking about something they made up. I can't imagine that they could actually describe which food a girl tastes like.

    • Actually I've heard that if someone eats a lot of fruit they will taste like it ha! but I dunno. in any case I thought it was interesting =)

  • I agree -- girls don't taste like chicken! They taste like meltingly sweet, Kobe-beef sukiyaki with wild mushrooms, slathered in an extravagant shabu-shabu culmination of fresh lobsters and lobes of foie gras. Mmmm tasty!

    But for the guys who don't care for this piquancy, you can always try a trick I occasionally employ -- holding your breath when dining downtown. This obviously not only allows you to avoid any malodorous emanations, but it actually PREVENTS you from tasting a thing! This works because your sense of smell is a actually a component of taste -- so if you can't smell anything, then you won't be able to taste anything either. (This is why you usually lose your sense of taste when you have a cold).

    (BTW -- this technique also helps for GIRLS who are afraid to swallow because of their fear of the taste. )

  • Lol well each girl tastes and smells different, due to age, hormones, diet, etc. As far as what she tastes like, there is nothing to compare it to. Some girls have no smell and taste really good. Others smell like body odor and don't taste as great. It's the same way with guys. There are proper ways to take care of yourself. But if you wonder what you taste like, then taste yourself, lol. Its not uncommon at all, and most people do it.

  • If she's clean down there, the taste hasn't been bad . I don't think I can describe the taste, except to say that if it was bad, I wouldn't like giving the girl oral as much as I do . ;-)

  • Some guys like the taste, personally I do not enjoy going down on any girl. I think the taste is bad.

  • Depends on their diet and genetics.

    And most girls do taste different. One tasted...tangy. Most recent was ... a lot different... not as tasty.

    You could always taste yourself. It's not wrong.

  • I don't think the tatse is the issue , it could be the smell. But after a while... because of my saliva... the taste and the smell fades away and my saliva is all over her pussy... I would love to give her oral sex ecause I know she wil like it and will make her orgasm and cum. I want her to be happy and to enjoy sex .

  • ya it just depends on the girl also the smell

  • Don't be sorry, definitely something to be curious about. Women are different and come in different smells and tastes, and Men's tastes come just as sundry. My girl is a vegetarian; does that change her taste? Maybe so, maybe not, but she is bitter to me, and I can not stomach it alongside the smell unless she has just showered. I WISH I could, and I think the reward she gains when I can is enough for us both.


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  • Girls are different, and how you taste will depend on diet, or what you've eaten last or even drank. Most cases, if you're clean and wash regularly, you're tasteless.

    Men don't go down on women for taste by the way. Most men who enjoy it, will tell you straight out - it's because she loves it, or some other answer that will always have her in mind.