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Do you girls really like sucking on balls?

What else do enjoy or don't when going down on a guy

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  • I certainly don't mind it,although when I give a guy head,I prefer to concentratewith my mouth mostly on his head and shaft,while I tend to cup,stroke and gently massage the balls,as I suck on the head and work the shaft with my hands.When I really like to suck a guys balls,is when I'm doing a threesome with a guy and another girl and he's inside of her at the time,then I'll lick and suck his balls,making him crazy until he comes inside of the other girl.Then I'll clean off both of them with my mouth tongue.

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  • Well here you go, I'm another one who love's it. I have the same idea when it come's to oral, would rather do my job then have him do his rather than the awkward 69.

  • Yup I do :o)

  • well I LOVE IT! I love going down on my guy a lot! I love how he feels and how he enjoys it! I love to stroke and lick him all over...it really really turns me on!

    69 is also good, but sometimes I'd rather just concentrate on him...just depends on my mood..

    don't like hair...as gets in the way...! apart from that..one of my favorite things to do!

  • I personally LOVE IT. I go down and that gets me excited... that being said, some girls don't. I have a lot of friends who don't like the smell, taste. girth, etc. It is such a personal thing - and if you are asking because your girl is unsure - ask what you can do to make it better...

    But from my perspective - I LOVE making my man crazy!

    • Every put both balls in your mouth at once?

  • I ilke it. Hair is good too. I like everything down there. ;)

  • Yes, but mainly because it gets my husband SO worked up!

  • i do.

  • Unlike mouse26 I love pube hair on guys it's manly I love a happy trail I don't know why it's just sexy. Balls are pretty cool, they are fun to play with and they aren't as intimidating or as ugly as a penis can be sometimes. So I guess yea I like sucking balls more than penis.

  • I like it as it turns him on and in turn that turns me on. He enjoyed very much when I would like his ass.

  • I for one really enjoy sucking on my man's balls. It is much less work then actually deep throating or anything. My jaw begins to hurt after a while also which can be aggrevating.,

  • I love sucking his balls, and I prefer he trim, not shave. I LOVE body hair on a man. The feeling of it against my soft, smooth skin, especially against my breasts, is enough to make me cum sometimes. I can and have sucked on a sexy pair of big balls for literally HOURS. I try to fit both in my mouth at the same time, but sometimes they're just too big.

  • i like to play with balls but not a big fan of sucking on them, I just find it awkward. I like giving oral just because my guy likes it, if he didn't like it I'd be more than happy to never do it again. sometimes it gets boring and my jaw starts to hurt plus he never cums from it so sometimes it seems like a waste of time but I guess he likes it regardless because he asks for it. I don't like him going down on me, it feels really good, but I'm way too self conscious about it tasting or smelling bad so can never enjoy it.

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