Do girls have weak spots?

What are the weak spots guys tend to find?


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  • Ummmm... no guy can find such spots from the first time sex or making out..

    weak spots or I would prefer to call them sensitive spots are those that will drive girl wild and makes her even hotter, some girls finds their butt a sensitive spot while others don't... another example would be the ear lobe.. it is a very sensitive spot for most ladies...

    as I told ya before it varies from girl to girl... but the well know common sensitive (weak) spots in girls are ear lobs, inner thighs, the hole of belly button, the upper part of mid body right under breasts, lowest part of butt in the middle, the middle of the back, upper shoulders from the back side... as I said there are other parts that may be so sensitive (weak) for some ladies


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  • You mean weak spots on the body? Like the neck, ears, shoulders, inner thighs?


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  • It depends on the girl,

    often weak spots are found on the most sensitive areas of the body: the pelvic area, hands, feet, neck and face. That's just in general though