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Why do guys like big thighs?

why do you find this attractive?

and what's with the jiggly butts?

it's just excess flab that hangs around!

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  • Something to hold onto!

  • haha it depends really cos the skin has to be nice and smooth and taught and toned because if it looks flabby or cellulite ish then ugh no thanks but some nice thick legs to wrap round me and a nice ass to grab is :D :D :D

  • studies show that guys like girls with larger buttocks hips and breasts because it basically says "hey I'm furtile, full of estrogen, and can support a family"

  • i like the "big" thighs

    the big butt kinda looks like cellulite though

  • Not into it at all. I like a girl with some curves, but I've never understood "ass men" haha

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