How can you nicely ask a girl her bra size?

I've been thinking about this girl, she's one of my best friends and I want to know how to ask her boob size without being gross. Please help


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  • Let me ask you a question...

    Why do you want to know her bra size? Are you using it to compare or rate her? I hope you aren't one of those guys that uses these kind of physical numbers to critique a gal. Personally, I think that unless you are buying her lingerie (while dating) or in an intimate situation with her, you should never ask a girl her bra size. There are a few girls that like to boast it aloud but usually they are looking for more than the average attention (and they are more than likely a nice handful).

    If you found out that she was a 34A, would you not be interested any longer? If you found out she was a 34D would you like her more? Is it about bragging rights for your "bros" to talk about? If you like her boobs without knowing her digits - then leave it at that. Going further to get a level grading of them is pretty rude and gives me an impression that you are looking for a trophy to show off and have the right bra label to back up your trophy stats.

    By the way, a lot of girls would be offended (depending on how well a friend you are or if she is into you) to know that a guy has been wondering so much about something physical like her bra size. Why don't you guess her shoe size and tell all your guy friends about that?

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      What if I can tell her bra size, since I used to work in women business