How many sexual partners does the average college girl have?

I recently read a survey which said that women have an average of 3 sexual partners. Now it didn't confine this to ages and didn't explain the statistics, but I think this is a very inaccurate portrayal of the average woman today.

College offers suitable social conditions and an ample supply of the opposite sex to have lots of sexual partners, if you so wished. Now it can be reasonably accepted that the average woman can gain a sexual encounter than the average man (note the word average). I'd like a girl to tell me honestly how many sexual partners they or their girlfriends tend to have in any college year.

I'm aware that girls tend to underestimate their sexual history (and guys overestimate). Some girls tend to cry foul about this, that they will be "judged" as loose. Well I'll be honest here, I would judge a girl who has a long list of casual partners. I would not be impressed by it. That's just me; I can't speak for other men though I'm sure many think the same way. Leaving that aside - we're on the Internet now and it's pretty well anonymous - I'd like girls to give me an honest figure for statistical purposes.

I'd say it's quite commonplace for the average college girl to have (a) a lot of sexual partners and (b) a lot more than guys tend to.

Insight and honesty appreciated.


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  • Well, I'm not friends with a lot of the stereotypical "college girls," but a lot of us aren't stereotypical and you're looking for an average so there you go. Among my friends, we tend to have either 0 partners or just 1 partner in a given year. I'm in my second year of college and have had no sexual partners over that time (or ever, for that matter); the same goes for my two best friends. My roommate last year was the same. Another of my close friends has only ever had sex with her current boyfriend, and even then not until they had been together for nearly a year.

    It's not that I hang out with a particularly religious crowd. Although most of my friends are, they don't cite that as the reason they abstain from sex. Most just do it because they feel that sex is more important than people tend to value it today, and because of the emotional attachment that goes along with sex for them. And also, for the record, I attend a large public university where it is considered the standard thing to go out and get drunk and get laid on the weekend, and I don't believe that there's anything wrong with that life choice. There's just lots of us who choose not to.

    While I see and agree with your point, that a girl who wants sex can probably get it without too much trouble as compared to a guy, the fact that guys don't have hundreds of girls lining up to have sex with them just shows that on average, girls take sex more seriously than guys, and are more likely to wait for a person they care about. That's how I see it anyway.

    • I would think the exact opposite actually. With far more possible partners, women are more likely to have a frivilous attitude to sex.

    • Women have it easy. They have guys lining up to meet them, hoping to get something. The hardest thing a woman has to do is select her partners. She does not have put out any effort at all, especially if she is even remotely hot. As the other commenter said, (paraphrased) more partners leads to a more frivolous and/or promiscuous attitude towards sex.

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  • I had one sexual partner in college. I married him. I hate saying this but, I wish I would have had more so I could have experienced more. I am not a hoe by any means, but I wish I would have dated around. I had friends who would sleep with a different guy every weekend. I lost respect for them in a way.

  • Me + sexual partners = 0 That is my honest opinion - I don't have any sexual partners at the moment and I'm in college. My friends however in a year if counted altogether had over 2 tops!

  • OK mr. mathematical genius. When speaking of heterosexual people, the AVEAGE number of sex partners for men has to be roughly equal the AVERAGE number for women. The reason is simple -- each time a guy has sex, a girl has sex, and vice versa. There are roughly the same number of men and women in the "sexually active" years. There are more women than women in total, but that's because men die younger than women do on average, but until age 40, the number of living people is about the same, and it is prior to age 40 that most people rack up all those different sex partners (most over 40 people are settled in and doing it with just one person, or if they are really old, they don't do it at all anymore). Women do tend to be on the lower side, or the much higher side. By that I mean, there are a lot more women that are saving it until marriage (thus only one lifetime partner), and at the same time, there are a lot more women who have been with more than 20 people (like the high school slut that took a bunch of guy's viringity, or the college party sluts) or a prostitute who has been with way over 100. Guys tend to not be in the "saving it" category nor the "over 20" category as much as women. Still, the AVERAGE for both men and women is virutally the same.

    • That's assuming that it's a different guy and a different girl each time, which any guy will tell you is not the case. I remember a statistic floating around that says 30% of guys have sex with 60% of the women, or something close to that. I think most guys would admit this is probably true. Therefore The average girl has more partners than the average guy but the above average guy has more partners than an above average girl.

    • @ TheMechanic -- you are one dumb dude. Go back to sixth grade and learn math again.

  • since being in college, I've only had 2

  • After high school and before college tends to be a wild time. Full of freedom and exploration. For me personally I did tend to have a lot of sex with different guys. I don't know how long this phase tends to last. I still really enjoy it to this day. But with only one man. So to answer your question. Yes college is definitely a sexploration time. Will it last. That depends on the woman.

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  • Averages would depend on your environment and who you hang out with.

    If you are quite sexual active then you're perception would be that girls seem to have a lot of partners.

    If you are abstaining then your perception would be that many of the girls are saving themselves as well

    We tend to seek out people who are like minded for friends so it is quite hard ask for "averages" in my opinion. Take spring break for an example. If I were to survey how promiscuous women were, spring break would be the wrong venue to base an opinion on.

    • No it wouldn't be because it would contribute to the overall average.

    • I slept with 14 guys. 3 in high school, 10 in college, and 1 after college. I was in a relationship that lasted one month or longer with 7 of the guys.

      The other 7 guys were "one night stands" and I had no friendship ties with 3 of those 7 guys. Also I don't remember 2 of the guy's names.

      I cheated on several of my partners.

      I wish I would have been more careful about protection because I have HPV and I need surgery to remove cells from my cervix that have the potential to become cancerous ;(

  • It depends. It is a small community college, or a big university? Is she shy, or outgoing?

    In 4 years, it could be anywhere from 1 partner, to 40 or 50 partners. There's really no average on this type of statistic.

    • Normally some sort of statistical average does arise.

      Culture and cultural trends happen in waves - they don't happen in isolation.

      I don't quite get the reason for denying an average exists - which in fact could represent a large amount of the female college population. Obfuscation? Fear of "judging"? I don't get it.

  • My god your husband is supposed to be it! You know what it feel like to know your wife had sex with 30, 100. My wife slept with 5 including me. And she regrets ever one of them, later in life things change! Guys to tho they need to keep it in there pants my wife is my only.

  • I am a guy who thinks that man who had as many sex partners as a woman does not have a right to judge her or call her names.

  • I am a guy and I believe that guys in general need to understand that women have the same sexual curiosities when they go off to college. If a guy had as many sexual partners as a woman does he have a right to judge her or call her names?

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