How can I test her underwear to see if she cheated?

I was doing the laundry today an I noticed a pair of my wifes underwear had a white crusty patch in the crotch and a pubic hair (she is shaved). It smelled musty and I think it was sperm. It could not of been mine because we had not had sex in over 2 weeks. How would I know for sure if its sperm or not? I have hidden the underwear.


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  • Okay, like some of the girls have mentioned there is a possibility that she has/had a yeast infection (explains the smell and not wanting to have sex - it will hurt and she can transfer it to you) or it is natural discharge (which also has a scent). as for the hair, maybe she missed it. It isn't easy to shave everything off by yourself! And if you two aren't sexually active often she might be doing a less careful job (or just doing it less frequently). Also, what if the underwear got forgotten somewhere and she just found it and decided to wash it? It could be more than 2 weeks old.

    I don't really think any of what you've said is cause for worry. If she was cheating she'd be trying to cover her tracks more carefully and not leaving underwear with cum on it somewhere you'd find it.

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      I like your response. I was going to suggest he consult "the panty whisperer" ABC, thursday nights 11p.m. lol no, thank god some sensible chicks jumped on board here to try to help the u.s.s paranoia from running aground on the island of divorce. - j