Do men really get turned on by stilleto high heels?

Many men have asked me to wear heels in the bedroom while having sex. I feel they can't have sex with me unless I'm wearing stiletto heels. I ask them why heels and they say they're a complete turn on. Should I give in and wear the heels?


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a question that comes up a lot on this forum. High heels are exciting to men. If I see a women in the street in high heels I'll always pay her some attention-women in flats or thick heels don't even get a second look, unless they just happen to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, which is highly unlikely. The combination of a skirt and high heels is irresistible. My girlfriend wears her highest heels and stockings in the bedroom just for me-phew! That really gets me going. I'm sorry that you think you will be "giving-in" if you wear heels for a man. He's asking you because he knows you look great in them-isn't that a compliment? I see that you are a mature lady. I think mature women are worried that they look tarty in heels (or will attract nasty comments from other women) and this puts them off wearing them. Don't worry about it-who cares what other women think? It's what men think that matters. Mature ladies look absolutely fantastic in high heels-smart, super-sexy, and hot. Go for it-knock 'em dead.