How can you nicely ask a girl her bra size?

I've been thinking about this girl, she's one of my best friends and I want to know how to ask her boob size without being gross. Please help


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  • Let me ask you a question...

    Why do you want to know her bra size? Are you using it to compare or rate her? I hope you aren't one of those guys that uses these kind of physical numbers to critique a gal. Personally, I think that unless you are buying her lingerie (while dating) or in an intimate situation with her, you should never ask a girl her bra size. There are a few girls that like to boast it aloud but usually they are looking for more than the average attention (and they are more than likely a nice handful).

    If you found out that she was a 34A, would you not be interested any longer? If you found out she was a 34D would you like her more? Is it about bragging rights for your "bros" to talk about? If you like her boobs without knowing her digits - then leave it at that. Going further to get a level grading of them is pretty rude and gives me an impression that you are looking for a trophy to show off and have the right bra label to back up your trophy stats.

    By the way, a lot of girls would be offended (depending on how well a friend you are or if she is into you) to know that a guy has been wondering so much about something physical like her bra size. Why don't you guess her shoe size and tell all your guy friends about that?

    • What if I can tell her bra size, since I used to work in women business

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  • Only time you should care is if you want to buy her lingerie. If not, it shouldn't matter what she wears!

  • it's not really possible. but I don't mind when a guy asks, I just kinda laugh.

  • That's really funny. A guy I like (a friend of mine) and I were in this cafe and they had their "cup sizes" (like beverage cups) as A for small, B for medium, C for large etc. I made a comment about this because I thought it was kinda funny and then my friend just casually asked me what size I was and I told him. I was actually kinda flattered that he noticed.I'm personally not ashamed of my small-ish bra size but I could understand how it would feel weird to ask. It would be like me asking a guy his penis size.

  • Ok I don't really think there is a direct way of asking her she would appreciate, but if she's more the talkative type you could bring up the subject of cup sizes and say a few things which could prompt her to tell you hers.

  • You can see how big her boobs are with your eyes (I don't suggest staring though.)
    I don't see why you need to know her bra size? That's weird and there really isn't a good way to go about asking.

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  • The answer to this is simple: DON'T EVEN ASK!

    Men are born with the ability to peel women's clothes off with our eyeballs. How else do you think we came about with computer graphics? If you have been around enough women, you can tell their bra size with asking. This also is quite similar with judging a woman's age without asking. With my life experiences in 38 years on this hellish world, I can correctly judge nearly any woman's 3 sizes and her age. This is a darn good skill in avoiding those girls who look like 24, act like 34 but they are really 15.

  • Do you want her to think that you're the bigger boob? :)

    Not sure why you would need to know but you can either ask another female friend for advise as they ought to be able to guesstimate or with time, and exposure to other women, you'll be able to accurate guess their size on your own. You just require a lot of practice and I mean the hands on variety and not by studying the Sears or Victoria Secret catalog.

  • Honestly there isn't a "nice" way, unless you're dating/hooking up/together. It's personal information, just like asking her questions about her period.

    • Actually. I just thought of a way lol. But it would only work with a certain type of girl. Not all

  • No matter how nicely you ask her, she's still probably going to not like the fact that you are asking.

    If you really want to know, take a mental picture of her, remember it, then go find a bra that size. Then look at the tag on the bra.

  • You can't really. I mean if you really want to know you could be really creepy about it and just wait till she leaves her home and go through her dresser, but there is no "polite" way of asking.

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