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Do men really get turned on by stilleto high heels?

Many men have asked me to wear heels in the bedroom while having sex. I feel they can't have sex with me unless I'm wearing stiletto heels. I ask... Show More

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  • This is a question that comes up a lot on this forum. High heels are exciting to men. If I see a women in the street in high heels I'll always pay her some attention-women in flats or thick heels don't even get a second look, unless they just happen to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, which is highly unlikely. The combination of a skirt and high heels is irresistible. My girlfriend wears her highest heels and stockings in the bedroom just for me-phew! That really gets me going. I'm sorry that you think you will be "giving-in" if you wear heels for a man. He's asking you because he knows you look great in them-isn't that a compliment? I see that you are a mature lady. I think mature women are worried that they look tarty in heels (or will attract nasty comments from other women) and this puts them off wearing them. Don't worry about it-who cares what other women think? It's what men think that matters. Mature ladies look absolutely fantastic in high heels-smart, super-sexy, and hot. Go for it-knock 'em dead.

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  • High heels are nice to look at. Only wear them if you really want to, though. You need to feel comfortable with it, or he might notice.

  • Yes. High heels are extremely sexy in bed. Its a major turn on. Most girls don't know this and a lot of womens website I've seen say how bad they are for your feet. That's if you wear them 24/7. Wearing them in bed is great.

  • My girlfriend wears stiletto heels all the time and wears them when we have sex because she knows I LOVE that -- it is a HUGE turn on to see your lover wearing nothing but a smile and stilettos! If you have sex standing up with your bf/lover behind you, it gives her body great position in heels! Plus, its hot as hell!

  • It looks pretty but it's not practical during sex, at least for me. Maybe during doggy and riding, but that's all I can think of. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you should tell him and (if he's a good guy) he'll listen. But what do I know, I'm Just A Random Guy.


  • Definitely! I let my wife know about my foot fetish when we first started dating and she has since dressed up in heels for me. She wears then when we go out and during sex sometimes! ITs AWESOME!

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  • Yes. We wear stilettos on the street to impress. Why not wear stilettos in the bedroom to make your boyfriend or husband happy? But I'd make it a treat for special occasions, not do it every time. You and only you decide whether it's a stiletto night, or not. That's the way to REALLY drive your bf/husband wild (and get him to do whatever you want! )

    • I don't agree. My boyfriend likes me in high, spiky heels so I wear them for him whenever I can - the more I wear them, the more he likes them. Don't let the killjoys out there put you off. High heels are sexy, and turn guys on. So they're bad for your feet? Who cares?

  • Well you should if you have no self respect or just say no if you don't wanna wear them

  • Yes. You know how the saying goes men want "a freak in the bed and a woman in public".

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