How can I test her underwear to see if she cheated?

I was doing the laundry today an I noticed a pair of my wifes underwear had a white crusty patch in the crotch and a pubic hair (she is shaved). It smelled musty and I think it was sperm. It could not of been mine because we had not had sex in over 2 weeks. How would I know for sure if its sperm or not? I have hidden the underwear.


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  • Okay, like some of the girls have mentioned there is a possibility that she has/had a yeast infection (explains the smell and not wanting to have sex - it will hurt and she can transfer it to you) or it is natural discharge (which also has a scent). as for the hair, maybe she missed it. It isn't easy to shave everything off by yourself! And if you two aren't sexually active often she might be doing a less careful job (or just doing it less frequently). Also, what if the underwear got forgotten somewhere and she just found it and decided to wash it? It could be more than 2 weeks old.

    I don't really think any of what you've said is cause for worry. If she was cheating she'd be trying to cover her tracks more carefully and not leaving underwear with cum on it somewhere you'd find it.

    • I like your response. I was going to suggest he consult "the panty whisperer" ABC, thursday nights 11p.m. lol no, thank god some sensible chicks jumped on board here to try to help the u.s.s paranoia from running aground on the island of divorce. - j

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  • Did you ever get this issue resolved?

    Hope for your sake she hadn't been getting some strange d***, but sure was pointing in that direction expecially with the pubic hair.

  • I don't know for sure about the pubic hair, but if it was white and crusty ask her if she has a yeast infection. Sometimes that happens. Or it could be the slight discharge from ovulation. Most women get a little bit of that on their underwear

  • it's probably just discharge. and if you thought it was sperm, why did you smell it?

  • its probably just discharge from her vulva (vagina). this is very common in a lot of women and I have this too. as for the is extremely hard to shave all pubic hair down ther.

    • Hoping you are correct... I have the same scenario with my better half... wedding planning and work is killing our sex life... then I see something when doing the laundry and I start to freak out

  • Actually there would be better signs then the underwear. Those are not very reliable. Women tend to moisten them throughout the day with only their natural juices. When you've been having sex with someone a long time. When they come they have a very specific scent(guys). Every time my boyfriend does, regardless of washing I smell it. Its not repulsive just very specific. Get used to how she smells after you have sex and it marinates. You should find your answer.

    • That was the most disgusting answer I have ever read on this site. Ever. Thanks again for describing the "juices" and repulsive smells lol.

    • Hey Random - I bet you'd be down for an angus steak right now marinated in its natural juices. Yummmmmmmm muahaha.

    • Juice eh. Would you recommend this juice with maybe a grape flavored additive, or how about barbecue flavor. Would you also recommend this served with tortilla chips, or onion rings. - I love it. its so yuck but you know its funny. :) - j

  • I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. It's very normal for women to have discharge and it dries crusty. As for the hair, it could be from her hair?

    • I like your politics jackie. Your 100 percent right. I can only imagine, how scary it must be to flirt with disaster by shaving uver to close to the brown eye. or if your choose a hot wax or maybe a chemical hair removal, then wow! that's a trip to ouchville. the o-ring is so delicate. why are we such barbarians? - j

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  • Hmm, if you are serious about it then google for sperm detection kit.

  • Whoa! Man this is some heavy ass CSI type shit! Whatever you do. The person is not guilty until you find the gun and the bullet casing and the body. Get that stuff over to forensics! and don't botch the paper work or this bastard is a free man. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be an's all I could think of at the time. Good luck with this man. Don't assume the worst in her. It's probably just some woman issues down stairs. Chicks have a body that's like a never ending el nino, global warming, polar bears killed f***ing hurricane katrina type stuff man. And imagine how bad you would feel if you were wrong and she has been a great wife all along. don't risk it dude! have faith. - j

    • Agreed, dude. Veritas!!!

    • Yeah, I had to go forensic after reading this. What a sad situation to be in when your more paranoid than the Iranian parliment. I'm very thankful, that I can communicate with my girlfriend, It's hard to answer this one but truthfully, they should seperate. 1/2 the story here tells me this relationship is over. If he can't trust her move on. If she lives with a dude with no trust, move on. instead, people rather drag it out and make a-holes out of themselves. earths population: 6 billion. move on

    • "fuc*king hurricane katrina type stuff!"


  • You could always TASTE it and see if it has a familiar flavor.

    But if that's out of the question, you could try shining a black light ($20) on the underwear and see if the stain glows. Semen will glow but vaginal discharge will not unless a dye has been added to it AND she has a yeast infection. But that still wouldn't be conclusive without a sperm test ($50) or a dna test ($500).

    As for the hair, if its perfectly straight, than it could be hers but from a different part of her body. Use a loupe and you will be able to tell no matter how short it is. But if it's thick and curly, then it's probably someone else's pube.

    You should also realize that if you're sniffing around her used underwear, then you probably have other reasons for your suspicions (I do most of my own laundry and I never notice any of my own stains). So you probably have a variety of OTHER things you can check up on (phone logs, credit card charges etc. ) to see if she's cheating, or at least question her on.

    • Lol I was thinking about saying that too, nice

    • Wow, your like the dog the bounty hunter of womens undergarments. but your forgot to tell him to drink 14 shots of tequila before he attempts the pepsi panty taste test.-j

  • Instead of sniffing and inspecting your wife's underwear, why don't you try talking to her and being more open with her? If she is in fact cheating, it's because there's something she needs that you're not giving her. If you and her could master being totally open with each other and be able to talk about anything together, then you probably wouldn't be in the suspicious position you're in right now.

    • I don't know about telling her. What if she is not cheating at all and this discussion turns ugly? I would rather do more investigation before bringing it up.

    • Wooo hoooo! looks like me and mike diesel here should have a talk show. Why? because we both make sense! -Mr. D. I feel a lot better knowing that there are some signs of intelligent life still among us! you rock brotha! - j

  • There is a definitive way to determine if copulation (intercourse with ejaculation) occurred within the last 5 days. Place the panties or feminine pad in a paper bag or envelope and send them to Semen and Sperm Detection Inc. The tests performed for $199.00 will detect semen, sperm, and human saliva. If the panties or feminine pad is positive for semen, the results will specify when the ejaculation most likely occurred based on when the panties were worn. Just Google semen on panties and you will find many articles.

  • i was diggin through my wifes pocket for coins then i find a pubic hair what does that tell me?

  • Have the same issue but I think she is ovulating and since she was running around all day I am hoping the hair I found was from her perineum area which has some pubic hair unlike the rest of her pubic area. I am a little freaked out an don't want to leave town for work but I hope I'm overreacting. Girls what do you think?